18 Daily Routine Things of an Office Employee: A Step Towards Happy & Balanced Life🙂

The daily routine of office employees! It is even a thing?

Energy level to zero, you walk to the metro station to head back home. Well, that’s not it, you have to struggle to find a seat in the metro as soon as the metro door opens welcoming us by saying, “tink-tink-tink.”

metro hussle

Is that it? 

Uh! NO! 

But the Covid restriction makes things worse when you have to stand in long queues to enter the metro station which literally pushes your level of energy into negative numbers. 

Well, in a short version of the story, “your daily routine of office employee doesn’t exist, just like your personal life.”

Trust me, traveling is much harder for the people who have to travel 1-2 hours just to listen to their boss’s yelling or shouting (that’s the phase we all have to face someday).

So, the question is can you balance your work or personal life?

Seems impossible, isn’t it?

However, it can be true, with following this finest daily routine of an office employee, which will make your life EA-S-S-S-SY.

But how? 

To be honest, the best daily routine for office workers could start while traveling in the metro, so, yeah! You can make it work by learning new things during your free time in the metro.

Hey! I know, doing something after working sucks!! However, to achieve something you have to keep learning new things to expand your skills.

So, let’s see what could be the ideal daily routine for professionals.

18 Best Daily Routine For Office Workers

1. Learn From Where You Are

Learn From Where You Are

Well, technology provided us the great advantages, that is get to know what you want just by a click. 

One of the finest examples is Google, search for what you need and you will over 100+ answers from different perspectives. 

Well, this special benefit is not restricted to Google only, but Youtube and other learning applications have created a learning web for thousands of people who want to explore different topics, areas, whatnot from all over the world.

I know after work, it seems like your world is falling apart and all you need is your bed.

But I can bet, learning and expanding your knowledge could lead to greater things, one such thing is a better career.

So, here is my first tip which you can follow as a daily routine of an office employee.

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2. A Step Towards Your Goal, With NO Distractions

step forward - Daily Routine of Office Employee

You are on a bed sipping the hot tea and eating pakora.

Sounds good and relaxing, isn’t it?

Well, after work, doing nothing and lying on the bed with crossed legs and eating what you want, that’s all matters.

However, have you thought of the goal which you have set for yourself when you graduated? 

Ah! I know, in between all the hustle and responsibility of meeting the guidelines and standing up to your boss’s expectation, we often tend to forget what is our goal?

Your goals are not a lost cause! 

You can still achieve them, just by taking baby steps. For instance, if you want to start your own blog, your first step could be buying a domain or hosting.

The next step could be, writing or publishing the articles.

I know, it seems like it will take forever to reach your goal, but giving even an hour or so, could make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

So, let’s make a big difference by taking little steps, and there you go with an ideal daily routine for professionals.

3. Early to Rising, Early to Achieve the Goals

Early to Rising, Early to Achieve the Goals

For me, that’s impossible, I’m not a morning person, what to do?

Would sleeping early help?

Um..it would.

How waking early would be helpful?

Well, to be honest, it will give you more time to complete the important things with more energy, hence, more productivity.

Unlike, unproductive work which could be the result of fatigue.

You just have to follow the simple rule, sleep early.

And trust me, you are a step closer to the ideal daily routine for professionals.

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4. Work it Out or Meditate

Work it Out or Meditate

That’s my favorite ideal daily routine for professionals! Because it does work.

Sitting on a chair the whole day,  make your body stiff, which further increases fatigue.

So, moving your body or meditating really helps a lot in keeping you healthy and fit while working.

So, if you can, take at least 30 minutes out of your schedule to work out or meditate. Not only that, but it could also be the most appropriate way to keep yourself calm and relaxed.

To work out, you can simply go through youtube, download an application, or join GYM (if you have time).

So, 30 minutes work out, make things work for you. Moreover, to take care of your eyes, you can check out How to Take Care of Eyes While Working on the Computer? (Easy & Efficient Self-Help Tips!)

5. Work in Group

No no, I’m not saying you need a few people who can assist you in completing your work, but what I meant is that you can group up similar work together.

For instance, if you need to sign some papers or make a list of appointments you have, do it at a time. This will save you from investing efforts in completing similar things at different times.

6. Say No to Less Important Things

Say No to Less Important Things
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I can totally understand, after getting tired, even a small work seems like running on an elevated surface.


Yes, there is always a BUT!

There are some things which we have to do, without releasing that they are unimportant, yet by investing your precious time on these we are just wasting our time.

Well, if I have to list one such habit of mine is, listening to songs after I have done with all the work. I know, it is not doing any good to me, but yeah! It is relaxing.

However, relaxing and enjoying after you are done with your office hour is not bad, but think how much time you can save if you would cut short relaxing time and utilize it to do something important.

And trust me, that time would be an ALOT!!

7. Technology Can Keep You Organize

Technology Can Keep You Organize - Daily Routine of Office Employee

And here we go with one more best daily routine for office workers!

No doubt, we are dependent on technology in every aspect of our life, like our mother.

I mean, when we need something we run to our mothers, just like that, when we need to find something either its restaurant, library, cafe, whatnot, we can get it just by a click.

Why not use the technology for something good? 

Just download the application which will keep you organized. Some of the applications which I can suggest are Trello, TimeTree, Toggi Track, etc.

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8. Ah! That’s What I Have Achieved

Rewards and praises push us to improve, isn’t it?

Why not reward yourself once you achieved what you have decided. 

I know you are not a kid, but what if you can eat that special cake when you accomplished something?

Ah! It is yummy! 

Well, when I feel exhausted or sad or irritated, my all-time favorite spot is either Burger King or Macdonald’s. Yeah! I stress eat, it is better than other life-sucking habits like smoking or drinking.

That’s not it, I do treat myself when I achieved something, I do go to CCD, Dominos, anywhere I want to celebrate my victory or achievement. 

9. Own the Me Time

Most people are irritated by the fact that they don’t have time for themselves.

I know, I’m frustrated by the fact too and if you are one of them, then I would suggest you leave all the work for at least 2 hours and watch something your like. It could be your favorite serial, series, Netflix show, I mean, you can literally choose from 1000+ things over the platform. 

Also, for your convenience, platforms such as Hotstar are providing FREE access to your favorite serials.

I mean, what else a person needs?

If not this, then you can watch something of your genre on Netflix and Amazon, well, you have to get a subscription.

And, in my opinion, you can watch Friends or Vampire Diaries or The Originals, these are my top picks.

10. Happy Hobby

Happy Hobby

When we do something we like, it tends to make us happy and relaxed, isn’t it?

So, why not engage in a hobby or something you like to relax after work. 

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11. Dude! Talk it Out

Talking or letting your heart out is the thing that has been missing from your daily routine of office employees, right?

But you know what, talking or sharing what you feel really makes a difference in life.

I know, I know, we have been taught to handle our issues ourselves, instead of sharing what we feel. But that’s not how it works. 

You should always share how you are feeling. Your parents, sister/brother, or college friends, sometimes colleagues or boss could be the perfect individuals you can turn to.

12. Leave the Work At the Doorstep of the Office

Most people tend to get worried all day, especially when they have deadlines to meet.

And we lost most of the time in worrying about what will happen tomorrow, how would you meet the deadlines. That’s alright, but you don’t have to bring tension at home.

You can sort the issue tomorrow once you will reach the office. And trust me, your deadlines would be waiting for you right there on your desk.

13. Hey! Want to Have Coffee, Someday?

Hey! Want to Have Coffee, Someday - Daily Routine of Office Employee

A cup of coffee is one of the common things in your daily routine as an office employee, isn’t it? But let’s make it a fun time by bitching about all your life problems with the closest person would be a great way to spend your work or office-free hours.

Let’s try this, I can bet, it will be fun. 

And if you are an extrovert and love to meet new people, come on, there is your chance to utilize your non-working time and meet new people.

I, being an extrovert person, love to meet new people. I don’t know, it gives me different kinds of joy, I mean those butterflies in the stomach and that excitement or probably the fear. Most importantly, you can be anyone you want, because come on! That person won’t know you. 

So, for me meeting new people is like starting a new life. 

Just a while ago, I was heading back to my home and met an incredible person. I know, for some people it could be awkward to make a conversation, but trust me, when I encounter him, it was like that’s what has been missing in my life. 

Ah! Not because I like him or have a crush on him, but because I get to meet a new person, get to know him, and I get to feel that excitement or fear.

Though, I didn’t have time to have a coffee with him, but hey! You can meet new people, have coffee, brunch, pancakes, whatever you like to have. 

Trust me, it helps a lot, the best part of meeting new people is that, you can share any part of your life with them and they probably won’t judge you.

Okay! Hold on, if you don’t like meeting new people, you can do amazing things with the people you know, it could be your colleagues, your best friend, your boyfriend, your family, anyone.

14. Search and Learn

 Search and Learn

As mentioned in the starting itself, you can learn more about the things that excite you just by a click on your phone.

So, learn and explore your horizon while you can.

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15. Read and Grow

Reading could really open up doors to a new world, which will help you grow. 

In my opinion, reading something has more influence on someone than listening to something. Because it allows us to imagine or create an image in our mind.

The most interesting thing about being a human is our imagination. That is most essential if you wanna be a writer. 

17. Weekend 

The two most important days are when to get unlimited sleep. However, it does comes with a dilemma. 

What’s that?

The choice whether to go out or tuck yourself in? 

If I have to give an ideal daily routine for professionals, then take a night of proper sleep and take an important step towards your goal, the next day.

And I believe I could be one of the finest examples because as lazy as I’m, I prefer to sleep. And trust me, I’m not a morning person, not after working for a week.

Yet! I manage to learn new skills, right now, I’m learning how to cope up with the latest Google update, trust me, it is not easy! 

You can also be a wonderful person by making time to learn new things, especially on weekends. 

I agree, I don’t compromise with my sleep and I literally sleep for 9-10 hours, but even an hour to learn something new makes a difference. 

Hence, the best daily routine for office workers is for weekends.

18. Get a Hold of Your Career!

Marrying at the age of 25 and trying to manage a family or office, seems like a perfect life for a girl, isn’t it?  

That sometimes also includes leaving the office and get a job at a new place.

Is that all girls want? 

Maybe! But maybe not, it could be a dream come true for some, but not all.

So, females who are married, who want to focus on their further growth can try to divide and conquer rule. It is simple, you can share housework with your mother-in-law or husband and in that free time, you can learn new skills.

Avoid These Things While Following Best Daily Routine For Office Workers

Avoid These Things While Following Best Daily Routine For Office Workers
  • Smoking is not the solution to your busy schedule or workload, but it will only bring you one step closer to diseases. 
  • If you have a clear-cut goal, spending time playing games such as PUBG, Free fire, is not worth it always. Yet, playing games for a while is completely alright.
  • Instead of spending time with your colleagues or similar faces, meet new people after office or on weekends.
  • A movie on Netflix or Amazon prime is okay, however, spending your whole weekend doing the same needs to stop.
  • Don’t spend your entire weekend lying on bed or sleeping, but utilize your time to learn something new.


I guess the daily routine of office employees would work for everyone because I have mentioned some of the basic or small changes you can make in your life.

I know, following an ideal daily routine for professionals could be tough, however, just a little change can make a BIG DIFFERENCE in your life. So, follow these simple steps and see the change in your life.

Wait wait! I’m open to listening to your views or tips regarding how you manage your schedule. So, comment below!!

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