How this Chegger Has Earned 20k from Chegg?

A well-wisher told me a secret, yet an authentic way to earn money. That too, just sitting at home. A well-wisher who earned 20k from Chegg.

I loved it so much that I am going to share it with you guys.

The Best part, you can earn even while pursuing graduation. Else, you can work part-time to earn that extra bit of money.

Wait, Wait!

Before you choose to exit thinking it’s another spam, I can gain your trust.

Since who told me about this gave me all the proofs. I have lined up the entire procedure along with authentic photos.

How can I earn from Chegg in India?

Chegg top earners

You must be shocked seeing the amount mentioned. I was even surprised to hear that.

I asked the well-wisher to tell me about every single detail

What exactly is the platform?

Platform: Chegg (Check here)

How much on an average I can earn from Chegg India?

How much on an average can I earn from Chegg India

Here is my well wisher earning proofs.

Earning proof from Chegg 11
Earning proof from Chegg 12
Earning proof from Chegg 13
Earning proof from Chegg 14
Earning proof from Chegg 15

Average earned: 13k-20k

What exactly is the job profile?

Job Profile: Subject Matter Expert

How much a Subject matter expert can earn in India?

How much a Subject matter expert can earn in India

Per question, you earn ranging from 75 to 189, depending on the subject.

Chegg is a tutoring platform to help students solve their subject queries. Hence, for this, they require a ‘Subject Matter Expert’.

It’s not that difficult! Don’t leave so soon.

Whatever you are studying right now or have read in the past, utilize that to solve the queries.

Knowledge, your ultimate weapon!

Subject Matter Expert: A Subject Matter Expert is an individual that cares enough to share information in society.

Yup, a diplomatic answer. This is a genuine quality that companies are in search of.

Similarly, Chegg requires professionals who have deep knowledge of specific subjects.

The only condition is the knowledge must be authentic and far away from plagiarism. However, textbook references are welcomed.

What all you need to do:


  • Answer questions
  • Answer the ones that you are sure about
  • Solve questions ranging from 1 to n.
  • No restricted number of questions are assigned, it’s up to you.
  • Daily attendance is even not a compulsion. Still, the more you solve, the more you are rewarded


  • Remember, just don’t look for shortcuts to present your answers.
  • Also, no plagiarism will be tolerated. Experts are there to assess your work.
  • Altogether, be genuine and no one can stop you earn your credit.
  • Before we go further, let’s read about Chegg and clear our doubts about its authenticity.

About: Chegg

Chegg is an American company. However, it has expanded its boundaries to serve students beyond boundaries. The consistent goal is to provide cream knowledge while maintaining cost efficiency.

Not just that, Chegg prioritizes its employees equally. So, they provide opportunities who wish to work part-time.

The ease of working on any of the days makes it a perfect fit for anyone. The only thing company expects in return is your dedication and originality.

Chegg has its proper branch in India. So, you must throw all your worries in the dustbin. Just work hard, earn well. Subject matter experts earn well in India.

What subjects you can choose on Chegg?

  • Computer Science
  • Advanced Math
  • Advanced Physics
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Nursing
  • General Business and Operations Management
  • Statistics
  • Economics

Just in case, you still doubt the efficiency of the information. It’s ok.

Initially, I was in the same position as you. I fetched a bucket of questions from my well of curiosity and poured on the well-wisher. Lucky 🍀 me. He answered them all.

I didn’t want the readers to leave even with a droplet of doubt, so I have asked questions on your behalf. I hope it helps you.

Additionally, he gave me a map of his journey. Surely it has everything, any novice will need.

Starting from the start, he told me about how he registered as a Subject Matter Expert, how much a subject matter expert can earn in India.

The Registration Process

Registration Process on chegg
Confirmation mail of Chegg
  • Firstly, you need to sign-up on Chegg Sign-up
  • A format like this will appear
  • Next, you will receive a mail. Importantly, you need to finish the process with 5 days, else you have to restart. Though, Chegg advises you to complete within 2 days only.
  • Congratulations, you are finally registered. Although, your selection as an expert remains.

To continue the procedure, you need to go through further rounds:

further rounds on chegg



  1. Clear the exam, minimum passing marks is 50%. Altogether 2 attempts are allowed. The questions are objective type.
  2. Further, pass the guidelines test. This is basic. Just read all the guidelines provided clearly. A minimum of 80% is expected. In total 3 attempts are allowed.
  3. Hurray, you cleared the exam. Now it’s just the document part.Submit your degree (certificate of the subject of choice)
  4. Following, upload documents as per requirements.
  5. Mobile OTP verification.
  6. Finally, if all this goes well. You will receive an email.
  7. In that, you need to sign a letter. This clarifies the salary structure and provides further details.
  8. Subsequently, you will receive your Login ID and password. Then, you can answer questions and earn.
Chegg Account Activation

So, this is how you will register yourself and begin your part-time career. Perhaps, Chegg provides you with some tips and tricks that can help you earn more.

Chegg tips and tricks
  • Most important is you should remain online at night. As questions are from the U.S. the more number of questions will be at night.
  • Write answers in a way that the student attains clarity. Resulting, you will receive ratings that will help boost your incentives.

Conversely, Chegg informs you what you must not do, or else you will have to suffer repercussions.

Things to remember

  • Already, as, informed above even plagiarism is not appreciated.
  • Moreover, to assure students don’t use Chegg as a means of cheating, experts are asked not to solve question paper format.
  • Plus, you must not answer those questions that you are not sure about. Rather, just an acceptable reason and it’s all fine.
  • Besides, whatever you solve or write an answer to must be clear and precise. So, the student’s query is resolved.
  • Additional images added must be of high quality for clear reading and understanding.

These are the basic rules you need to follow.

Undoubtedly, anything that appears mischievous and can hamper the reputation of the expert and the company. Chegg coordinators evaluate and are constantly in contact with you.

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Chegg Evaluation

It starts with the student:

There is a rating system. Whatever answer you provide, it receives ratings from the student.

Through the ratings, a competency rate is calculated.

There is a minimum percentage you must maintain.

If you fail to do so you will be informed. Review according to particular dates and days are mentioned.

Chegg process for verifying answers

A set of chances are provided. Indeed, you must improve the quality of answers, else every job not performed has its negatives.

Are you thinking that Chegg will not be able to catch you? It’s not that easy, though. They have a team of Chegg coordinators and experts that keep a check on whatever happens on the site. Hence, just work as per the protocols and no problem will ever touch you.

Apologies for worrying you. Did I make it look too problematic?

No, that was never my purpose. I just wanted to be the right alert before you enter the possessed cottage.

Don’t drop the plan so soon. There is a right path and that path awaits you with rewards as pleasing as candies.

I thought over it if I start to work what benefits will I receive? How much I will be able to earn on Chegg in India?

This is a question you all must ask yourself. Just don’t believe me, instead, ask yourself. When I did the same, I got a hand full of benefits that I am not ready to leave.


Learn while you work. To share the knowledge, you must gain it, so whenever you answer a question, you grab some knowledge for yourself.

Chegg Bonus

Else, Chegg even provides incentives at times.

Coordinators at Chegg are always connected with you.

If you are a student you get to earn at an early stage. All your extra expenses will be no more burden to your parents.

Even if you are already working, you know what money means. So, just by balancing a few more hours, you will be able to earn well.

Furthermore, you get to connect with other experts on a WhatsApp group. This will improve your knowledge and enhance your network.

On Whatsapp experts receive notifications about the best performers.

Once the well-wisher received a notification that specified the highest payment received was 222,642. Since Chegg has its branch in India, the earnings are pretty well.

Shocked? I am still shocked, I can relate. While I thought I can earn only in thousands, people are earning in Lakhs.

Stop grinning with joy, plan things well. It’s the right time. Read about it more, if anything concerns you, just comment down below.

I will reply as soon as possible.

Don’t leave too early

Seriously, a lot more is there. I want to share every bit I know. So that my commitment to share this priceless secret doesn’t feel halfway.

Now, that you are in this paragraph, I believe you must have or will read about Chegg.

I did it on your behalf before you search.

I found a few statements regarding Chegg. Those made me think if I will suggest the right thing to the readers or not. Then what I called up the well-wisher.

Within seconds I was relieved that I am on the right path.

He told me how such rumors need no solid path to travel.

Therefore, I have mentioned the rumor and its clarification, below:

1. Do students use Chegg for cheating?

No, it’s not possible. Platforms like these built to assist students can be falsely handled. Chegg is well informed about it.

That is why Chegg affirms its experts to be on alert mode. If they find any suspicious formats of questions or directly question paper images. The experts must not answer them, anyhow.

2. What if the expert himself is involved in such malpractice?

No problem, there is a solution to everything. Managers and bots can access and find out what questions are the teachers replying to.

Sometimes, institutes when checking plagiarism, institutes catch the student and informs Chegg.

3. Chegg will never get to know which student copied the answer.

As I said above, at times institutes and universities inform. As soon as the information is received. Chegg provides the right to the teachers or universities to avail limited data that can help them reach the mastermind.

4. If Chegg can regulate someone’s information, what about privacy?

Chegg assures to maintain a limit, without hurting anyone’s privacy. For this, there are privacy policies already mentioned.

The data related to such concerns is only shared. Still, if someone is doubtful about anything, he or she can contact Chegg privacy and send them mail.

So these were the most common rumors that you must be clear about before you join Chegg.

It is essential to take every step carefully. Especially when it is about your career. Nothing must lead to a wrong turn.

I have shared the exact map as it was given by the well-wisher. However, I have added a few questions to clear your doubts. Hence, you can prepare for the journey well.

I tried my best to assure literally no sign misguides you in the journey. Else, you must land in a dilemma.

Leave all the confusions, right here!

Still, I know a few of you must question your efficiency. As it has a sort of recruitment procedure.

First of all, stop considering yourself so low. I know you can easily answer most of the questions.

Secondly, it’s an attempt, no one is going to abandon you if you don’t clear. It’s completely fine.

You can revise, prepare yourself and give the test again.

Lastly, if you are one of those who lack somewhere but still are an enthusiast. Your motivation must push you to read whatever you like and gain expertise in it.

Just like any other job, you need to prepare for this.

As easy as that!

Just give it a shot.

Now that we are about to end this conversation. I want to suggest one thing that I strongly believe.

No breath you exhale is the same,

Neither it never comes back to you

Similarly, no opportunity will ever be the same

Generously use every opportunity that comes to you.

This might not make sense to all, but I hope that you use this information and turn it into an opportunity.

Although, I am still there if you have any queries.

Just the same way I had when the well-wisher was to end his part, I said one last question.

Are there any other alternatives to Chegg?

He laughed and said yes, there are that he knows about:

Toppr, bartleby,coursehero, to name a few.

Finally, I end this conversation here, I hope it turns out fruitful to you. I am joining Chegg for sure. Let’s meet there.

If you join Chegg or any other platform, comment down below. Hopefully, we will meet there soon!

Also, don’t forget to share this information with your friends as I did with you.

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