16 Best Course after Graduation in Arts! What to do After B.A.?

Best Course after Graduation in Arts | After BA English which course is better? | Medical courses after graduation in arts | Job oriented courses after BA History 

“The arts and humanities teach us who we are and what we can be. They lie at the very core of the culture of which we’re a part.”

With that quote in our mind, it goes without saying that there are unlimited courses and career options after graduating with arts.

The only problem is that you have to choose from these vast options!

Have you completed your graduation in arts recently or are you about to get over it?

So, now some of you might be wondering if there are any job-oriented courses after BA History, or after BA English which course is better, or if there are any medical courses after graduation in arts which you can pursue. Right?

Well, I understand what you are going through right now. I’ve been to your place too! I had to choose for myself about two years ago. And, I know that these choices go a long way toward defining your career.

But, don’t worry! I am here to help you out with it and narrow down the choices for you to make an easy decision. 

Now, for some reasons (which I have mentioned later in the article- feel free to debate them in the comment section!) I think that it is better to go for a skill-oriented course instead of another full-time degree.

So, before we get started on that, let me just get you up to speed with the various degree courses you can pursue after graduation in arts. Also, I am going to talk about these in brief as these are the most common courses which you probably know about.

What is the Best Course after Graduation in Arts? (Conventional)

best course after graduation in arts BA

After BA English which course is better? | Job oriented courses after BA History

1. M.A.

One of the most common courses that students pursue after B.A. is Masters in Arts (MA). It is a 2-year post-graduate program in several fields including English, political science, Punjabi, Hindi, history, Sanskrit, journalism, mass communication, fine arts, etc. After completing your MA you can even pursue an M.Phil or Ph.D.  

2. B.Ed.

Many students apply for the Bachelor of Education program after B.A. This is because schools in India require you to mandatorily have a B.Ed. degree if you wish to apply for a teaching job. It is a two-year program that allows you to apply for a teaching job for classes up to the 12th.

Moreover, as far as B.Ed. is concerned, you can easily take up the program as a correspondence student. It wouldn’t have any effect on the value of the degree.

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Scanner – First Semester – 4.3/5 Ratings
– by Debprosad Biswas Sunjoy dutta (Author)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Scanner

3. MBA

Most of us are familiar with this course- Masters in Business Administration. You can pursue an MBA in several fields including marketing, finance, HR, international businesses, etc. The best part about MBA is that students from any academic background are eligible for this degree. 

But, yes! If you are thinking of going for an MBA after BA, you need to keep one thing in mind. If you have taken up courses like fine arts, political science, home science, etc. in your BA, then it might be a little hard for you to adjust to the MBA syllabus. As both the courses have very little in common.

The Personal MBA: A World-Class Business Education Book – 4.5/5 Rating
– by Josh Kaufman (Author)

The Personal MBA A World-Class Business Education in a Single Volume

4. LLB

LLB best course after graduation in arts

LLB stands for Bachelor of Law and is one of the top 10 courses after BA that students pursue. If you go for LLB after your BA, then the course duration is of three years. Otherwise, if you apply for LLB after class 12, then the duration is 5 years.

You can start your law practice under an experienced lawyer after LLB, or you can go for LLM.

5. PG Diploma/ 1-Year Diploma Courses after Graduation in Arts

A postgraduate diploma is a great course option after graduation in arts. The reason why PG diplomas are popular among graduates is that it holds value almost equivalent to an MA degree, but it is of short duration.

PG Diploma is a full-time course having a usual duration of 6 months to practice pursued year.

There are many specialization options under the 1-year diploma courses after graduation in arts. You can go for digital marketing, HR, finance, hotel management, and many more.

6. Masters in Data Science

Graphic designing 1-year diploma courses after graduation in arts

It’s time to bust a huge myth!

For people who think data science can be pursued only with science subjects, you might have to reconsider your opinion.

You can become a data scientist after graduation in the arts. Data science has huge potential in today’s technology-driven world and offers great career options. You can either go for a Masters in Data Science or a diploma course to gain the skills and knowledge in data analysis. 

Why Should I Go for a Skill-Learning Course Instead of a Post Graduation Degree After B.A.?🤔

Now, let’s come to the point I talked about earlier- reasons why I think Skill-oriented courses are better than a full-time degree after graduation.

So, the main reason is that in today’s world employers value skills more than certificates and degrees. And, while degrees are built with a great curriculum, they still do not impart as much practical knowledge as skill-oriented courses.

Also, you cannot complete a degree in a few months. You have to follow a fixed syllabus, even if that is not what you want to learn. 

For instance, say you have opted for an MA in Political Science. Now, you cannot just study politics for two years. You will have to study several other subjects, even if you don’t want to!

While these short courses focus on a specific skill set that you wish to develop. It saves you a lot of time. And, you get a better hold of the skills as your attention is undivided.

Last but not the least, these courses are career-oriented. If you have the required skills, you can work anywhere, even as a freelancer. 

Top 10 Courses after BA (Career Oriented & Skill-centric!)

Now, let’s discuss the top 10 courses after BA that focus on skill development. Keep scrolling!

1. Video Game Development🎮

Video Game Development After BA English which course is better

Did you know?

Video games have now become a major spectator sport. And, an estimate, 2.7 billion people played video games in the year 2020 alone. This is a clear indication of the potential of video games. 

Therefore, a career in video game development also holds a great opportunity in today’s world. And, there’s absolutely no restriction on arts graduates in learning video game development. 

Yes, if you think that you can pursue an engineering degree after BA, then of course you are wrong. These full-time degrees do have restrictions in the eligibility criteria. 

This is why I suggest you go for a skill-oriented course instead! You can be a master of practical skills from the comfort of your sofa!

Check Video Game Development Courses Online on Udemy!

2. Fashion Designing👗

Fashion designing job oriented courses after ba history

Fashion designing is a very common course that students pursue after class 12. And, do you know that the one thing that can land you a great career opportunity is an impressive portfolio.

This means that you do not have to go to a popular college and pay tons of money to get a degree to have a successful career. With the right skills and talent, you can be successful anyhow! (Well, I mean that’s true for literally any career choice!)

But, one thing that distinguishes a good career and a great career is to identify opportunities and convert them into your USP! 

Now, I am going to throw away a great opportunity in front of you and it will be up to you to make the most out of it- Sustainable Fashion! Sustainability has become a huge concern for people around the globe. 

Every brand, whether it is an oil corporation, or a textile business, or a food business, is engaging in devising techniques and products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Learning Sustainable Fashion Course can be a great opportunity for you. This course will help you get ready to set a distinguished foot in the fashion industry! So, I think you should enroll in the course today!

3. Interior Designing🏠

“The details are not the details. They make the design.”

– Charles Eames

Interior design entails working with a vision and then enhancing it. If you can relate to this statement, then you must understand design well! And, if you do understand design well, then why not opt for a career in designing- Interior Designing!

Interior designing is not only fun but also has great potential in terms of earning capacity. 

One trend that is doing rounds in the architecture and design industry is the “indoor-outdoor living experience”. It means to design architecture in a way that brings a connection between nature and the facility. 

Interesting, right?

Wait! You know what? You can pursue a career in the same.

Check out the Interior Designing Courses on Udemy. Enroll today!

4. Foreign Languages💬

Want to work as a freelancer? Well, you have a great opportunity here! 

Did you know?

A translator can earn as much as Rs. 25,000 per month without any experience! Which is great. And, if you learn a foreign language, you can even work as a language instructor in institutions like schools, colleges, etc. 

And, if you seek a career in this field, you can have your certification by just sitting at home! Following are some of the top language courses online that you can pursue. All the courses are online and certified.

You can learn French on Internshala and other languages on Udemy.

5. Graphic Designing💻

Graphic design job oriented courses after ba history

You must know that graphic designing is an extremely valuable skill that gets paid well. Graphic designers can work as a freelancer and can be hired by companies. 

I believe that you do not need to go to college to learn a skill like graphic designing. You can even learn it from YouTube! (Although, it is better to learn through a well-planned course to save time.)

Moreover, graphic designers are not hired based on their college degrees but based on their talent and skills.

Check out one of the top rated course on Graphic Designing in Udemy.

6. 3D Animation🖥

3D animation is a highly in-demand course just like graphic designing. Again, you can work as both a freelancer as well as a full-time animation designer. Both ways you get paid very well!

In my opinion, you should not waste time going to college to get a degree in animation after your graduation. Instead, you should utilize this time for learning the skills. 

With the Unity Certified 3D Artist course, you can learn character encoding, computer animation, video game development, normal mapping, cube mapping, ambient occlusion, color space, creative coding, and graphics pipeline. All of this in just 7 months! (approximately).

Also the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 Exam Questions on ExamLabs.

7. Photography📸

Photographer job oriented courses after ba history

Photography is capturing the essence of the subject, whether living or nonliving. It can be a person, an animal, a book, the clouds, anything! 

Photography is a great course after graduation in arts. It requires a lot of creativity and open-mindedness. But, you can learn it without going to any college or university. Also, based on their skills, creative and distinguished photographers are paid well for their work.  

If you want to learn the photography, then check out these courses on Udemy. 

The best thing about these course is that it is very inclusive. You will not only learn DSLR photography, but also photography on smartphones!

8. Web Designing🌐

Web designers create and maintain websites and take care of all the technological needs of the website. And, just like graphics designing, or animation, web designing is also a highly rewarding career option after graduation in arts. And, again the one for which you do not need a college degree!

So, I recommend you enroll in most popular courses on web designing here on Udemy and learn the skills from your cozy bed.

9. Content Writing✍

Content writer job oriented courses after ba history

Have you ever looked at Content writer’s profiles on Fiverr?

Well, if not, then you must. Some of the freelance content writers charge as much as INR 7,000 for a 1500-words article!😲 If that’s too technical to understand, then you can assume, that he/she will charge more than INR 15,000 for an article of this blog’s size! 

This is how much content writing can pay you. And, even more, when you work in a corporate environment. 

But, for working in a corporate environment, you need more than just good writing skills. 

But, you don’t have to worry about that. These top popular course on Content Writing on Udemy will teach you communication strategy, brand management, persona (user experience), and content marketing along with content creation.

So do not waste any time and enroll in the course today!

10. Video Editing📽

As most businesses have digitized, video editing has gained quite some popularity. Moreover, with the increase in viewership on video streaming platforms like YouTube, and Netflix (thanks to the pandemic) video editing is a very much in-demand skill. 

Unfortunately, you cannot opt for a degree in video editing. But, that does not mean you cannot learn it from professionals. 

The Video Editing course on Udemy are the most popular courses for you with 4.5+ ratings. Starting from a beginner-level course and will only take 40 hours (approximately) to complete!

Are There Any Medical Courses after Graduation in Arts?

Now, the answer to your query- Medical courses after graduation in arts.

See, to be clear, you cannot pursue a pure medical career after graduation in arts. (unless you decide to go back to school and study medicine!)

Medical courses like MBBS, MD, BSc. Nursing etc. requires you to pass 10+2 with physics, chemistry, and biology. Also, there are entrance tests for admission to these courses which have the same eligibility criteria.

But, this does not mean that the door is locked!

Medical courses after ba

You can still opt for a General Nursing and Midwifery course (GNM) after graduation in arts. GNM is a 3.5 years* diploma course if you pursue a career in clinical nursing.

The syllabus varies with universities, but the basic model of learning is to teach you how to take care of a sick or injured patient and help him/her attain full recovery.

Also, the course includes a 6-month internship period (*included in the 3.5 years) without which you cannot be certified.

But, the eligibility criteria are also different in different colleges and universities. Some may even require you to have science subjects in class 12, some may not. You will have to check the eligibility criteria at your institute. 


So, this was all about the best course after graduation in arts. Although we talked about more than one course, I think this article will help you make a better choice and find the best course after graduation in arts. 

Furthermore, you should know that whatever choice you make now, is probably going to go a long way toward defining your career. Since it is not a choice for high school subjects or even undergraduate programs. 

This is why you should take as much time as you need to make the right choice. Choose a course, do your thorough research, measure its pros and cons, and then make the final decision.

Also, I think you should check out the article on the online certificate courses by the government. These are free skill-oriented courses that might be very helpful in your career.

So, if you have any queries related to any of the above-mentioned courses, feel free to discuss them in the comment section below.👇

Also, let me know your views on whether to pursue a full-time degree course or a skill-oriented course after BA. I’ll be looking forward to listening to your views.

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