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Outstanding academic performance throughout the school. Active participation, skill enhancement, and excellent community engagement during college. And then, finally – A great nine-to-five job placement!  

Ah! A classic Indian dream! Indeed the one that unfortunately remains a dream for too many. 

But, why?

Well, one possible reason might be because we’ve been dreaming the wrong way till now. Or because we have always been told a pretty sketchy, half-baked, abridged version of the dream.

While in school, we are asked to study hard to be accepted at a great college or university. The university then asks us to be exceptionally active and intelligent, and open to challenges to secure a great job. 

Even when that does happen, indeed, most can not feel the worthiness of their years of effort at that job. But, then again we are told to work hard, push harder, be open to new challenges to get what you’ve been chasing your whole life. 

You keep doing that whole work-hard-push-harder thing again and again, all over, until you finally realize that the road is a circle, and you keep coming back to where you started.

We do not realize this earlier because this dream is never told that way- the natural way. We are not informed about the struggles; we are unaware of all the side hustle it takes to get somewhere in life. 

And then, of course, when the time to hustle comes, we often do not know what to do. We feel strangled and somewhat betrayed.

At the 9to5Job community, we believe that none should be left in such a position without any support. Because the dream is not a lie, it is, in fact, true; just the road to get there is much more imperfect and patchy than what we are known to believe.

This is why we aim to create a community that embraces this imperfectness. Therefore, we view this blog more as a platform to announce the beauty of this complexity. 

9to5Job.in was founded in July 2019 to help people find their calling. Unfortunately, not everyone can be satisfied with their job. This makes sense, as in this competitive world, we don’t have the option to keep turning down jobs until we find the one we like. So people settle in for what they get. But this does not mean that they have to limit themselves on it.

That’s what 9to5Job aims to establish. You must have heard that “your only limitation is you.” But, we like to believe that “only you can set yourself free from limitations.”

Coming back to the classic Indian dream, the frustration that comes with this dream needs to be channeled. 

We, at 9to5Job, help you find the best way to channel your anger and frustration into something more meaningful and worthy, which is why we put in all our efforts to provide you with the most reliable, fact-based, and feasible career-related information. 

The website is a series of blogs to help you with any doubts about academics and your career. From finding the best side jobs to keeping up with the current industry-specific topics to finding the right academic path, learning new skills, how to be your own boss, education tips, we are here for you. 

Amazing 9to5Job Team!

sagar verma, founder at 9to5job

Sagar Verma

Founder & Author at 9to5Job

Sagar Verma is the founder of 9to5Job. He quit his job in 2019 to pursue his passion for blogging and digital marketing. He is very much interested in sharing his little experience of corporate life and money-related topics with all of his lovely readers.

After completing his B.Tech in Information Technology from Shri Ramswaroop Memorial College of Engineering and Management, Lucknow, Sagar moved to Bengaluru, Karnataka to explore career options as a digital marketer. Despite his academic achievements, he was never interested in college placement programs. 

In college only, he started reading about blogging. He even started a few blogs like youthlisten.com, whatsappdroid.com, thepepopleinfo.com (I don’t own these domains now) but was never serious with these blogs.

Despite his career in the IT field, he never thought of going into an IT company. But he skilled himself in the field of Digital Marketing.

Sagar Verma with Team at ABC for Technology Training

He moved to Bangalore in search of better openings in the digital marketing industry. His first digital marketing job was at ABC for Technology Training, Bengaluru where he worked for 4 months and provided an incredible increase in the company’s existing traffic. 

The idea of serious blogging hit him while working there. He got fired from the job as he would work on learning and writing personal blogs during his office hours even after completing all the work with more than satisfactory results.

Later, he joined Verbinden Communication, Bengaluru as a digital marketing executive where he conceived the idea of 9to5Job. But, again he got fired for the same reasons as during his previous job.

Sagar started looking for a new job but, unfortunately, the pandemic hit our country just the next month and he had to move back to U.P. 

Sagar started working as a freelancer then and also expanded his learning horizons. He not only created 9to5Job but took it to a large section of the audience with a common thought process. 

Other than 9to5Job, Sagar started one more blog BabyCart (baby products and parenting blog) under the guidance of his cousin.

He is a self-taught freelancer providing his expert services in the field of digital marketing, Google Ads, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and SEO. Sagar is also an Instagram content creator with a following of more than 7K at @sagar.speaks.

He is also a 5-Star Rated Digital Marketing Expert on Fiverr.

Sagar’s journey through his patchy job life and the career that he made for himself during the pandemic inspired the idea of 9to5Job. Sagar has some plans for 9to5Job which he is constantly working on with full determination.

He wants to grow the blog and produce more personalized content for his readers’ liking.

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Author at 9to5Job

Avipsa Lakhanpal

Author at 9to5Job

Avipsa is a passionate writer, pursuing an undergraduate degree in commerce and a diploma in event management from Chandigarh. But, just like most of our readers, she is an amateur exploring the professional world and trying to create a unique space for herself. 

Avipsa has always had an affinity for writing since her school days. But, she started working as a freelance writer only in 2020. Since then, she has worked with many businesses and on a variety of projects.

Avipsa is inquisitive about how the corporate world works. And so, she never misses on any opportunity that she gets to do so. She has worked as an intern in several fields including human resources, management, business development, sales & marketing, social media marketing, copywriting, and content development at companies like BASTTA Store, Antwak, Zylon Media, and many more. 

Avipsa has a lot of beginner-level experience in all the specified fields. And that’s what drove her to 9to5Job. She uses the platform to share her personal experience and all the important advice and tips that she has learned from the industry mentors till now, with her readers.  

As a content writer, Avipsa loves to focus on the emotional aspect of her articles while providing clear and reliable facts. Engaging with her audience relaxes her a lot and she loves to listen to her readers’ viewpoints. 

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Mantasha Anwar

Mantasha Anwar

Author at 9to5Job

Hey, Mantasha here. 

I’m your fun-loving author to make your readings interesting. 

“Playing with words is my passion and consuming words, my hobby.” 

I’m a writer by heart first and then profession. My curious soul with a curious mind loves to explore this world taking up better opportunities. And when not working I love cherishing the outdoors and drinking too much coffee. My area of interest includes writings on social media, content creation, lifestyle,  health, beauty, and mental health.

Deepika Kaushik

Author at 9to5Job

Deepika is a content writer for over a year, being an economic student who graduated from the University of Delhi, she has commenced writing an article in the year 2020. During her college years, she has been a part of various societies as a content head. 

Moreover, with the zeal to understand the corporate world better and to be successful as a content writer, she decided to be a part of this team. Also, her profound interest in research for better understanding makes her the perfect content writer. 

Her content is inspired by real-time experience and in-depth research.

Deepika is great with topics concerning academic stream selection and job interviews, for which the credit goes to her real-life experiences.

Deepika’s enthusiasm towards 9to5Job is a portrayal of her professionalism. The amount of research she puts into every piece that she writes depicts her sincerity and honesty towards the audience.

Mansi - author at 9to5Job

Mansi Goel

Author at 9to5Job

Howdy people! I’m Mansi Goel. I’m a content writer and economics student. I love to write on topics related to jobs, careers and generate money ideas. Persistent to create and share ideas that connect all.

How We Keep the Blog Running…

The most successful blogs that you see are the subsidiaries of big companies and businesses to keep their audience engaged. But, it’s not easy to run a blog without sufficient sponsorships and external support. 

9to5Job’s primary earnings come from Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. With Google AdSense, the blog can earn some receipts to keep its operations running by displaying GoogleAds matching to your taste and liking.

Also, we provide you with the links to some of the most valuable products, courses, and programs that we trust for ourselves. 9to5Job may earn some profits with every purchase you make using these links. Again, this will help us access more significant resources to provide you with the best experience on this platform. 

But, to be very honest and transparent with our community, any product/service recommended by our team is thoroughly examined to be true to its name. We only bring you these products and services if they satisfy our needs as customers and feel worth it.