How to Get a Job in Private Banks for Freshers? 2 Proven Ways!

Strategies That Will Help You Get a Private Bank Job I How to Get a Job in Private Banks for Freshers?

Opportunities in private banks are waiting for you. Even when you are a fresher. Sadly, confusion blocks your way. 

Therefore, I have gathered information that will clear all your doubts.

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2 Ways You Can Be a Private Bank’s Employee!

Bank employee

There are 2 most prominent ways to enter private banks. 

  • Examination
  • Specialized Training

Examinations are held by a private bank after specific time intervals. 

So, depending on the level of your qualification, you can prepare for the specific post examination.

Exam Structure:

Exam Structure

Although, the exam pattern or structure varies depending on the bank. Still, basic criteria revolve around- 

  • General Knowledge
  • Quantitative Aptitude 
  • English 
  • Analytical Reasoning 
  • Computer Skills

If you clear this exam there is a set of other steps through which you are evaluated. 

Interview call, face to face interview and others depending on the bank. 

Still, what all positions are there for entry-level students?

Graduation level:

  • Sales Executive 

Post Graduation Level:

  • Personal Banker
  • Relationship Manager

Now, going back to the Specialised Training as an aspect. Private banks collaborate with institutes or form institutes at the individual level. This is where you can receive such training.

Private Banks’ Career Programs

1. Axis Bank

Axis Bank Young Bankers Program: Postgraduate Diploma 

Duration: 1 year 


  1. Manipal Global Education: Banglore
  2. Amity Global Business School: Noida 

The program provides classes, training, and internships. Altogether, to provide a clear image of the banking sector. 

Axis’ School of Fintech: This is a school operated by the Axis Bank itself. 


  • Assured job
  • App development 
  • Start-up skills 

At this time if you belong to a technical background. Surely, opportunities await you in the banking sector. 

PBRM Program: Post Graduate Diploma 

Duration: 1 year


  • Campus Programs: Axis bank even initiates campus programs. Wherein they provide internship opportunities to deserving candidates. Additionally, if they perform well, they are offered employment letters.

2. Yes Bank

The Yes Professional Entrepreneurship Program 

Yes School of Banking 

3. ICICI Bank 

Probationary Officer Programme for Relationship and Sales Management

4. HDFC Bank 

  • Future Bankers Program
  • Trade Finance Program 

It should be noted, almost every private bank comes with such an opportunity. HDFC, ICICI, Kotak Mahindra are just a few to mention. 

Undoubtedly, private banks’ institutes train you to get a  job in private banks. Even, a few provide job assurance. However, you can get a job in a private bank from regular institutes, if placement drives are arranged by the banks. 

Majorly, the institutes that I have mentioned are either in collaboration with private banks or are owned by private banks.

Definitely, these are career courses specifically targeted to achieve a job in private banks. Moreover, you can receive a diploma in the specific course you choose.

When I say ‘Specific Course’, it means that there are a variety of courses even to join private banks.

Nowadays, technical students play a prominent role in this sector. Resulting, courses are also designed to train students of technical specialization accordingly. 

You can see how a variety of courses is for a variety of students. 

This is crucial to understand that banks prepare you, especially, for the banking sector. Indeed, your chances to get a job in a private bank rises.

How Can You Search? 

How can you search to get the job in the private bank?

Just type- ‘Bank Name’ career programmes 

You will find related results on the top. 

You need to search on the official sites. The courses or various steps to join programs will be mentioned.

So now you know the steps to it. Importantly, it is not compulsory to have a management background. Even students of technical background can clear the recruitment procedure of private banks.

As well as, promotion from a lower level exists, if you perform well.

What if You Have No Time?

What if You Have No Time?

There is a time in your life when you want a job as soon as possible. As well as, courses or programs, like above, are time-consuming. However, the result is surely productive. 

If you are in this category, then you apply directly through LinkedIn, Naukri, or other sites. These help you land to find your dream job. 

Remember, skills are the most important aspect.

Start to develop the required skills. This will help you kick start your career from the very beginning. 

Banks look for smart minds. Indeed, you can be the one. I’m sure you can easily crack the exam. 

If the entire procedure is overwhelming for you, it’s alright. It’s common to feel that way. 

Important is for you to remember why you wanted a job in a private bank?

Jobs in the finance sector have their rapport in the market and society. 

Else than this, there are other perks that you can look upon:  


Salary of the employee of private bank

As you grow in the banking sector, you enjoy a handsome salary. Depending upon your qualifications you might begin with a decent salary. Rest, the promotion rate is even quite high. You need to qualify for the exams and prove your worth. 

Now that you know the perks, you must be fueled up. I am confident that you can make your dream come true. 

I hope that the information above has disentangled your doubts. Now you have a clear recipe for your career. 

Just add the spice of hard work and it shall taste delicious. 


Doubtful about getting job in private bank?

If you are still doubtful about anything, please comment down below. 

I will try to find the answers to your queries.

So, best of luck. 

After reading this, switch to the productive part of your life. Alongside, go through the bank websites, stay alert about the exam forms, and crack the examination. 

Also, go through the syllabus well. 

Finally, this is how you can get a job in a private bank. 

If you are determined to earn and are looking for authentic ways. Apart from conventional ways, you can earn through authentic ways.

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  1. Which private bank is best for your job?

    HDFC is considered the best for your job. However, ICICI, Yes Bank, Kotak Mahindra are even in the top list. It might vary as per job profile. 

  2. Is there any exam for a private bank job?

    Yes, there is an exam for private bank jobs. Unlike public banks, there is no common exam. Every bank conducts a written exam separately. However, you can find similarities in the pattern.

  3. What are the eligibility criteria for private banks? 

    Generally, for a fresher level, graduation from a college. Along with an aggregate of 60% is required. Else, for high-ranking posts, you must be a postgraduate. Sometimes, a graduate with a certain experience is mentioned. Hence, the eligibility criteria vary depending on the job profile. 

  4. Are private bank jobs good?

    Yes, private bank jobs are good. You earn an ample amount of benefits. For instance, monetary benefits, job quality and security, career stability, working hours, and many others. Moreover, more and more banks are privatized these days.

  5. Do private bank employees get a pension?

    No, private bank employees do not receive a pension. Unquestionably, one must invest in one's future plans. There are several plans through which one can save for their future.

  6. What is the salary in private banks?

    It ranges from 16,000-1,31,000 Rs. This is according to Glassdoor. This is the national average salary. Surely, the pay range along with extra benefits promises financial stability.

  7. Which bank exam is easy?

    The exam of RRB is easy as compared to the exam of SBI and IBPS.

Lets’s Focus

focus on getting the job at the private job

So, here is the end of the article. Do you know what tensed me?

It’s the eligibility criteria and the need to earn fast. I know a lot of you might be either below or above the criteria’s age list. I know it’s upsetting.

Don’t Worry!

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