Internshala: 11 ways you can safeguard from internship scams!

Is Internshala Legit or Scam? I Is Internshala Looting You? I Can You Trust Every Employer on Internshala?

It’s the end of the month. Alas! A big fly flies out of your wallet. Your digital balance is zero.

No, not because you end up spending all your money. Instead, you never received one.

The company was a scam.

I know how it feels. There have been several cases in Internshala wherein employers hire you and promise to pay. However, that payment never reaches you.

Possibly, you must have applied through some other site or app. Here, I am talking about the scams that are increasing on Internshala.

Disclaimer- Internshala isn’t looting you, the employers who register themselves are doing so.

Now, you may say but the site must take care of such cheaters. Surely, it is true.

Sadly, it is not so easy. Also, I believe there is leniency on Internshala’s part.

So, get ready to discuss and throw out all your frustration.

If you are lucky and came before being fooled. Then, welcome!

Since the newbies are here, I will discuss a few points that they can use to escape such fraudulent employers.

Let’s not mingle all the points.

The experienced and the newbies, let’s pick up every particle and understand how to use Internshala efficiently.

Why are these intern scams happening?

Why internship scams

Approximately, 12.2 crore people lost their jobs. Certainly, a wide gap in job opportunities and job seekers.

A clear-cut competition. Experienced professionals are ready to work at a lower rate. Freshers have no experience. Indeed, the job is offered to the experienced candidate.

Companies are getting their work done at a low rate.

Undoubtedly, freshers, or more precisely college students started to work as interns. Probably, one of the best ways to earn experience. Perhaps, that cannot alone be our motive. Just like everyone we wanted some monetary benefit.

Still, freshers run for experience the most.

Unfortunately, some fake companies try to manipulate freshers. The sensitive minds running out for experience start to work without giving it a second thought.

Later we realize, our hard work is in vain. No monetary benefits, no work experience added.

Now, that is no one’s fault. It is ours. It is for blindly believing.

Internshala affirms that the candidate must be careful before joining the internship. Whatever steps it takes on its behalf, you must be careful. You cannot completely rely on any app.

Moreover, we don’t read terms and conditions. I always mention one thing, please read the terms and conditions.

Don’t get worried!

Through my learnings and a few others, I have created essential points that you must follow:

1. Go through the website: 

Don’t randomly apply for an internship post. Read thoroughly.

Go through the website

Next, check the website. Mostly, there are links given to the website of the company. Check what and how they work. If you find anything fishy, be careful!

However, I would recommend if there is scope, apply for it.

Just don’t rely completely on it.

2. Assignment/Interview Round: 

If you receive a message from the company’s side. Then, either you will receive an assignment or call an interview. Mostly, there are assignments.

Companies try to give you assignments and get their work done.

You never receive a response. So, if you receive more than one or two assignments, ask them the reason. Why? Just keep your tone subtle and kind.

3. Ask for an offer letter:

Further, you might be selected. Since you found the company authentic, you said yes to work. Great!

Please be careful here. Don’t start working without an offer letter.

This is the most common mistake. In a hurry to land on a job or internship, candidates ignore such nuances.

Although, an offer letter is not an assurance of any payment. Still, it reflects the authenticity of any organization or company.

Moving to the next,

4. Privacy Policy:

After clearing the upper stages, you are almost ready to work. Before that, do read the privacy policy of the company.

Privacy Policy

See what they are expecting from you. How are they going to utilise your information?

Lastly, read their terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions are the game-changer.

Surely, if you walk this carefully, you will reach the other end of the shore.

The shore where the payment is waiting for you.

But, but…

What if the company is two steps ahead of you?

That happened to one of my friends. Everything went out well, except the payment.

ask for the payment when you find any suspicious activity

She was informed that there is some financial problem and they won’t be able to pay.

They promised to pay later. That later never appeared.

She couldn’t even have an experience certificate. The resume was still blank.

After this, you can only report. My friend did the same.

Report to Internshala:  The least you could do is complain about that company. This will help block some weeds from the garden and nothing else. You might not benefit from anything, but others won’t fall into the same trap.

These are the basics you can follow. Now, you need to understand why employers can register themselves easily?

Also, how Internshala handles such cases.

Internshala handles such cases

Answer to the first,

Internshala tries to create a smooth and easy passage for companies to register. Certainly, it is to attract more employers or companies to the site. Subsequently, this ease is manipulated by some fake companies.

Internshala takes a certain set of actions.

However, the only one clearly mentioned is to block them.

For this, I asked my employer how easy is the process?

He said it’s very easy. However, there are terms and conditions you must follow.

Further, I asked him if the after-effects of any fraud were mentioned. He even said not so clearly.

That broke my heart! Thereon, I scrolled through Internshala terms and conditions.

It helped me a bit.

Hence, here comes why I said terms and conditions are important. Reading these will help you understand further what not to do.

The terms and conditions that are mentioned for the companies are:

  • No unpaid internship: Internshala doesn’t promote unpaid internships. However, in the case of NGOs or some niche profiles, it is permitted.
  • Pay range: The pay range is 1000-7000. This is what my employer receivedAs per the stipend rules, I guess. It might vary for the salary. So, never fool yourself for no pay.
  • No third party: Further, no third party can hire you. It must be directly done by the company or someone responsible for the same.
  • Offer- letter: An offer letter is a must for all companies before assigning work. It must contain all information about the address, roles, responsibilities, and other essential information.
  • No deposit:  Internshala never encourages any common or employer to ask for deposits before any hiring. It is prohibited. So if you are asked for any payment for any training or security, please don’t.
  • Lesser-known companies: Especially for job profiles like modeling and advertisement low profile companies are not entertained. This might be risky for the candidate.
  • No objectionable roles:  Internshala doesn’t allow job roles where a candidate is required to smoke, drink alcohol. This way candidates are ensured protection.

These are the most important terms and conditions, you must go through. Else, you must also go through terms and conditions for a student.

While I have already discussed the terms and conditions, I want to grab your attention to the loopholes.

Where Internshala Lacks?

According to me, these are the major points where Internshala lacks-

1. No clear actions: While Internshala mentions that it will take strict actions, nothing is clearly mentioned. This provides confidence to fake companies to easily enter.

2. Definite screening process: Again, there must be a screening process for employers during registration. However, no clear guidelines are in the same.

3. The difference in statements:  If you go through the Employer FAQ section of Internshala, you realize a difference. The difference is in what they state and promise. For instance, it is written they don’t promote campus Ambassador posts.

However, there are posts like these.

If there are exceptions to such, they must be mentioned.

This is one of the major flaws, I detected.

So, these are the flaws and I believe these can be monitored with some protocols.

Maybe a fixed amount of security deposit might work? If the employer pays the salary or stipend, then it must be returned to the employer.

Don’t decide too early

Don't decide too early

Friends, please don’t decide too early! It’s been a year to me since I started using Internshala.

There must be many of you who have already experienced fraud. Maybe some of you are new to this.

Whatever phase you are in. Just don’t worry.

Don’t lose the hopes and not try.

Internshala is authentic!

There are valid and authentic internships on Internshala. I landed at my current internship through Internshala only.

Right now, whatever you read is because I am an intern here. I work with this page as an intern. If you are also interested in blogging. You can earn by writing blogs. Read here.

My employer thought of this great idea. The idea to share my experience of Internshala.

What all I have learned through my experience.

Do not hurry!

Imagine, you are hungry. There is a bowl of soup in front of you. Without a second thought, you hurried to eat that bowl of soup. Suddenly, you felt that burning sensation on your tongue.

It is nothing, but a result of your actions.

So, please stay calm.

The right job might take time.

What you must understand is wasting time on an unnecessary job is not worth it.

Kindly, don’t be emotional and accept anything.

Since you read it to the last, I have some special tips and tricks for you-

  • Never go for a lump sum stipend
  • In creative work, you must maintain your profile beforehand.
  • Check ratings through LinkedIn, Glassdoor.

Still, if you are looking for ways to earn money. You can rely on other options. Mostly, many times the internships are for targeted individuals. You can earn money through several other ways.

One promising way is to earn through Chegg. Else, you can earn through ways online. Even without investment, earnings are possible.


Everyone, it was really nice yelling out my frustration with you all. Also, I got an opportunity to share some tricks.

If you are someone who has gone through the same phase. Comment down.

If you are still curious about something. Please comment down.

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