How to Start Online Tuition at Home in India?

How to Start Online Tuition at Home? | Online Tutoring Jobs/Sites | How to Start Tuition at Home?

The Internet plays an important role when it comes to education!

Nowadays, access to information is just a click away, Google and YouTube, of course, other mobile apps are ready to help us, with the entire information available in the world. Even if you search for a question, you would get several answers, isn’t it? 

Online teaching is a never-ending life course!

Now, with improvement teachers can access their students from all over the world. That is what we need right now, during this lockdown. Online teaching has numerous benefits like:

  • Improve flexibility of time
  • No need to find a site to study
  • Enable you to engage in instructional activities
  • Availability of resources

With online teaching, you can easily earn a profit, both fiscally and intellectually.

Being an online tutor you get a chance to teach students of different states, cultures, backgrounds, and geographical territories.

This would be a totally different experience, unlike a classroom. To add, it also will challenge your knowledge and allow you to make more efforts to be good and perfect.

Here, being an online tutor, you should have some of the skills. These are

  • Good communication skills to make your points clear and specific
  • Expertise in the concerned subject
  • Patience while teaching online
  • Time management 
  • Knowledge of online tools
  • Should have an encouraging attitude
  • Ability to ask questions

What are the Things to Consider Before Starting Online Tuition at Home?

What are the Things to Consider Before Starting Online Tuition at Home?
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You cannot just start online tuition on any topic, you need to consider some of the things. 

1. Choose the right topic 

As I mentioned, before starting online tuition at home you should know which topic you are best at.

It could be English, Chemistry, Physics, Politics, any language, and more. Choose the subject which you love to teach and of which you are passionate. 

Or it could be the subject, you still love to learn!

2. Needs of the students

Look at both sides of the coins, before starting your online classes, understand the needs of the students. Comprehend, what do they want? To understand their needs, you can directly ask them!

Get into the conversation, try to understand their goals and their level of knowledge. As there is no point in using high vocabulary if students can not understand, right?

Therefore, try to understand the needs of the students!

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3. Preparing the lesson plan

In the lecture to not miss anything, make a lesson plan to be prepared to teach each and everything that your topic contains. Make a lesson plan for yourself to not miss anything. 

Go through all the study material, internet and collect everything that your topic includes, to make good lesson plan to understand, 

  • Understand the objective of learning
  • Plan a particular learning activity
  • Understand the needs of students
  • Make a sequence of your lesson
  • Make a realistic timeline
  • Plan the closure of the lesson

4. Good internet connection 

I need not tell you but to start the online tuition at home you need to take online classes in the area of your home where the internet connects at its best.

If students face problems during lessons there is no point in teaching and they themselves turn their back and will go to some other website. 

Ensure to keep your internet connection at its best! As of now the internet is still cheap in India.

5. Offer variety

Well, to be honest, it is impossible to understand everything in a lecture, no matter what. Because there is a lot to know.

And students end up missing something. But at the end of the video you can provide PDF, images to explain things, recorded video to understand things later, it would be great!

All this will make things easy for your students and definitely make your learners stick to you, that’s what an online teacher wants. 

What is the Qualification to Start Online Tuition at Home?

What is the Qualification to Start the Online Tuition at Home?
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I’ll start with the types of online tutors, first is teaching through video classes, E-books. Second is teaching where your students can access you, either directly or indirectly. 

So, before getting a job in a company, these companies need a certain level of qualification. However, on the positive side, you get a steady salary and even overtime, if you do so. 

Similarly, like an offline teaching job, if you are a beginner, don’t worry as these companies are going to train you to make things clear. Well if you are planning to start private online tuition, then you do not really require any qualification. That does not mean you can teach any subject. 

Basic requirements of companies are,  

  • Teaching certificate
  • M.A degree or PhD
  • Subject-specific certificate

It could be varied from company to company.  

How to Start Online Tuition at Home?

How to Start Online Tuition at Home?
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You have decided to give your career a good start, that’s good. Especially during this phase, that is a lockdown or COVID-19, being an online tutor from home is a safe and clever decision.

But the major question is, how to start a tutoring business from home? 

Nowadays, it is not at all arduous to start a tutoring business from home, you just need some knowledge of computers.

Here, I’m going to tell you some of the steps that will help you to start online tuition at home, now you don’t have to search on a number of websites for the same.

Let’s have a look at the steps on how to start a tutoring business from home, 

1. Register yourself as an online tutor

So, the registration form includes a number of questions in which you have to fill your data.

To register yourself, you need to fill an online form which asks for your basic bio information, credentials, photo, subjects to teach, experience and more. While you might also have to answer questions like the proof of your education, Certificates, identity card, etc.

An online registration form saves your time, as you don’t have to run to the various counters to get the registration form, you can simply fill the online tutorial form.

The second advantage is that you instantly get information through your E-mail or through notifications. Further, on the part of the companies, they instantly get the response and can manage the data of the participants. 

Here, I’m mentioned some of the online tutorial sites for teachers, these are

Over these sites, you can easily get home-based online teaching jobs, not only on these but there are more sites.

Ready to work from home-based online teaching jobs?

If you are looking for online tutoring sites for a teacher that would allow giving your career a good start especially if you are a beginner, then you should start with Buddy School. 

But obviously, you have to pay some amount to teach. But I guess that’s fine because you will earn good money in return.

Generally, all the sites offer online teaching jobs for primary school to higher school teaching. Even, some sites allow you to teach college students, people who are preparing for UPSC, SSC, and more.

You can also make the courses video class or subject wise and upload them on Udemy and charge some money from the students for getting the course.

2. Verification and approval of profile 

As I have mentioned above, the online filling of the form helps you to get instant replies through emails or notifications. As you fill the form, you need to be verified and get approval from the company so that the students can see your profile. 

For security reasons, some companies also do criminal record checking.

Why is verification essential?

Verification is the way to learn that the person is real or not, of which he/she is showing. It simply is checking, whether you are real or fake.

The benefit of digital verification is that it only saves your time but it also eliminates the gap between geographical boundaries. So, I guess now you can understand why verification is important. 

3. Learn about the online collaboration tools

If you don’t know the meaning of online collaboration tools, then I would start with its meaning. 

Collaborative tools are tools used for collaboration. It basically helps individuals in attaining a common task or accomplishing a mutual goal. 

You can find collaboration tools in two types, first, online tools like software tools and applications and second, offline tools like paper, whiteboards, flipcharts, etc.

But, why are online collaborative tools important?

It is important as it allows the numerous members to work on the same operations from distinct positions, it will improve efficiency. 

It is helpful as it allows numerous people to express their views, images, and documents. That too on the same projects, which ensure instant decision making and ideal progress of the project. 

It is good for you as it allows you to work with the other tutors, it is best especially for the new tutors. For more comfort, being a science and maths teacher you should use a digital pen and writing to make things more clear to your students. 

4. Time to teach

Here is the last step of how to start online tutoring from home, that is on the basis of the model of your company you can now start teaching your students and happily earn money.

At last, above you got to know how to start tutoring business from home with companies. However, if you are looking for a way to start a private online tutor from home then hold on, my next topic, how to start online tuition at home privately. 

How to Start Online Tutoring Business without any Fees & Qualification?

How to Start Online Tutoring Business without any Fees & Qualification?
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As I have mentioned above, you can start online tuition from home privately, which is on YouTube. To teach on YouTube you don’t need any qualification certificate or you don’t even need to pay any fees.

Here everything depends on the knowledge or experience that you are going to provide to the audience (students).

If they like it, you will grow!

Here are some simple steps that you have to follow, 

  • To start a channel you need a laptop or mobile phone 
  • Next, the important thing is Google account which allows you to like, report, comment, subscribe, etc on YouTube 
  • To sign with the phone, click on the user icon which is on the top right corner or if you are using a laptop or computer simply sign in
  • Next step would be to create a new account 
  • Fill all the required information like name, description, profile and more
  • Then, you would have to fill choose the name of the channel which will introduce your channel to everyone and would be a cover photo too
  • If you want, you can make a cover photo of your channel yourself but keep it in a way that it will reflect your channel
  • To introduce your channel, you can make a trailer of your channel too, that should be short but persuasive
  • The trailer should be a kind of introduction about the content you would cover or share
  • After the trailer, it is finally the time to see the movie, I mean uploading your first video
  • If you have uploaded a trailer that would not be much tough for you

Before actually making a post, you need to verify, you don’t have to do anything but give your phone number and it is done. You might also need to verify your account when signed in.

If you are wondering, what is the need of the phone number? Then that simply because to verify that it is you and to restrict the abuse and spam.

You will receive a verification code on your number and you are done!

However, if you are creating a channel for a brand, that would be managed by numerous people, choose a brand account. But if the YouTube account of the brand exists already you can not create a new one, you could switch to that account while choosing a brand account. Other steps for creating a brand account are similar to that of making a personal channel.

You can go through the video for better understanding, how to create a youtube channel.

As I have mentioned you don’t need a qualification to start your YouTube channel, being a student, elder and more you can start the YouTube channel, what you need is a skill.

I would say, YouTube is one of the best online tutoring jobs in India without investment. Once you will cross YouTube monetization criteria, you will also earn.

At last, I would discuss some of the best paying online tutorial jobs in India, it is time to earn more!

What are the Best Paying Online Tutorial Jobs in India?

What are the Best Paying Online Tutorial Jobs in India?
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Here, we go with high paying online tutorial sites for teachers:

Here, I’m going to tell you the process of registration only of a site to give you a basic idea, exactly what you have to do.

As mostly, the process of registration is the same, you might find differences in education qualification, that too on the basis of what level you want to teach and what your subject is. 

I guess I should take Vedanta as an example, 

So, Vedantu is an online platform which allows you to teach the students of 6th to 12th class, you would teach students with the help of the webcam. To add, to make teaching easy for you it offers an inbuilt online conference option, has whiteboard animation option, etc. 

It allows you to teach subjects like Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, French, and more. Additionally, you can also teach students for competitive exams such as IITJEE, PSA and more. I guess, it is enough information as my ultimate goal is to make you familiar with the sign-in process, 

  • Fill the application form
  • After, filling the form you will be verified by them by simply profile reviewing, through email, etc
  • Then, you have to give a demo to the expert, this is to check how good you are teaching the subject you have selected
  • If you are selected, you have to attend a live training session on the webinar that is to  enhance your skills
  • As the training session is over, you are ready to teach! 


Assuming now you know how to start online tuition at home, right?

Here, I have mentioned all the possible ways that allow you to teach online either private tuition or with a company. The final step you have to take and work on this.

To be noted, teaching is not only related to studying, but you can also teach things that enhance the skills of the students, it could be dancing, cooking, communication skills, and more. 

As you are a candle which devours itself to light the students. Hence, with teaching, it comes to a big responsibility for which you should be always ready. You need to answer the question of the students, clear all the doubts and more, so keep your concept clear!!

You got the opportunity to change the future of someone, understand this!

A teacher is more important than what he teaches.

Karl Menninger

At last, if you want to know how to find students for home tuition at home, then please let me know in the comments below. I’ll come up with the tutorial for the same.

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