11 Good Business Ideas for Housewives in India with Low Cash!

What are the good business ideas for housewives? Can housewives earn? Is work-life balance possible while taking care of the household?

Are there any options available to work from home?

Is there anything that housewives can do online?

All these questions might come to your mind. Obviously, this is how anyone evaluates.

Yes, they can!

There are several options for housewives. Unfortunately, housewives are unable to utilize their talent.

Certainly, confined in the hustle of household chores, you forget your worth.

It’s all easy. You handle parties, functions, and a diversity of personalities.

You remember everyone’s likes and dislikes.

Hence, you can be the best when you all your skills to monetize your worth.

Undoubtedly, you are even prepared to but you are unaware of what you can do.

So, quickly read the article below. Below is the list, there are various proven ways housed in can earn. Especially, housewives can earn online.

Even, a few business ideas require less investment. Some ideas can help you earn without zero investment.

Here are the 11 housewife income ideas!

11 Good Business Ideas for Housewives in India with Low Cash!

1. YouTuber: 

YouTuber business idea for housewife

Dancing, singing, cooking and a lot more things, you might know. You need to record them, prepare tutorials and upload them on YouTube.

As viewers like your content and start to follow your channel, you will earn per view.

I believe many of you must be familiar with YouTube. It’s the ultimate destination to solve your problems.

Already, several women are earning thousands of money from this platform.

Nisha Madhulika, Ritu’s Dance Studio, are a few names to mention. You can check out their channels to know more about their content and generate ideas.

Finally, let’s understand how we can expand opportunities on YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing: First and foremost, you can refer your viewers to certain brands. It is based on collaboration. If you can convert your audience into their customer, then you will be for per sale. Big brands pay for per conversion up to 50% or even more.

Not just YouTube, you can expand your approach to other social media platforms.

It helps you maintain constant contact with your audience.

This is how you become an influencer, people will recognize.

Remember, the quality of your content is what matters the most.

If this is difficult for you, I have better options. It is very much possible that you don’t have the time to record and edit the video. Also, you have no one around to assist you.

No worries, you can just write it the way you might explain it to someone.

These days everyone is on Whatsapp. Hence, everyone is familiar with the art of writing.

This what brings us to our next option.

2. Blogging: 

Blogging Business Idea for Housewives

You can write articles. For instance, tasty recipes, forms of dance, homemade remedies, and a lot more. importantly, you can write in any language. Your mother tongue can also be an option.

Several people want to read articles in the language of their comfort.

You need a website for this. If you use a paid version, it’s better.

You can take help from someone and pay them. Even your kids can help you. It’s not that hard. Further, you can read about the nuances here.

If you have basic knowledge about tech aspects, you can go through YouTube videos and do it yourself.

There is the audience in huge numbers even on such platforms.

Also, you can earn through Ads and referrals.

You can write about brands. Subsequently, the conversions will help you earn.

There are Google Adsense that are attached to your articles if you have a decent amount of audience. Your articles can be flooded with ads.

YouTuber and blogger are one of the best businesses for ladies sitting at home.

If all this is not of your interest, keep reading, there is a lot for you.

3. Parlor:

Beauty parlor

Surely, there must be many of you who have substituted beauticians during family functions. Elder to kids, you are a ray of hope for everyone.

Then, this is a perfect choice for you. You can start it at home. Empty a room, design it accordingly.

You can earn with low investment.

Initially, you can start with basic services. For instance, threading, waxing, and others.

You can secure certificates by doing a diploma in the same file. It is only when if you have sufficient time. As it will ensure your customers about your skills.

I will call it as one of the best small scale business ideas for ladies.

4. Tailoring: 

Growing up with the love of clothing and styling them, you must have stitched a lot of clothes. Probably, those were limited to you and your family.

Now, you can utilize your skill to earn. However, if creativity is not your specialty. It’s alright.


If you can tailor clothes seamlessly, it is for you.

Creativity is a bonus to it.

You can start stitching for your family and relatives. This will help you showcase your talent.

Indeed, more customers will reach you. After all, You can turn a piece of cloth into dream outfits. Therefore, it is a lady’s items business, right?

You can also expand this into a clothing business and hence a good idea for housewives in clothing category.

5. Catering:

You love to cook for your family! Every occasion is special because of your spicy, delicious, and mouth-melting food.

Therefore, you can start with your business. Probably, it could be the tiffin system or catering services in functions.

If you can arrange a team, you can go for catering services at parties. Else, you can prepare lunch boxes and sell them accordingly. A happy stomach is a reason for happy hearts. Only, you are the person you can bring joy to others’ life.

Also, profits are amazing. However, initially, earnings might be limited.

Don’t get disappointed! Several other options are lying on the list.

Without a delay, let’s skip to our next option. It is a very simple business idea for housewives. You just have to understand your local area. Or partner with Zomato/Swiggy.

6. Tutor: 


Home tuitions are other best options. While you need not worry to adapt to the walls of an office, you can easily earn sitting at home.

I know, it must be some time you touched the books. Yet, I’m sure, you have done it several times. It’s just that you don’t remember. The last time you read something was yesterday only, probably.

You must have taught your kids. You must have been a great learner during your academic years.

Then, it is surely a piece of cake for you.

You can teach students of your neighboring area.

Tuition teachers are paid well. In the beginning, it won’t be too much. Perhaps with experience and quality, you will be able to earn well. As well as, you can teach online

Apart from this, you can earn by applying for a subject matter expert. .

Simultaneously, you will be able to contribute to the future of young minds. Online tutor is a good option and a business for ladies sitting at home.

7. Brand Retailer: 

As a brand retailer you can make sales of products through your house only.

Brands like Amway, Oriflame are the major players in this field. They provide opportunities to housewives like you. You can easily work as their partner. Hence, you can sell their products in your network.

This helps them boost their sales. Also, their incentives and pay are pretty decent. Importantly, you receive various products for free or at discounted rates.

Above all, you can enjoy cosmetics and other essentials at affordable prices.

8. Homemade products’ sale: 

Homemade products'

You can also sell your own prepared products. For instance, candles, handmade soaps, jewelry, cards, envelopes, handicrafts, and a lot more are the most selling products. Consumers like to spend more on such products if they are handcrafted and have a personal touch.

Also, social media has boosted the reach for such products and sellers.

You can sell your products on your network. Else, you can even post online. There is a huge base of consumers who will purchase your products. You can look out for more business ideas.

Also, social media has boosted the reach for such products and sellers. 

You can sell your products on your network. Else, you can even post online. There is a huge base of consumers who will purchase your products. 

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After all these, still, if you feel confused about how to manage your busy schedule with this work. Perhaps, you tried to plan out things, yet nothing helped.

Surprisingly, it’s not the end. I have two best options saved for the end. Yes, these two give opportunities beyond specialisation. Anyone can earn from these.

However, you need to learn the procedure. It just takes a few hours

Surprisingly, it’s not the end. I have three more best options saved for the end. Yes, these three give opportunities beyond specialization. Anyone can earn from these alternatives.

However, you need to learn the procedure. It just takes a few hours. It is the business for ladies with low investment.

9. Worksheet: 

You can prepare worksheets or activity sheets for kids.

For this, you need to learn a bit of editing. In this, you prepare to fill in the blanks, picture-based questions, and other small test activities for children.

You need to prepare them on your laptop, computer. However, some apps can assist you to do the same through your cell phone.

You can know about it from here.

10. Data Entry

Data Entry

Next up is the Data Entry. In Data Entry, you enter the required data for your clients. Offices hire you to fill the required data on Excel, Word, mainly. You can easily apply online.

There is no investment required. Also, you need to learn the basics only.

However, you might need a desktop or laptop. It is a business for ladies sitting at home.

Remember that it is time-consuming!

11. Box Packaging: 

You can prepare boxes for packaging. The prerequisites are provided by the company; you need to assemble them.

This is one of the easiest jobs. Moreover, You can do this at any time of the hour. Yet, you must be careful about the deadlines.

The question might pop up in your mind, where to find these jobs?

Online retail companies post requirements for such jobs. Also, you can start it on your end. However, you require some investment for the latter.

So, it is better, to begin with approaching companies who are already hiring. Additionally, you gain experience and you need not invest.

Above are the proven options that will help every housewife earn money. You will be able to support your family. Most importantly, you will live a confident and independent life.

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Bon Voyage!

If you are worried to take the first step. Surely, you are unable to realize. You have already taken the first step!

You accumulated all your confidence, read this article. Already, you have marked the beginning.

I am confident enough, you will be able to earn a handsome amount of money.

Your dreams will cherish your days as they will be a reality. It is the hard work that will assist you in the entire journey.

Promise me! Once you start to earn, you will share your story.

I will be eagerly waiting to read your success stories.

Still, there might be questions that might confuse you. I have shortlisted a few of them.

Below are the answers mentioned for them.

Anyhow, you can commit down your queries.

I will be pleased to answer them.

FAQs On Business Ideas for Housewives

  1. What can housewife do to earn money in India?

    Housewives can start their own business. For instance, stitching clothes, selling women clothing and cosmetics, tuitions and a lot more things.
    Also, housewives can apply for jobs online.

  2. Which business is best for housewife?

    Sales business and online jobs are perfect for housewives. However, YouTube is one of the trending and authentic options. Rest, it all depends on the skills and interests of an individual.

  3. What business should I start with 5k?

    Handicrafts, candle making, packaging boxes, jewellery making and many others can be started with a minimum of 5K investment. Undoubtedly, the returns are also satisfactory.

  4. What are the best small scale business ideas for ladies in Hindi?

    मोमबत्ती बनाना, घर का बना सौंदर्य प्रसाधन, गुड़ बनाना, खानपान, आदि व्यावसायिक विचार गृहिणियों के लिए सर्वोत्तम हैं।

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