Top 41 Future Business Ideas in India

Top 41 Future Business Ideas in India | 73 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

Are you planning to invest in future business ideasƒ

in India? Are you looking for upcoming business ideas in India that will make a profit?

Well, the ultimate goal of starting a business is earning a high profit, isn’t it? But before starting a business you have to consider several things simply by prognosticating (predicting) all the changes in the developing economy, of which India is the biggest example.

To earn an ever-lasting profit, you need to invest money in a business that has a high scope of developing in the future.

Yes, India is lagging in Science and Technology when compared to developed countries. But no doubt, since Independence we have been trying to remain in this field. Even the first Science Policy Resolution is being adopted in India for the first time.

The proof is that we have made an improvement in the Global Innovation Index and jumped to 50th place from 57th in the year 2019.

India is inclining toward innovation and technology. We are moving towards a completely distinct trend even PM Narendra Modi has started the Digital India campaign.

While keeping these in mind, I’m going to discuss future business ideas in India. 

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41 Top Future Business Ideas in India

1. Community Generator

Here comes one of the many monopoly business ideas. You must be aware that, still there are several villages and towns which lack electricity. The major reason behind this is the enormous demand for electricity. If you do not know, India is the third-largest producer and consumer of electricity.

However, you can be a savior, yes, I mean it. You can provide the generators to such an area to generate electricity.

You can simply contact people of the varied community that lives in towns, villages, and cities. Even after so much development, still, 200 million rural people lack electricity. As the demand for commercial sectors for energy is being fulfilled by coal which indicated that we need to shift to electricity for sustainability. 

As electricity is the need of everyone, either an industry or a household. It is completely justified, why it is one of the perfect future business ideas in India. Additionally, you can cover the community where the electricity, yet to be reached.

2. Establishing an Indian Culture E-commerce store

Future business idea - ecommerce store

Here, I simply mean, you can sell artistic things anywhere in the world by opening the E-commerce. India is known for its art and culture, which includes paintings, sculptures, pottery, woven silk, distinct clothes, and a lot more. That could be distinct from religion to religion. 

The foreign population is just crazy about all of these. By opening an E-commerce site, though you need to invest money, not much, I can bet it is one of the best business ideas in India for beginners. 

To open an E-commerce site, 

  • Start with developing an E-commerce business model
  • Here, I’m specifically talking about the Indian culture business
  • After doing market research and understanding of the startup cost. Complete all the legal work, which contains which type of business you are starting, obtaining licenses and permits, 
  • Further, develop a website
  • At last, time to sell the products and make money

3. Warehouse for E-commerce

Did you know?

The warehousing market in India is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 14.86% between 2021 and 2025 from the estimated value of INR 1,050 Bn in 2020 to reach a value of INR 2,028.86 Bn by 2025!

First, warehouses are never off the plate, as it is the need of every business. Why? All E-commerce businesses want to store or manage the goods or inventories they have. Therefore, they need someone to do it on their behalf. It is preserving the goods before the online sale is made.

However, you need money to buy trucks, to buy a place to store the goods or inventories, and equipment for loading and unloading and this list goes on. Hold on, it is one of the best future business ideas in India as it is a profitable business. 

Also, in my opinion, it is one of the high-margin businesses in India. With that, later you can also work with the shipping services, and hey! You are earning an abundance of money. Also, you can charge money for every shipment and drop the products where they want you to. 

To start an E-commerce business some things you need, 

  • The ideal place to store all the goods
  • Equipment for loading, unloading, transporting, etc
  • Obtain a license and permits required
  • Get trained staff

4. Cheap Home Solar Energy Setup Company

I guess, we all are familiar with the term renewable source of energy, right? Why not make use of the free plus renewable energy that we all have to earn a profit.


That does not mean it does not require any investment. But if you look at the positive side, it is safe for the environment. 

And, did you know?

The solar energy capacity in India was over 39,000 megawatts in 2020!

The best part is that the government and many people are loving the idea of using solar energy to generate electricity. The biggest example of this is Gujarat. To add, a person does not have to spend enormous money on the installation of solar panels. Above all, solar panels can be installed in mountain areas and areas where the supply of electricity is no or less. 

Next, if not for complete energy, solar panels can be used as backups. Ready to start with the best upcoming business ideas in India?

Hence, as an entrepreneur, take advantage of this amazing opportunity, by investing and by borrowing money you can give a start to your business. After that buy all the equipment like solar panels, solar cells, grid-tied systems, etc. 

Finally, the step would be to install the solar panels in the balconies, roofs, etc. 

Isn’t it one of the best startup ideas in India?

(Alternative) Solar Electrical Smart Grid Company

Here, you again have to take the support of the Internet of Things market with that you need a durable source of energy. Finally, you can make most of the solar electric smart grid system. To monitor the use of electricity in a remote location, you simply have to install sensors attach to the internet of things network in households. 

When the electricity demand is highest, to provide an adequate electricity smart grid company re-routes the power to a particular area. Also, the smart grid company can restore the power to the areas which lost the power from part of the electric grid.

It is not easy to start as it requires high capital investment. But on a good part, the government provides subsidies too.

5. Social Impact Investment Funds

It is the investment made in not-for-profit or for-profit organizations, companies, or funds. This investment brings expertise and capital together that accomplishes the social objectives. Now, it could be used for financial social services and infrastructure. 

So far, consumers are well informed, and social impact is the major priority now. Also, consumers are informed and know what they are consuming and what effect it could have. 

As the people’s sophistication is high, in return they demand social impact. In addition, the demand for the social sector is ready to grow in India. If you want to give start to your business, this is one of the best future business ideas in India.

6. Internet Infrastructure Building Company/Provider

If you are looking for one of the perfect future business ideas in India, nothing could beat the internet. As we all want the perfect and better internet connection and after China, India stands on the second number of internet users.

I’m here, talking about a rural and urban area as the internet is the need of everyone. Yes, even urban areas face network issues as some companies in the market provide internet services. This gives rise to the monopoly. 

In the beginning, you can commence your business on a small scale and later, expand as you earn the profit. To commence your business, target your area. Then buy a fiber connection on the top of the roof to start your wireless connection. Further, extend your services to your customer. 

Later, evaluate all the available wireless hardware options and choose one out of many. Now comes making the network reliable, for this, you have to develop a network topology. That further includes routers, switches, VLANs, etc. 

The next step would be the installation of the hardware for fiber connection. Finally, promote your business and start providing the services.

For instance, I live in a rural area, where there is no Jio, Airtel, or even BSNL Fiber. But we have a private service provider who has partnered with Airtel and selling their fiber connection all over in this area. Per connection, he is charging a minimum of ₹6,000 to ₹10,000.

Now that is one of the best upcoming business ideas in India, right?

(Alternative) Wifi Installation Company

As the Indian government is doing everything to provide a good internet connection. You can start a wifi installation company with the help of this support. And, like wifi or may I say the internet is needed by everyone, from watching movies to sending emails or files everything needs the internet. 

Being an owner of the wifi installation company would be profitable. Surely you end up choosing the best future business idea in India. To commence your business, start by buying some cheap wifi routers. 

Before anything, do not forget to get the license and all the permits you need to start the company. Then simply get some clients from public areas like malls, restaurants, cafes, and more. Apart from this, you can also promote your business in the local area and charge money per month, and per minute.

So, that absolutely deserves to be on the list of high-margin businesses in India, right?

7. Last-Mile Delivery Solution Company

Several companies in India won’t be able to deliver the products in rural areas or if delivered, it might take a long time. There are many reasons for this, out of all one is the poor condition of roads. You can use it as the perfect opportunity and open an E-commerce website. Further to establish the business you can store products when you get into contact with the companies. 

Later, you can deal with the final mile of the trip that is, deliver the product. For this, you have to buy the scooters, trucks, and other things that you need to deliver or load and unload the product.

8. Blockchain Ledger for Shipping and Border Customs Company

A blockchain company is simply the company that maintains the record between two parties. That verifies what and to whom products or goods are being transformed, also who is transforming them.

It is an essential activity, as being a part of globalization, India is also adopting the policy of liberalization and making export and import easy. In simple words, India is opening itself to other economies.

Certainly, it is a good thing, yet, it sometimes encourages smuggling. Here your task would be to check whether the product is secure or not. Above there is no need to open the packing by the custom.

That’s because it is also being checked. 

As a result, you would end up saving time and money both, imply by making records. Now, to start this business, you should know of

  • Knowledge of blockchain security
  • Distributed ledger expertise
  • Knowledge of technical field

Further, you have to contact several E-commerce companies. As potential buyers help in shipping the things instantly and you end up making more money.

So, it’s definitely one of the lesser-known low-cost business ideas with high profit, right?

9. Web designer

Web designing simply refers to designing a website that improves the experience of the audience. Well, this business is quite a lot famous but don’t worry it still has room for more. As the demand for web designers is significantly increasing in India.

And, did you know?

In the year 2020, there were around 537 million active websites and only 23 million web developers in the world! Well, you can do the math yourself. This means that web designing is definitely one of the most in-demand business ideas in India with low investment.

By working on the layout and appearance of the website, you can keep the audience on the website and enhance the SEO of the company. As every business, either small or big, needs a website to promote their business. As nothing is better than promoting your business online. 

Most importantly, you do not need much of the capital to start this business, and is the best business out of all the business ideas in India. Why? 

That’s because to commence business you need, 

  • Knowledge of web designing
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Analytical skills
  • Technical skills
  • IT skills

If you have all of these, you can approach the local or small business then expand it further.

10. Regulation Maintenance Company

No doubt, the E-commerce business is boosting consistently. Especially, right now, because everyone is more dependent on E-commerce sites to maintain social distance.

Here, comes the role of the government. The government imposes some regulations on these websites, and obviously, you have to work within the regulation of the government. Not only these but the sites have to follow the norms and legal policies.

On the part of these E-commerce websites, it is tough to keep an eye on each regulation and compliance imposed by the government. And, it emerged the need of hiring someone who could do this for them.

Don’t worry, you do not need like a dozen people. A small group of say, 4-5 people, definitely with knowledge of company regulation would be great! It is one of the emerging future business ideas in India.

11. Lending company

Definitely, a company has access to many platforms from there they can take a loan. If I particularly talk about small and medium businesses and companies, options available to them are MSME loans, Mudra loans, etc. 

However, some businesses or companies are not in the positions to fulfill the requirements to get the loan, which includes individuals too. No wait, I’m asking you to lend your money to them. What I mean is that you can act as a mediator. 

In easy words, you have to contact investors. You can lend money to businesses, companies, and individuals in return for the interest rate. As a result, you can earn a commission for your service. 

And, if you are looking for the best startup ideas in India, then this one is definitely on the table.

12. Internet of Things Developer or Home consultant

Yes, India is transforming itself into a completely digital world. It is solely to remain in the competition just like other economies out there.

Moreover, India’s IoT investments are expected to reach $15 billion by this year (2021) from $5 billion in 2019.

You heard of Digital India, right? The main purpose of Digital India is not only to provide you all the government services digitally. But it also includes being digitally empowered.

Here, being inspired by all the efforts to be digitally independent, why not provide a digital home to the people out there. By providing the Internet of Things developer services. 

It is a trendy field and surely is going to be the ideal future business idea in India. You have the option to work as a developer and buyer’s family. Make the home of the family innovative and smart!

Respectively, you can advise the families regarding the several choices they have to make their home smart or you can install things in the house. It is the best option, as you do not have to make major investments, as the Internet of Things installation is cheap.

Initially, it would be better to target the metro cities in India. I think it would be one of the best startup ideas in India for such regions.

13. Biometric Sensing Device Manufacturing

The biometric sensor is a device that uses electric signals to read the fingerprints or eyes and other energy. The best example here is India’s Aadhaar project. It is the world’s most extensive biometric identification system. 

These are also installed in large companies, particularly for security and to keep the record of the employees. 

It is being needed by the Internet of Things as it ensures authentic access to the devices. So, if you are looking for future business ideas in India then, being biometric sensing device manufacturing is one of the best manufacturing business ideas in India.

You need to invest capital to develop a manufacturing site it includes buying machinery and of course, workers. Although, this is one of the ideal monopoly business ideas as the demand for biometric sensors is enhancing consistently. 

Above all, you will also get support from the Indian government to support the development of the Internet of Things sector.

14. Cyber Attack Prevention Company

Future business idea - Cyber Attack Prevention Company

With the growing demand of the internet, comes hackers!

One such attacker is DDOS where the site is being attacked by several hackers. With the increase in the speed of the internet, these attacks on websites are also increasing.

These hackers send traffic to the website and end up crashing the server of the website. A cyber attack prevention company is the ideal business idea out of many future business ideas in India. As the demand for security of the website will never end. 

No doubt, there are many companies there. But you still can hold a good position in the market, but you need, 

  • Space
  • Coding
  • Software

So, you have to do a medium investment. However, earnings are high, that’s for sure. Because the owner would pay any amount to save his website, that should be reasonable though.

But in return provide the true value! So, it is one of the most ideal high-margin businesses in India.

15. Website to App Conversion Company 

The demand to convert the website into an app is increasing. The reason behind this is excessive use of the internet and high bandwidths of the internet. It is not an easy task but neither it is impossible. 

You just need some knowledge of how to make apps, coding. Above all, now it is easier, as with the help of Appy Pie, the website to app converter, and more, you can do it easily. You have many programmers to whom you can approach. Therefore, I do not think you need any partner. Most importantly, you do not need much of the capital to start this business. And hence, it is one of the ideal high margin businesses in India.

16. Health Record Digitization and Sharing Company

Health Record Digitization and Sharing Company

It is easy to understand for everyone, as after changing the doctor, might be any reason because you might get a better doctor near you or anything. But hey, that comes with a problem which is you have to tell your complete medical history. That includes how the previous doctor treats you, the medications you have given. For this, you need to run here and there to get the medical file. 

That might make things tough to understand, which gives rise to the need for access to the medical record digitally by a few doctors, which means several doctors can access your medical record. Definitely, with your permission. 

Therefore, the registered doctors can access your file and also can see who accessed the file last time. So the hassle to get the file is over. Simply use technology and record everything.

However, it required a handsome amount of capital investment as blockchain is quite a new technology and the medical files are quite enormous. Hey! Don’t forget the profit you are getting in return. And, if you were looking for the best startup ideas in India, then you must have found the right one now, right?

17. Online Conversion Specialist

Did you know?

As per a survey conducted, almost half of the small businesses involved in the survey admit that they are under severe pressure of digitization.

Similarly, like a web designing business, for this business, all you need is knowledge of computers and knowledge of how to write and generate pages that will convert traffic into sales.

Hey! Do not associate it with web designing, as its sole purpose is to bring small businesses online and convert the traffic into sales. Being an online conversion specialist you have to bring small businesses online, as it is the need of the time. Further, convert all the online traffic into and earn a profit.

For this, you should be an expert in digital marketing. But, if you are an expert, then this definitely is one of the ideal upcoming business ideas in India.

18. “IT as a service” Company

Did you know?

In the contemporary economy, India is the largest exporter of IT services in the world.

IT services are in demand! Why not make use of this demand and start one of the best future business ideas in India? You have to provide information and technology services to businesses.

As an IT services company, you have to provide space for servers and hardware to the other companies for outsourcing.

Why this future business idea is gaining popularity?

Well, the basic reason behind this is that these businesses get high-level services from IT professionals who will manage and handle the hardware and equipment. Surely, for this, you need to obtain the license and permits.

The best part is that, to commence this business, you just need to be an expert or hire someone, then get some, 

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Pieces of technology

Then, get your first client to outsource. Simply expand your business as you get more clients. No need for too much money as the pieces of equipment is cheap. Thus, it is one of the best low-cost business ideas with high profit.

19. Blockchain Tracked Bank Ledger for E-Commerce Transaction

Blockchain is becoming a major part of the market due to security reasons and would expect to increase more and more by the passing years. Even the government is providing support to such types of technologies to grow and develop. 

Above all, the Internet of Things allows businesses to earn more money. As it is something whose demand is going to increase more. Here, the role of blockchain tracking bank ledger is to keep the record of payments, like where it is coming from, is it secure or not. Not only this, but it also makes acceptance of money faster, but it would also be very helpful for the E-commerce business.

Additionally, it makes payment and verification easy, which enhances trustworthiness, and would eventually solve the “cash on delivery” problem. That resulting in easing the large cash flow problem.

20. Skyscraper Greenhouses

As the total population of India is 1,394,938,788 as of Monday, August 9, 2021. This results in making the land resources scarce as people are using land to live. As a result, people would not able to get fresh vegetables and fruits cost-effectively and sustainably.

Here is a solution, you can use the building to produce vegetables and fruits by building a vertical greenhouse at multiple levels like a skyscraper. These multiple levels include distinct fruits and vegetables. 

Also, vertical farming allows us to produce crops with 70% to 95% less water than what is required for normal cultivation.

You have to invest more money but it would be useful as it eradicates the transportation cost and does not need much space, unlike traditional farming. To help yourself out, you can also use technology to monitor the humidity, temperature, irrigation, etc to grow plants.

It is the perfect business idea for the future.

21. Ayurvedic Product Manufacturing Company

In India, the use of ayurvedic products is being used and are in the highest demand. The Ayurveda market in India is expected to reach a value of INR 710.87 billion by 2024. The major reason behind this is that these are free from side effects. That also includes foreign market and it is also being expected that it will increase more. 

The use of ayurvedic products is not limited to the skin. But it also has other benefits too, like healthcare and other personal care. And this market going to expand its role by a CAGR of 14% from 2019 to 2024.

Ready to start one of the ideal manufacturing business ideas in India?

Further, to commence the business:

  • You need a place, it could be rented or owned
  • After choosing, obtain manufacturing license and GST number
  • Next, get the product approval
  • As you all the licenses and permits, start manufacturing, it could be ayurvedic, Sidha, Unani
  • Finally, sell products

22. Dog Breeding – One of the Trending Future Business Ideas

dog breeding

Yes! People do mate varied dogs to produce particular characters and qualities as the characteristics of the progeny are determined by natural selection. In contrast, dog breeding is the mating of two dogs by artificial selection, which is the owner’s wish.

As people are just crazy for the dogs and especially, demand a particular breed, this gives rise to dog breeding. Trust me, people are earning in crores simply by choosing which dog to breed.

Definitely, not anyone can become a dog breeder, as for this you should know about canine genetics, health and will to breed the dog, as breeding and characteristics of the progeny depend on the science of the genes.

Additionally, for dog breeding, you need to obtain a license from the local authority then, your age should be 18 years. Therefore, fulfill all the legal requirements.

And, this legit is one of the best upcoming business ideas in India.

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23. Idol Making

India is a religious country, we have many gods at home, people can not even find them in a temple together.

We are so, devoted to gods. Here, you can make use of this opportunity and start a business of idol making. Simply make idols of gods and people whom people admire.

You can take this model to the luxurious/premium idols, later on.

24. Tiles and Marble Selling Business

People are very choosy when it comes to buying tiles and marbles for their home and you know what, why this business is increasing?

The sole reason behind this is that people buy distinct tiles and marble for their kitchen, room, bathroom, and more, this would allow you to get profit.

It is one of the ideal future business ideas in India, as people are trying to make their homes more and more, beautiful. Before that, contact the tile and marble manufacturer, then get all the licenses and permits.

Further, you need to promote your business and get clients.

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25. Glass Decoration Cutting

As I said before, people want to make their home look elegant, by taking inspiration you can make tableware made of glass, glass toys, and so on. However, you have to invest money in this business but it is profitable.

This business model can prove to be a great start-up idea for artists who are interested in this art. These days people are making a huge amount of money as the appreciation for art and talent is improving day by day. People are ready to spend fortunes just to get something that’s unique!

You can also invest in the stone cutting or gem cutting business!

(Alternative) Stone Cutting Business

With the development, the competition between the varied countries is increasing in making big and large statues and building to prove their sovereignty. Not only the government, but individuals also compete to make their home more good-looking than of their friends, relatives, neighbors, etc.

This all results in cutting, dressing, etc of the stones, to form a perfect statue, floor, and more. You can make use of this opportunity and start your stone-cutting business.

(Alternative) Gem Cutting Business

Shaping the gem is important to make it beautiful and elegant, else it loses its beauty. To add, gems increase the beauty of the gold or silver chains and ornaments. You can get the license and start your gems cutting business. It might be costly but profit is also high.

26. Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Products

You have to go through a lot of paperwork and licensing to start this business, which too includes investment. First, you need experts to watch out that the medicines you are manufacturing are reliable or not.

As it is something which can put a life of a person in danger, it is a profitable industry but you should be responsible too. Medicine is in demand not only of the situation that we are facing but otherwise too.

If you find this to be one of the ideal upcoming business ideas in India, then here’s a special tip for you! 

You can start your business in special economic zones like the town of Baddi in Himachal Pradesh. The government provides several benefits to manufacturers who set up their industries in the SEZs. Also, you’ll get a huge tax exemption! 

27. Basket Making and Bag Making

As plastic bags are banned and people need a substitute, you can start manufacturing the baskets and bags. The best part is that you can contact local people who know how to make all of these to save money.

This way you are not only making a difference by producing sustainable products but by also employing the rural workforce. It would be great to employ rural women or underprivileged women at your unit. You’ll be fulfilling your social responsibility and create a change while earning profits! Sounds amazing, right?

Further, as you earn profit you can buy machines.

28. Broom Making

Yes! India is developing and came this far, but the broom is still used to clean the home. I guess this is never going to change. You can start a broom manufacturing company. If you do not have much of the capital, start your business with the help of local broom makers.

Again, this idea is great in terms of social responsibility and accountability. These days even customers realize the value of contributing to society, which is why they are ready to help with such business ideas, even if that means spending an extra penny.

29. PVC Shoes

Hey! People love shoes, they have shoes for every occasion. You can start manufacturing PVC shoes, trust me, it is a profitable business and is the best future business idea.

30. Manufacturing Essential Oils

Essential oils are perfect for stress relieving, reducing pain, repel insects, for good sleep, etc. By taking the hint, you can start manufacturing essential oils, as people are more into essential oil as these are natural and have a good impact on the skin.

31. Manufacturing Shampoo and Oil

Yes! Several companies manufacture oil and shampoo. But there is still space for the best product. You can start this business as there is undoubtedly a scope to earn a high profit because these are essential products for hair care.

Now, I know this is not a part of the monopoly business ideas, but, it still makes sense. As people are shifting from chemical-based products to natural products. And, this is where you can sweep right into the market by introducing the perfect product people are looking for!

32. Detergents and Washing Powder Making

Detergents and washing powders are needed though we shifted to washing machines we still need them to remove the debris from the clothes. You can buy machines and hire people to make these.

The best part is that you can make non-toxic detergents and washing powder. This way you can differentiate your products from the competitors’ and it might prove to be one of the best high margin businesses in India.

33. Banana or Potato Chips Manufacturing

Banana or Potato Chips Manufacturing

Chips are something that we can eat between meals, like snacks. Lays, Uncle Chips, etc there are many companies in the market. But it still has room for more!

However, you are selling a food product therefore you need to obtain the license. After that, buy all the machinery needed and start making chips.

34. Poha or Popcorn Making Unit

Similarly, chips, poha, or popcorn are also snacks that we eat during meals, even popcorn is the best partner when you watch movies. You can make poha or popcorn with the help of machines, then directly contact the retailers or wholesalers to sell these. Do not forget to obtain the license and permits required.

35. Manufacturing of Artificial Girts or Mirror

Mirrors or artificial gifts are important, first, start with artificial gifts, people need a gift for every occasion, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can start manufacturing gifts as this business has a high scope of earning profit.

Now mirror, people need a mirror in their home definitely to see how they are looking. Hence, you can start manufacturing artificial gifts or mirrors with some capital investment.

36. Public or Rural Transportation Services Business Idea

Roads are being developed to make traveling easy, above that, still, most of the population uses public transports to travel. Hence, you can start transportation services, get all the licenses, and permits. Hire some drivers and buy some buses.

37. Embroidery of Fabric

This business requires less investment and you can find embroidery workers easily at a low cost. But you need to invest in buying the fabric, thread, needles, and so on. That’s all you need, embroidery is really in demand, not only in India but outside too.

You can take your business to the international level by working great and earn high profits.

In my opinion, embroidery can earn you tremendous profits if you decide to export your products as the demand for Indian handloom is huge in foreign countries.

38. Spray Painting

Spray Painting

Spray painting is being used on every surface, it could be plastic, wood, canvas, ceramic, plaster, and more. You just need some imaginative and creative workers, further, you need spray colors. And you are ready to start your business.

39. Wind Energy Implements

You know, you can also use wind energy to create electricity just like solar energy. Tamil Nadu top the list of using wind energy to generate electricity.

Though it is costly, you can implement wind turbines in the areas where wind energy is present and where there is a shortage or has no electricity.

40. Screen Printing

Screen printing is gaining importance nowadays! As it not only make surfaces beautiful but is durable than digital prints too. You can start this business by investing in buying inks, machinery, and other equipment required. To add, you also need workers to control the machines.

41. Your Business Idea

I know every business starts with a cause or some pain point whether you or anyone has faced it. Similarly, you also thought of making something to help someone in any way possible. Like Ritesh Agarwal come up with OYO Rooms, Harsh Agarwal with ShoutMeLoud, Brian Acton, and Jan Koum founder of WhatsApp, and the list is endless.

Hence, if you could also come up with new ideas and check how can you make this world a better place from that idea.

I know this is not a business idea like the above we have discussed but I believe it is definitely worth mentioning here.

At last, you need capital, license, and expertise to start a business. I know most of the business is based on technology and innovation. But that’s because of the use of innovation and technology’s being increased rapidly. 

Statistically, in 2017, various subsectors of Information Technology contribute to 8% of overall GDP. However, this increases near 180 billion US Dollars in 2019 which shows a significant increase in revenue in the previous 10 years. 

Not only this, but even the government is also providing complete support to develop these sectors. You need some investment but it is worth it. 

But wait! This does not mean that you cannot start a business if you don’t have the access to such technology and resources.

Being an Indian, I can understand that there is a lack of capital with individual entrepreneurs. Most of us have to gather investors to finance our projects. But, what if one can not get the required funds?

Don’t worry! I still have 73 more solutions for you!

Below is a list of 73 business ideas with low investment and high profit in India for you to start! So, start scrolling.

73 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit in India!

Now it is time to check small profitable business ideas in India. To be noted, the qualification or license required could be different. And there are millions of other ideas also because business comes from a real problem, right? That only you can think of.

But here I did my best to figure out some of the business ideas which are good to start this year. It is time to live your dream.

Here, you would go through the best business to start with little money, do the research, and choose the best business to start.

1. Blogging

Blogging - Best Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit in India

So, let’s start with what’s, in my opinion, one of the best low-cost business ideas with high profit- Blogging!

I’m writing this blog post on 9to5job.in. Similarly, you have to decide on a niche and check how to start a blog/website. I have written that post just for beginners with a step-by-step guide.

Further, you can monetize your blog and earn money out of it. There are many ways to earn from a blog like affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, Media.net, sponsored posts, etc.

You can also do the paid marketing through Google Ads, or social media ads. That I usually do on my other blogs. Google Ads gives me a 60- 70% ROI on my other blogs. Which is really good, right? For me, it is the most profitable business in India with low investment.

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2. Affiliate marketing

Another gem out of the great business ideas in India with low investment- Affiliate Marketing!

It is the most demanding and trending business nowadays. Affiliate marketing is sharing the products of other websites on your platform like social media, website, etc. Once any user buys anything, you will get a 4-11% commission on that product.

It depends on the terms and conditions and the eligibility criteria of the company’s affiliate that you are joining.

In simple words, if you have a good engaging audience or followers on your website or social media, or YouTube then this is for you.

Start sharing the products through your affiliate links, once they buy, you will earn. I’m usually getting 70-90k per month from Amazon’s affiliate account by promoting their products on one of my websites.

3. SEO services

Did you know?

75% of searchers do not click past the first page of results! That’s how important SEO is for you! It’s not sufficient that you publish good quality content. Because no matter how amazing your content is, if it’s not search engine optimized, then it won’t rank on the first page. And that means three-fourth of the searchers will not even know that your content exists!

It is one of the best online business ideas without any investment in the early stage. You should know about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now the question is

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is the method of growing the traffic on your website organically on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

I learn SEO by doing the practicals, from YouTube and various bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Neil Patel, etc. I did not pay even a single penny in any of the SEO or Digital marketing course.

Learn SEO and work on some websites to grow the traffic. Keep it as the experience or in your portfolio. Show it to the new clients to acquire them. Later on, you can expand this business and convert it into a full-fledged SEO Agency.

4. Tuition center

If you want to open a tuition center, then you will require some investment like making a seating arrangement for the students, board, etc. You might also want to rent a place for your center. But still, the investment amount will not be too overboard. 

Moreover, I think if you get a good number of registrations, you could easily cover the investment cost in one or two months! So, isn’t it one of the ideal high-margin businesses in India? Furthermore, it is all a one-time investment!

You can start a tuition center of any skills like dancing, cooking, pottery making and more, with that it also includes teaching the students subjects like English, Maths, Science, etc. The decision is yours while being a teacher you require some of the skills, these are

  • Good communication skills
  • Patience, to explain one thing several times to clear the doubts of students
  • Creative approach to make study interesting
  • Confidence and enthusiasm
  • Should be dedicated to help
  • Should have organizational skills
  • Time management skills
  • Leadership quality to interact with the students and administration staff
  • Should use a respectful tone

To open a tuition center you do not need much space in starting, you can even start it at your home. Let’s see, how you can start a tuition center

  • Analyze and develop a plan
  • Choose the services that you are going to offer, like which subject or skill you will teach
  • Choose the name of your center
  • After advertising and promotion, you are ready to start your tuition center
  • To start tuition at small scale, you don’t need any license, so don’t worry
  • As your business grows, hire staff and increase the services you provide

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5. Fruit juice shop

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their health, going to the gym, following a proper diet, and so on. In between all of these, juices are an essential part to remain fit.

Why not be the one to keep everyone healthy?

Trust me! It is the perfect business idea with low investment and high profit in India, especially with the increase of fitness concerns. To start your fruit juice business, you don’t have to read books and go through websites. Here, are some of the easy steps that you have to follow,

  • A right location, it could be near gyms, fitness centers, yoga classes, etc
  • Choose which type of juice you have to make, multi varieties, protein shakes, etc
  • Choose how to sell the juice that is fresh or pre-packed
  • Make a plan, list all the things that you need to start a juice shop
  • Contact the fruits and vegetable seller to get the supply
  • If you do not have your place to start your shop, rent one
  • Register your business
  • Obtain a business license
  • Obtain the FSSAI license, as it is important for every food-related shop which depends on the size of the business

In addition to this, I would suggest you think about having a mobile/agonized fruit shop. Just like a food truck, you could have a juice truck! It could be one of the most amazing and monopoly business ideas in India!

6. Tailoring business

Tailoring is an activity of designing, repairing, and making clothes. If you are good at sewing, designing, and altering clothes you can start tailoring as a business. You might have to invest some money to start tailoring if you do not have a sewing machine.

Some of the skills you need as a tailor,

  • The right choice of thread and needle
  • Ability to take measurement
  • Should know how to stitch buttons
  • Knowledge of the fabric
  • Should know how to sew straight and zig-zag
  • Knowledge to use a sewing machine
  • Observational skills
  • Organizational skills

Now, what you have to do to be a tailor, to be a tailor you need a high school diploma or GED (if required). As you start earning good money, you can hire more people and start your business on a large scale.

After obtaining the certificate in tailoring you can start your business! Although, it is absolutely not mandatory! If you want, you can skip it altogether.

One way to take your tailoring business to another level would be by making self-designed original dresses! You could start as a tailor, and maybe in some time, become a designer! Great, right?

7. Bakery or pastry shop

Hey! Do you make cakes? Are you the one who is a cake maker during birthday parties, anniversaries, parties, and more?

If it is your passion, let’s start a bakery for you where you can contact several people not only near you but from whom who live away by opening an online bakery. Take orders and deliver!

So, here you can make use of the internet to contact more people. Consequently, you might need to hire a delivery boy/girl but it is all worthy and will be paid as it is the perfect small profitable business in India. The one reason why cakes are holding much importance is that we are more into the foreign culture.

Hold on, that does not mean that we are forgetting our own culture.

To start a bakery business,

  • Choose a location where people can contact you
  • If you do not have enough money, you can start your business from home
  • Select prices and there you go!
  • When online, you can create a website and give a proper description of the cakes with a price

If you do not know how to bake cake and pastries, you can simply go for the bakery course with the eligibility of class 12th. While its duration could be 1 year to 18 months.

8. YouTube channel

It is more like tuition but online, it is the best business idea without investment, yes! you do not require any investment to start your YouTube channel but you just want to create a YouTube account.

Next, what you have to do is to showcase your talent and skills which will give you likes, subscriptions, shares, and more. It is effortless, just start it. Whatever your talent is, it could be teaching school or college subjects, dance, makeup tutorials, fitness classes, etc.

For all this, you need some skills and these are,

  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of things whatever you are doing
  • Basic video editing skills
  • You may require knowledge of computer, laptop, or mobile
  • Good content developing skills
  • Should be consistent
  • Keep it real

If you don’t have any idea about what content you can share on YouTube, then you must check out the best ideas for your YouTube channel.

9. Event management business

Hey! Do not worry I’m not asking you to contact some agencies and companies but I’m simply giving you an idea to open an event management business.

Being an event manager, you need to find and book venues according to the preference of the client. Besides, you also have to handle logistics, manage budget and invoices, have to present post-event reports, etc.

Ready to know how you can start an event management business with no money?

Yes! you heard me right, it is free of cost! Let’s see what you have to do,

  • Analyze which type of event management business you have to start, it could be a family event, corporate event, entertainment events, sports event, and more
  • Understand your strength and capabilities
  • As here, I’m referring to event management business without investment, therefore commence your business by providing services to the big event companies so that you get money to arrange things
  • You can provide services like meeting and assisting guest at the airport, railway station, etc
  • Should have the availability of enough staff
  • Make sure to make event attractive and elegant
  • Keep yourself updated about new ideas of decoration
  • The help desk is a way to provide good customer services and also to get feedback
  • Organizational skills
  • Do not forget to take feedback of the customer, this will help you to improve

To add, you might require some investment to hire the people to assist you while doing all the work.

10. Wedding consultant

Being a wedding consultant you need to design, plan, and manage the wedding.

Why you should be a wedding planner?

One of the major reason to be a wedding consultant is that is the ideal low-cost business idea with high profit as wedding are never off the table.

Weddings are something that will always be in demand, so is your business.

Some of the skills that you should have to be a wedding consultant,

  • Observational skills
  • Teamwork
  • Customer service skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to take rejection and criticism
  • Organizational skills

Now, comes how you can become a wedding planner:

  • Enroll for the certificate program
  • You can also get some experience while pursuing a diploma
  • Choose which type of wedding consultant you want to be, destination wedding, day of weeding and more
  • And you are ready to start your own business

You can take your business to new heights by creating a website, this will help your clients to contact you easily. Later, you need money to hire people to assist you and help you out to manage a wedding.

11. Photography

Photography - Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit in India

Are you passionate about photography? Do you love to capture moments, if yes then this is the best career for you? That too is the best business with low money as you need to buy a high-quality camera and light equipment if you do not have one.

Time to make a career in what you love!

The best part is, with the increasing demand to preserve all the moment either you are sad or happy we want to capture it, that’s memory after all. You can be a photographer at a funeral, wedding, birth ceremony, and more.

Some steps to start your career,

  • You can either enroll for a photography course or not
  • Make a portfolio to show other your photography skills
  • Choose your niche, what do you want to capture like wedding, landscape, etc
  • Accept all the new opportunities in order to give your career a start
  • You can also get into a contract
  • If you have decided to work for a particular niche, you can contact event managers, wedding planner, etc

Now comes the skills,

  • Software editing skills
  • Knowledge of how to use a camera
  • Should know the tips and tricks to click good pictures
  • Creative imagination
  • Team working skills
  • Listening skills to understand what exactly customer wants

You can give start to your career individually, as time passes and your business grows, hire more people to diversify your business.

12. Social media strategist

Let’s start with, what does it mean, it means to boost the online presence and complete the digital marketing efforts of a company, you have to plan, develop, and implement the social media strategy of the company.

With that, you have some responsibility and duties,

  • Designing social media strategies to accomplish marketing targets
  • Creating and publishing high quality of content for social sites
  • Understand the need of the clients
  • Use creativity to make content influential
  • Responsible to develop profitable marketing strategies

13. Fashion designing

Yes! you can give your career a good start by starting a fashion designing business, I must say it is the ideal small profitable business in India which you can start.

Only thinking of a wild idea is not that great, if you are passionate about clothes, then it is time to live your dream. Trust me, you can go through this just with your imagination and creativity, that’s all you need,

  • Look over your niche, who will be your target audience? What would be the name of your brand?
  • Understand your market, understand where your business stands in front of your competitors
  • You need to obtain a diploma in fashion designing
  • Try to understand what your customers demand
  • Contact people who can display your designed dress
  • Choose the right location to start your business
  • Make an online website of your business

You might need money if you are thinking of going for a sales forecast. Here if you have a creative imagination, good fashion sense, observational skills, and more you are all set to be a fashion designer.

People are even doing the beard competition, you can even organize such competition. Be creative and expand your mindset.

14. Dance and music school

Hey! Are you a certified dancer or musician? Are you passionate about your skills? Want to make a career in this?

Hell, you can do this! I’m all in my sense and I can bet, it is the best business to start with little money, to give it a start you can start giving classes at your home or place that is unused. Later, as you earn a profit you can buy a spacious place.

Why it is so profitable? Everyone wants their kids to be the best in everything not only studying. Hence, you have a high possibility to earn money as your business grows.

You not only need a plan and financial resources to buy instruments, if you are opening a music school then you need to find an ideal location, name of your school, and decide which type of dance or music you are going to teach. But you have to decide these things too-

  • Buy or rent a place, if you do not have a space in your home
  • Register your business and fulfill all the required paperwork, it could be varied from state to state
  • Design a logo
  • To inform people about your business, develop a website
  • If you can hire other people to teach the student otherwise do this when your business earn a reasonable profit

Before starting school you should have these skills,

  • Knowledge of music or dance
  • Managerial skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Knowledge of what resources you need
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to stay calm, especially when you have taught one thing several times

15. Graphic designing business

If you are into technology and computer with creativity and imagination, you can start your own graphic design business within few steps but before that, I would like to introduce what graphic design is?

It is simply a way to use typography, photography, iconography, and illustration for visual communication and problem-solving. To deliver a message and to form visual communication, you have to combine images, symbols, and texts.

With the increase and improvement of digital marketing, graphic designing effectively conveys the message.

Wondering, how you can start a graphic designing business?

To become a graphic designer, you can pursue these courses after 12th class,

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Diploma in Graphic
  • Certificate in 3D elimination
  • BSc Multimedia

Further, you can go for a Masters in Fine Arts and a PG Diploma in Graphic Animation. After completion of these courses, you can start your career as a graphic designer.

If you are wondering what skills you need to be a good graphic designer, here are

  • Basic Coding
  • Communication skills
  • Typography
  • Presentation delivery
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Knowledge about graphic designing software like Adobe

16. Tiffin service

As many people are living in PGs and flats, some are students, and some works, why ignore an opportunity to deliver homemade food to all of those people who are not with their families right now?

It is a never-ending business idea with low investment and high profit in India, as everyone wants to be healthy and fit. For this, they need healthy homemade food, not fast food or restaurant food. You can start a tiffin service and earn high profits.

You just need to cook good food and set ideal prices which people can afford easily, I’m simply saying, set the price based on the ingredients you use. Well, to start a tiffin service you need to register yourself and have to obtain a catering license from the health department.

Consequently, you have to hire people to deliver food to the offices, PGs, and more. Also, you need to buy tiffins and other utensils that you need to make food. To add, you can start tiffin service right from your home too, if you do not have another place to cook.

17. Pet day care

Do you love pets? But can not afford to buy one? No problem, as now you can play and take care of other’s pets just like yours. As people have to go out, it might be office and vacations, in return they want someone to take care of their pet, if you are ready to earn money then do some promotion and advertising of your business through social media, creating websites, newspapers and more.

And I’m sure a lot of people are ready to give you their pets to take care of.

Here, what you have to do:

  • Find a suitable location
  • You need space to let pets play and move freely, therefore, either rent or buy a place
  • Taking care of pets does not mean that you just have kept the pet with you but it means providing them the superior quality of food, toys, grooming products, etc
  • Complete all the paperwork require according to the requirement
  • To add, you want to take care of the number of animals at a time, you can hire more people if you have money
  • Advertise your business to local pet owners and create websites

18. Market research business

If you lack resources and want to start something from home, you can start a market research business. It is very easy, you just have to determine the feasibility of the service or product with the help of direct research.

Why it is important? It is essential as it allows a company to understand, who its target market is? Above all, you will get the feedback and knowledge of the interest and choice of the consumer for whatever product or service is being introduced.

Skills required to be market research business,

  • Marketing Knowledge
  • Ability to report
  • Skills to research
  • Should be organized and systematic

If you have the experience, great! If you do not have any, before starting a business you can gain some. Here, I will discuss what you have to do to commence your business,

  • Find an industry to start your business like gadget and mobile industry, organic product industry, etc
  • Make a plan of strategies, goals, objectives and more of your business
  • Promote your business to attract the clients and then complete the research on time, for this you can create a website or hire someone to do to so
  • You can also use the traditional method to advertise your business

19. Food Truck

Food truck - Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit in India

A food truck business is an ideal small profitable business in India as you can either sell fresh food or pre-packed food, not stale food. It is the best as now your food service is not limited to some offices, colleges, and PGs but provides healthy food anytime and anywhere.

Additionally, you can make food as per customers’ requirements, if he wants tortillas or parathas or rice, you have everything to serve.

You need to follow,

  • First, you need is a food truck, if not new, old but in good quality would work too
  • Buy all the important kitchen instruments you want from grill, freeze, burner, exhauster and more according to which type of food you are serving
  • Obtain all the license and permits, some of them are Fire Safety Certificate, Shop and establishment license, FSSAI license, NOC from RTO and more
  • Choose a place, it could be near colleges, offices, etc
  • Hire chefs to make food
  • Point of Sale software to keep you informed about sales and inventories

20. Translation service

With the increase in globalization, the need for translators is also increasing. Therefore, let’s go where the world is going, to be a translator you should know a foreign language to talk to people, to help the company to get clients.

To be a translator, you need a diploma or bachelor’s in language and you are all set to be a translator. The cherry on the cake would be if you have some experience and computer skills.

Trust me, this is the best low-cost business with high profit as the role of Multinational Companies is increasing as well as of trading. So, you technically, have to invest in buying or renting a place, furniture, printing machine, etc. Later, you can also hire more staff to assist you as your business grows.

21. Consultancy service

As the name suggests, you have to provide professional expert advice on distinct areas like finance, accounting, management, and so on. Before starting your consultancy business, you should analyze, what you are good at?

After that, obtain the license and certificate based on your profession, for instance, if you are a fundraising consultant, you do not need any special certificate.

Generally, if you want a certificate then, you can be certified either by the National Society of Fund Raising Executives or a Professional fundraising consultant depending on the state.

The next, step is to find the type of consultant you want to become, it could be a business consultant, tax consultant, career counseling, etc.

Find the target market and location and it is time to start your business.

Of course, no one is going to hire you unless you give them a reason. Here are the skills that you should possess-

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Ability to plan strategies
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility

Reference: Vyapar

22. Tour guide

If you do not know then, I would like to inform you that, India is the second populous country, to visit several places, people want tour guide and I bet it is the business with low investment and high profit in India.

Now, to be a tour guide in India, simply obtain the diploma in tourism and complete all the paperwork that needs to be filled based on state and you are ready. You can open a website to get bookings from the clients.

The only certificate does not make you a successful tour guide, you need some of these skills,

  • Good communication skills
  • Good memory
  • Ability to tell the story
  • Punctuality
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of the foreign language

Later, you can open an agency and expand your business.

23. Website development

Website development is simply developing a website with the help of the internet. It includes simple plain websites to complex websites. It is the ideal and probably the easiest business you can start, you just need a diploma in web development.

After that, you need access to the internet.

Yes, you can start this business without physical space, but later you can hire more people and start an agency. You have complete freedom to work part-time, full time, and freelance, it is up to you.

Develop an attractive website with easy-to-navigate instructions. With that, you can also update trendy things like HTML, jQuery, etc. Start promoting your business to get clients and set prices, you are done!

Skills of the web developer,

  • Knowledge of coding
  • Analytical skills
  • Knowledge of JavaScript
  • Debugging software

24. Cleaning services

You can start residential or non-residential cleaning services. Why this business is profitable? It is profitable as cleaning is something that we need always, right?

Can you live or work in a dirty environment?

Absolutely, not.

Let’s start something whose demand is never going to reduce. To start a cleaning service business,

  • Which type of cleaning service do you want to provide? It could be toilet cleaning, carpet cleaning, pool cleaning, car cleaning, and so on
  • Where you want to offer your services, hospital, industries, companies, houses, etc
  • Hire workers and decide what charges you are going to charge
  • Fulfill all the documents like obtaining tax number, bonds, etc
  • Obtain Service Contractor License accordingly
  • Obtain insurance license for the safety of the employees as you have to use while cleaning the commercial sector with the help of harnesses
  • Buy all the essential types of equipment that you need to start this business
  • Do not forget to promote your business

25. Logo design

Being a logo designer, you basically have to deliver the ideas from simple to complex manner that too with a non-verbal method. As a logo designer, you should know about graphic design and software to make graphics.

In short, you should know about Abode Illustrator, Jeta Logo Designer, Carol Draw, and more. Logos are something that represents the company and used for a long time, so the logo should be trendy, reflect the culture, and should be social.

Particularly, you need a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design to be a logo designer. There you go with your business, apart from this some of the additional skills that you need are,

  • Creative mindset
  • Color sense
  • Technological skills
  • Knowledge of typography
  • Analytics
  • Communication skills

26. Horticulture business

People love their gardens to be well maintained and having beautiful flowers, isn’t it? With that, not only the home but schools and offices have a garden too, that needs your attention too. If you are passionate about growing plants, why not give it a start as a business and earn out of it?

To start your gardening service business, here are the steps that you need to follow,

  • Buy all the equipment required for the blower, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, etc on the basis of service you are providing
  • Make portfolio to show your skills, you can make landscape, garden terraces and more
  • Make a website and upload everything on it
  • Obtain a license, if required any check with the licensing authority of the state

Generally, to start this business, you do not need a big office or place you can operate everything from your mobile or computer.

To add, to start the business, you often can use your home equipment.

Here are some skills that you need for this course,

  • Plant skills
  • Knowledge of soil
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills

27. Boutique or salon

Salon - Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit in India

Either boy or girl, we all want to look good, we all want flawless smooth skin, attractive hair and perfectly trimmed or manicured nails, nails not particularly for boys but yes! it is important for girls.

If you are passionate about making others beautiful or handsome, so that they can flaunt themselves and make you famous, you can start a salon or a boutique.

Definitely, it is the best business idea with low investment as this industry is never going down, can you think of a time when people do not want to look good? I can not, can you?

Never mind, to start a boutique or a salon you need a cosmetology certificate or license. Then, own or rent a place then make it good and elegant accordingly.

Let’s not forget the skills you need,

  • Creativity
  • Customer service skills
  • Good grooming habit
  • Listening skills
  • Adaptive

28. Computer training service

Everyone needs a computer, from a school-going kid to an office-going man. The computer is part of our day-to-day life, I personally believe that everyone should at least have basic computer skills.

Here, what you need to commence a computer training business,

  • Choose a location, it might be near a school, college and tuition
  • Further, you need room to set up everything
  • Purchase furniture and computers on the basis of availability of the finance
  • Register your computer training center
  • Choose a unique name, and ensure to get a trademark, so that no one can copy your institute’s name
  • Register your computer training center under Municipal Corporation or other concerned departments of a shop
  • If you have knowledge of the computer, great otherwise hire someone to teach

29. Cab services

You can start a cab service, you simply want a cab that has a registration certificate, insurance certificate, fitness certificate, and more. To add, obviously you need a license.

You are all ready to start your cab service, to get customers, you can start a website and give ads in the newspaper, in easy words market your service. As you earn a profit, you can start your own company and hire and buy more people and cabs.

30. Card maker

Yes, exchanging cards is an important part of business, if you want you can also design invitation cards. As invitation cards happen to be a professional and polite way to invite people to an occasion.

The little knowledge of computers, editing, adding, filters, etc, make you an ideal card maker. If you want you can also hire some experts who can assist you. Simply listen to the clients and start making cards, either business cards or other cards.

At an early stage of your business, you can rely on your sole manpower. The most important thing would be to provide better services than competitors at a cheaper price. That way you can easily penetrate the market.

31. Cooking classes

If you are a good cook, I mean I know everyone terms themselves as a master chef!

So, let others decide that like your family or friends who can give you good advice. After that, you have to buy all the equipment that you need to teach students. To be noted, buy equipment based on which type of food you are about to make or teach.

Buy grills, burner, microwave, etc but most importantly, do not buy things that you do not need. If you do not know, how to cook, then you can hire someone to teach or learn online then teach others practically.

Cooking classes are definitely in trend, but baking and chocolate-making classes are getting a lot of hype these days. If you can bake, then you must go for a baking class idea instead. 

32. Content Creation

Content creation is important, as this allows you to share useful information with others and attract the people or audience to go through your website. You just need good writing skills and the ability to explain things creatively. Then, simply start writing to your clients.

Make an official website of your company to get deals.

Further, you can be a full-fledged content writer as a freelancer or start your own company.

Content Writing is a great way to earn money. And, if you are a student then writing content for businesses that are in a relevant field of your own study can help you attain additional knowledge.

33. Business marketing

Business marketing is a way to enhance profit, even you can do this, it is a low-cost business idea with high profit. As it promotes your business, simply you have to sell the products or services to the other companies who will resell them further.

It is also termed industrial marketing or business-to-business marketing. To start your business, do market research, and find your target market. After identifying your Unique selling proportion, develop a brand, and promote your business at distinct platforms like social media, the website of the business, pamphlets, and more.

At last, you need a budget for activities like Web development and maintenance, designing of the brand, advertising, donations, sponsorship, and so on.

With that, your business is ready to start.

34. Game organizer

You know, how crazy kids are to play games, well you can also include the youngster in this list. A game store is really a good idea as a business, you just need to buy some amazing games and rent or own a place. I would advise you to choose a location, nearby college, schools, and coaching centers.

Games could be PC games, PS Games, Physical games, table pool, basketball, football, etc.

In my opinion, this could be one of the ideal monopoly business ideas. 

35. Gift shop/ Print cards, postcards, greeting cards and more

Giving gifts is like a tradition, we give gifts when we visit someone for the first time, on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, and more. Investing in the gift shop is one of the perfect business ideas with low investment and high profit in India. With that, you can open a showroom as you earn a profit.

36. DJ service

DJ service - Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit in India

Let’s make everyone move their legs and hands on the music you play.

DJ services are gaining importance as music is now the need for every party. Youngsters, elders, and even kids love to dance, at parties, weddings, ceremonies, etc.

By buying some of the music-playing gadgets and marketing you can easily start this business. However, you can contact wedding planners and event managers to get a deal. To add, you can also hire people to assist you and play music.

37. Doula Services

To start this service, you do not need to be a doula but you can hire some. Ensure that they should be trained and certified as it is related to a pregnant woman. Because the work of the doula is to provide emotional, physical, and educational support to a woman who is pregnant. You can understand, how important it is!

38. Yoga class

Did you know?

According to a report, interest in yoga grows by 73% every year!

As you know, people are so concerned about their health and yoga has a great history as it has emerged in India. Earlier, yoga was not used but now, it is the healthiest way to remain fit and healthy. You can be a yoga instructor by obtaining a certificate in yoga or you can hire someone to teach.

To start yoga class, you need a place that should be spacious, if you do not have your own space you can rent one. Simply promote your business and take it online, there you get your customers.

39. Hobby class

Nowadays, people are making time for their hobbies, to enhance their social circle, meet new people, improve their skills, and learn new hobbies. If you have a great hobby, you can make money out of it by owning or renting a place.

Advertise your business and get everything done! You can also hire experts if you want. Also, you need to buy equipment that you need to teach the students.

40. Accounting and book keeping

Accounting and bookkeeping are the need for all types of organizations, from small to large. Why? That is because it ascertains the profit earned during the year. So, investing in this business would be really profitable as it is something that organizations are going to need forever.

You can hire some staff or work for yourself if you know. Therefore, it is the best business to start with little money.

41. Photocopy shop

We all know the importance of photocopy, especially for students. Trust me it is a small profitable business in India. To open a photocopy shop, you need a proper location, it could be near colleges, schools, and coaching centers. For this you need a photocopy machine, you might also need a computer if you want to provide scanning services.

You can also set up your shop inside a college or school or university. You’ll have to get permission from the authorities for this. But, if you can get the permit, then this would definitely be one of the best high-margin businesses in India.

42. Print T-shirt

Schools, colleges, social workers and more, might need a printed t-shirt to wear on some occasions like sports day or while being a part of a team or doing social work. You can take orders by contacting these organizations and by promoting your business.

In addition, you also need a place where you print and design T-shirts.

43. Selling home made goods

You can be a little crafty and make homemade things like candles, painting pottery, make a painting, soft toys, making homemade cards and postcards, etc.

As homemade things are in demand and you can make most of these opportunities.

You know what?

You do not even have to rent or own a place for this but you can do it at your home. With that, you can also hire someone.

Make sure to get your business on social media as the reach is amazing online!

44. Stationary shop

It is the best business idea with low investment and high profit! Stationery items are something that everyone is going to need, forever. School-going kids and college students, even office-going people need stationery items. Then, buy a place near school, college, and coaching centers, and hey! you are earning money.

Again, if you can, try to set up your shop within the institute premises. This would ensure regular business in your shop!

45. Grocery store

Groceries are needed by everyone for like forever, from poor to rich people, everyone needs groceries daily. Why not help people buy all the things they need from a store nearby, that’s is, of course, your shop. You just have to find a place where people can reach easily and here you go with all the profit.

Hold on a second, with a grocery store, you can also provide home delivery of the groceries to attract customers, either you can charge for this or not, that depends on distance. To expand your business, you can also take online orders.

Try to make something unique.

46. Dietary Consultant

A dietary consultant is a person who leads to what to eat or whatnot. You basically have to develop an eating plan to improve immunity and promote healthy body weight. Only joining yoga classes or GYM is not enough but taking a good and healthy diet is also important.

To be a Dietary Consultant, you need to obtain a Nutritionist Certificate. After this, rent or buy a place in a correct location like near the gym, yoga centers, etc.

47. Ice cream parlor

This is the best small business with high profits in India, especially during summer. You need a well-furnished place with tables and chairs, that should be comfortable. Later, hire people to serve and take orders. Choose a place near school, college, office, hostels, and more.

48. Laundry service

Being busy people want someone to lessen their load, you can do this for them by starting a laundry service. You have to make a website and start this business by opening an office. Then take orders directly or online, you can also charge extra money for pick-up and drop-off clothes.

49. Freelancing

If you want to make use of skills you have like content writing, web designer, data entry, and more, find clients and start working. You have complete freedom to work and accept contracts. You do not need space to start this service but later you can open a company and provide many services by hiring several people.

50. Homemade sweet

People crave sweets, isn’t it? You can satisfy them by providing them homemade sweets which are not only tasty but fresh and healthy too. You do not require an abundance of space to start this but you can make a website and start taking orders.

Or, you can just create a social media account for your business!

51. Homemade spice powder

No one can take the place of homemade products, right? You can make spice powder at home by drying the ingredients like red chili, turmeric, and more. Later, you can make a powder of all these, obviously separately, and sell them as per order. 

You can create a website and social media page to promote your business online.

52. Hospital caregiver service

To provide this service, you need to hire a certified caregiver who can help patients in the hospital. To add, even you can enroll yourself for the certificate for the caregiver. 

Open an agency or website, contact hospitals, and boom, your business is ready to reach heights. 

53. Bus/Scooty/Cycle Tracking Service

People need security that’s one of the major reasons, why you should start this business. The best part is you do not need anyone if you know how to create a website. It is the ideal business idea with low investment and high profit as you do not need a location, staff, or might be a web developer. Pick your computer, develop a website, and get ready!

If needed, complete all the paperwork, get in contact with the bus service provider, and go.

54. Dry cleaning services

Dry cleaning

To start your dry cleaning services, obtain the dry cleaning license based on the state or area you live in. Then, promote your business and develop a website to contact people. Start your business, with that you need to buy the required equipment needed and should have the staff too.

55. Car washing service

It is easy to open a business, what you need is to know how to wash the car or hire a staff to do it for you. Also, you need types of equipment to wash the car like a water pipe, car wash brush, and so on. Next, open a shop at a place where you can find cars to wash or places where people can reach easily.

The last step is to promote your business and get customers. 

56. Copywriting

Copywriting does not actually mean you have to copy something, but it means that you have to write text to advertise or for publicity of goods or services. Specifically, you do not need any certificate to be a copywriter but a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, humanities, and more would be enough!

Your job is to simply create a catchy and attractive heading and slogans that persuade customers to click the buy button!

You can start is as a freelancer and later hire staff or start an agency.

You can start is as a freelancer and later hire staff or start an agency. Or you can work as a copywriter with some agency or individual.

57. Cafe

Cafes are the best places specifically for youngsters to hang out, meet friends, even for professional meetings, etc. It is like the best business to start with little money. Obtain licenses like FSSAI, Healthy, and trade license, eating House License, and more. 

Then, your next step is to choose the right place like near office, college and more. Promote your business, inform people about your specialty, and more. There you get all the customers. 

You have to invest money if you want to buy or rent a house, to buy tables and chairs, sofas, crockeries and more.

It’s not a coworking space, but a simple cafe at the initial level. Later you can expand it according to the affordability and requirements.

(Alternative) Restaurant

Opening a restaurant is a good idea, you can start by opening a restaurant in malls, near offices and colleges. Before that, get all the licenses or paperwork done, according to your state and you are all ready to start your business.

With that, you also have to invest in buying furniture, owning or renting a place, and certainly, you have to advertise your restaurant.

Choose which type of food you are going to provide. Accordingly hire cooks, waiters, and more. 

Bonus Tip: It would be great if the nearby place is some college or school and you open a restaurant or maggie point.

58. Playschool or day care center

A daycare center is basically a nursery school or a small kids institute that provides all the care to infants or toddlers during the daytime so that their parents can do or hold jobs.

To open a playschool or daycare center, you need an ideal location where parents can contact you easily. Further, you need to buy or rent a place, start with renting or buying a place where babies can play, read, and be taught easily.

Then, hire a teacher, teachers should be certified you also need some games to play. To add, a teacher with a certificate of Pre-school education would also work. Moreover, advertise your business and it is done.

This is definitely one of the best high-margin businesses in India, in my opinion.

Again, this is one of the ideal low-cost business ideas with high profit.

59. Pickle seller

If you are an amazing pickle maker or have a budget to hire pickle makers, you can start a business of pickle sellers. You can start a pickle business from home by simply advertising your business nearby you, using pamphlets, or other things. 

Again, this is one of the ideal low-cost business ideas with high profit.

60. Vacation rental business

People want a secure place to stay during vacation, right? If you have such a place why not make it a vacation rental place for the tourist, To add, it should be fully furnished and in better condition. 

Well, of course, customers do not get dreams that you have started this business you have to reach them, isn’t it? No worries, you can simply open a website and this is how people of any state and country can contact you.

As your business grows, you can upgrade your rental house to a resort. It is one of the best business ideas with low investment and high profit too if you have to make any changes in the furniture.

This business idea can work really well if you have vacant property lying around. That way you would not even have to make any investment! 

Well also, if you have such property in other regions like near a college or school or offices, then you can rent the property to paying guests!

61. Catering


Catering is simply a food service to parties, events, and more. You can be a caterer simply by hiring some amazing chefs, buying necessary cooking types of equipment, and more. With that, you should also have a place to store or run your business. Well, in starting you can start it from your home. 

To be noted, you should have a Food establishment License, alcohol license, and other licenses and permits that are required within your state. With all this, you can start your business. 

62. Home remodeling services

Home remodeling means simply improving the home, it is much like installing cabinets, farming rooms, replacement of plumbing fixtures, etc. To be a home remodeler, you need a certificate in home remodeling or certificate or other certification as per your area of remodeling like kitchen, bathroom, etc. 

While starting a business, you need a license, which is a home improvement license. You can also hire a certified home re-modeler. Then you are ready to start. 

63. Recondition electronic services

It simply means redecorating and renovating electronic items and reselling them to earn a profit. Not everyone can afford a new LED TV, Laptop, mobile and more.

What you can simply do is to buy them from their owner and if you have the technical knowledge, renovate them either hire someone. Later, sell it to someone and earn your profit.

To contact buyers and sellers you can open a website. 

64. Packers and movers

These are the companies or individuals who assist you while moving your house. You obviously have to register your business to gain the trust of the people, of course, they find it tough to trust if you are not registered.

You can simply start this business by creating a website and hiring some people to help people out in moving their houses. Later, you can open your agency. 

Additionally, you should be punctual, handle the goods of the client carefully, should have enough workforce, etc to provide quality of service. 

65. Fitness center or GYM

Being fit and healthy is like a craze, especially for youngsters, even one of my friends is so much into this, that he can not even miss GYM for a day and if he did, he acts crazy.

I guess it is the most profitable business you can do, but yes, it needs investment to buy all the types of equipment that people will need. 

Above all, you also have to hire trainers who will teach them how to exactly do the exercise. 

66. Tea stall

If you really lack financial resources, you can open a tea stall. Choose a place where you can find customers near colleges, industries, companies, etc. 

Also, make something unique in your tea. The taste, flavor, or anything. Similarly, choose a unique name. When I was in Kanpur, one tea shop name was Badnaam chai, it’s very famous in Kakadeo, Kanpur. You can also come up with something unique.

You must have also heard of the MBA Chaiwala who is a millionaire today!

Later you can expand that business.

67. Dairy services

Milk, curd, cheese, etc are an important part of our daily life. You can start your dairy services and earn high profits. You need an FSSAI license and other licenses to start this business, as the requirement could differ from state to state.

68. Legal service

If you have a degree in law or other certificates, obviously in law, you can provide legal services to your clients. Simply, get or rent a place near the court and make a website to contact clients or let them contact you.

Guide your customers on what step they should take in any kind of situation whether it is buying a new home or getting married, etc.

You can serve both individuals as well as businesses in fulfilling their legal requirements. I think you’ll agree that it is surely one of the ideal monopoly business ideas!

69. Vegetables and fruits shop

You can open a fruit and vegetable shop, for this arrange a place nearby where people can reach easily. To buy fruits and vegetables you can visit the main market for fruits and vegetables.

A fruit and vegetable shop would definitely grab more eyeballs, though. Moreover, you can cover more areas that way! Isn’t it one of the great upcoming business ideas in India?

70. Cyber cafe

Opening a cyber cafe is easy, you need to obtain a business license, tax issues, gaming license, and other permits. That’s it, buy some computers, WiFi, and other furniture. To add, you definitely need a place that could be near the office, college, and school.

You can also expand this business into a gaming shop.

71. Errand services

As old people are not in a position to do work or some people do not have time, therefore they need someone to work for them, these are shopping for groceries, walking a dog, etc. Your work is to help these people out in dealing with the daily chores.

Get the license based on your state requirement, then get all your things ready to help people. Then, to contact people you need a phone and a website. Now, you should decide what service you are offering, like dog-walking errand, bank, and errand, etc. Get insurance, and you are ready to go.

72. Cloth shop

There are many places where you can open a cloth shop, in the main cloth market, in a mall, and more. Find the right place and decide who will be your target, kids, men, and women.

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73. Wrapping Business

This is one of the most trending businesses with low investment.

Nowadays, we all have many electronic devices, we have bikes, cars, mobiles, laptops, etc. We usually keep these things for a longer time. Let’s say for a minimum of 2-3 years. I know there are exceptions.

But we get bored with the same design of a laptop, car, or bike. Then what exactly is a wrapping business?

In the wrapping business, they will wrap your bike or anything with vinyl wrapping and so. It gives the new design to that product or thing. Many people are seriously paying for just to change the looks of their stuff.

What do you think of this great business idea with low investment?

So, before starting these businesses, there are various things to consider:

9 Things to Consider Before Starting Business

  1. Do proper research of what you are going to do, to understand how you can dominate the market
  2. Analyze how much you can invest
  3. Analyze the risk of the business
  4. Take care of the legal aspects
  5. Location of the business
  6. Understand the market demand
  7. Which type of business it could be, manufacturing, service, or merchandising?
  8. Operative expenses
  9. Choose the ideal platform to market your business, etc

How to Advertise Low-Cost Business Ideas?

Well, just starting a business and not getting any customers does not work, right? Here, I’m mentioning, how you can promote your business, 

  • Develop a website
  • Social media
  • Advertising in newspaper
  • Through pamphlets
  • Letter drops
  • Talk to people directly

FAQs On Business Ideas

Which business is most profitable in India with low investment?

For me, Blogging and YouTube are the most profitable businesses in India with low investment. Remember that it depends on everyone’s knowledge. It could be different for everyone. If you have something unique in your mind. Go for it!

What type of shop is most profitable?

Restaurants, Fashion Designing, Game organizers, Jewelry shops are the most profitable shop. Again, it depends on scalability and business idea expansion.

Which industry will grow in 2022 in India?

Because of the pandemic COVID-19, I believe the online industry will grow faster. Especially, the blogging industry or influencers.

What is the best business for beginners?

Gaming shops, dog breeding, blogging are some of the businesses for beginners. You can start these or anyone whenever you want.


Therefore, you have several options to start with that if you don’t have skills or qualifications, you can even hire staff. As India is a labor-based country, that means we have an abundance of population, out of which some are employed others are not. 

My point is that opening a business would allow you to provide employment opportunities to people, as small enterprises have more labor than big enterprises, the reason could be less capital. But it is good as it helps in lessening the unemployment rate.

Before starting a business, research the market and check the financial and other resources you have, only then start a business.

So, which among these best business ideas with high profit and low investment in India are you going to do or at least going to try?

Let me know in the comments below.

All the best!

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