25 Best Professional Courses For Housewives!

25 Best Professional Courses for Housewives | Short-Term Courses for Housewives

“A woman is a housewife,” said Ramzan Kadyrov.

But I would like to rephrase it to, “Is a woman just a housewife?”

So far, you have been taking care of your family. I won’t call it a bad choice. You might have your own reasons and maybe it was your choice. As earlier, you have to choose between your career and house, and you made your decision. That’s alright because you still can make things right and live the life you always wanted to live.

But now the time is different that allows you to make a balance between your career and house. Let’s be a part of the change and make the best of the opportunity that you have.

You are termed as a homemaker, for a reason, you keep everyone in the family happy and satisfied. From cooking food to decorating houses, everything counts! Because it is you, who is responsible for this and it also reflects your skills too.

And that makes you independent in your own way!

However, in between all these, you lose your individuality and it definitely affects your sense of independence.

But it is never too late to start, let’s start right now. But to start your career all over again, you need support from your family. With that, the most important thing that you need is a willingness to do it.

Well, before pursuing any course, you get to sharpen your skills that too based on your qualification and interest. Before mentioning any of the courses that you can pursue, I would like to mention that you need to sharpen your skills before that.

After that, go for the professional courses for housewives that would definitely make your life better and allow you to live your future life.

Ok, I want you to take a cup of tea or coffee and read this article till the end. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump directly to the 25 short-term professional courses for housewives.

Important: So, I just want to make one thing very clear, that if you want to pursue courses after 12th for housewives just for learning purposes, then there are a lot of free resources available on the internet. You can learn from YouTube or Google, completely free of cost! Also, you can look for any free online courses with certificates in India for housewives.

But, if you are looking for professional certification, then I have also mentioned the online certification courses for housewives in India.

In this article, I have mentioned everything that you need to know about the best courses for married ladies. From skill development courses for housewives to diploma courses for housewives to computer courses for housewives – literally, everything is here.

25 Best Professional Courses for Housewives

1. Digital Marketing course

Digital marketing - professional course for housewives

It is the best course for the housewives, especially for beginners as it teaches about the number of channels like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Web Analytics, and more.

You will learn all about digital marketing. Later on, let’s say you master your skills in SEO then you can even start your own blog. Similarly, you can start other online work and make money out of it. And if you are woman, you can even try these 23 best jobs for women in India.

In short, it is all about the content.

Moreover, the duration of the course could be 3 months to 6 months. That is different based on which types of certificates you are getting, i.e., whether you are going for offline or online courses for housewives. 

If you are looking for online courses for housewives in digital marketing, then you can enroll in the Social Media Marketing Fundamentals course.

Digital marketing is one of the ideal short-term professional courses for housewives.

Then, why is it ideal for a housewife? The major reason behind this is that it allows you to work from home. Above all, it is in demand and gives all the freedom and flexibility to do your work. Then, it also provides you job opportunities in a number of companies like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and many other companies. 

Ready to work as a content strategist, virtual reality developer, email marketing specialist, and so on.

2. Graphic Designing

In simple words, graphic designing is the use of your creative mind to deliver the message. How do you have to do it? You have to use typography, color theory, page layout technique, photoshop, editorial, and print design.

All of these are made by keeping the display element into consideration. All this you will learn under this course. Most importantly, it is done to improve the optimization of users.

As the technology is being used in every field, hence it expanding the role of graphic designing too, especially to fascinate the consumers. You just have to use the software and other things that I have mentioned above and you end up producing the best production design for the companies, magazines, advertisements, posters, project presentations, reports, etc.

So, here are some of the benefits of being a graphic designer, these are, first to express your imagination, that too with the help of a computer. Second, you would learn social skills and freelancing. With that, you will get a chance to learn new things and more.

The best part of being a graphic designer is that it enables you to work from home too, this is how you can take care of the home and your professional life too.

If you are going for the diploma course then it would take 1 year to complete the course with that you also need to clear the 12th class. As the course completes, you would be able to work as a multimedia designer, logo designer, web designer, flash designer, and more.

You can even work as a freelancer and sell your graphic design service on freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

Pro Tip: Enroll today on the Logo Design Fundamentals course on Fiverr and earn a professional badge on your Fiverr profile. This way you can gather great attention on your freelancing profile even in the beginning!

3. Fashion Designing Course

Fashion Designing professional Course for housewives

Can you deny that you don’t love clothes, jewelry, shopping, bags, and more? Nah, you can not deny it. It is something that is in our blood. Let’s make it your profession, what do you say? With that, I’m sure you must know everything about the prevailing trend, we females love to look up to date rather than following the same old fashion. 

This is the perfect course for housewives out of all the professional courses for the housewives. Therefore, if you have a creative and crafty mind when it comes to clothes, you are perfect for this course as that’s all you need to be a fashion designer. 

Fashion design is the course that covers all the aspects, like fabric, color, style, pattern, and certainly the trend of the era. To add, it also includes things like garment constructions, sales and marketing, advertising, and more. This course also works on skills like sewing, drafting patterns, textile research, fashion styling, and more. 

Apart from the good fashion sense and knowledge of the current trend, you should also have good drawing, artistic mind, good observation skills, innovation skills, and so on. If you have all these, then it is time to be crafty. 

To be a fashion designer, the minimum qualification that you need is 12th passed which has a duration of 1 year.

Being a fashion designer you can work as the fashion coordinator, fashion consultant, and other profile. Hence, it is one of the best professional courses for housewives in India or in other places.

But, it is not necessary that you have to work somewhere as a designer. You can start your own business and launch your own fashion brand!

Don’t worry! I am not giving any hollow advice. Here’s a professional course for you to understand all the aspects that go into starting a brand- How To Create A Fashion Collection and Launch Your Own Brand. So, enroll as early as you can and get started! 

I am waiting for the big launch!🤩

4. Interior Designing course

If you are looking for interior designing courses for housewives, here you get everything.

Let’s start with what the interior designing course is?

It is simply the art and science of designing the interior of a home, building, and room. Being an interior designer, you have to manage, coordinate, research, and manage the interior.

The minimum qualification you require to obtain the certificate of the interior is 12th or equivalent level education from a certified board. But, you can enroll for an online course in interior designing without any minimum educational qualification requirements. The Styling and Staging Interior Spaces is a great course that you can start your professional career with. 

The application of the interior design is not limited to the house but also includes, tourism, TV industry, film industry, and more. 

Creativity, critical thinking, computer skills, communication skills to explain things to clients and more are enough to make you a good interior designer. You can find several interior design courses for housewives based on your qualification.

Most importantly, you can even open your online shop to offer an interior design consultant or some products.

Nice idea, right?

In my opinion, it is one of the best professional courses for housewives to start from home.

5. Diploma in Art and Craft

Do you love being crafty?

Do you love to paint?

If you want to go for vocational courses for housewives, then I must say this is the ideal course for you!

It allows you to express yourself through art and craft!

If you are not aware but the need for handmade products is increasing, especially under the National Handicrafts Development Programme which contains several schemes. Being a woman artist you can avail benefits from this scheme or you can also sell your handmade products on a number of sites such as Shopify, Handmade on Amazon, and more.

You can simply get a diploma in art and craft to get a better understanding and to enhance your knowledge. It is a 1 year or 2-year course depending on the institute with the minimum qualification of class 12th. Under this course, you are being taught theoretically and practically both. In addition, you learn about the easy things like moving pencils and complex tasks like foil painting and more.

You can also search online, the institute from where you can pursue this course.

Otherwise, I’ll suggest you go for the online Diploma in Fine Arts & Drawing Certification. It is a great course that offers you a diploma, plus you get to learn from the comfort of your home! In my opinion, it is definitely one of the best diploma courses for housewives.

6. Tally with GST

If you belong from a commerce background then I would suggest you to go for this, this is a famous and familiar course for you. You would learn about accounting, taxation, GST, auditing, and more under this course.

After that, you can work as an accountant, account assistant, tally operator and more.

The Tally Prime Erp + GST 2021: Certificate Course is one of the best skill development courses for housewife in India. You should go for it if you want to pursue a career in Tally accounting. Moreover, the course is updated with the latest GST laws.

7. Web Designing course

Web designing professional courses for housewives

As the name suggests, it is simply the designing of the website to improve the experience of the users. It is a year course with the minimum education is the 12th class.

Well, it is more than just designing a website, it also includes coding of the web pages, and making a website with technical and graphical skills. This course will teach you web animation, HTML and Javascript, photoshop, portfolio building, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and more.

After completion of the course, you can work as a graphic designer, digital imaging specialist, multimedia scriptwriter, interactive designer, content writer, web designing, etc. If you don’t want to work under anyone, you can create your own website or work as a freelancer.

Communication skills, basic skills of designing, passion for your work, and more, there you are ready to be a web designer.

It might be a good professional course for housewives but especially for those who want to be technical.

If you want to enroll in an online web designing course, then go for the Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4-Hours course. It is one of the best courses after 12th for housewife, especially if you are looking for a technical career.

8. Video Editing course

You must be aware that there are a number of videos getting viral, being liked, and shared. It is more like a part of our life now. You can pursue a video editing course in person or it is also available as a corresponding course for housewives.

Video editing is simply the manipulation of video shots. It is not tough as it was before because of the introduction of the software and innovation in the technologies. If you want to pursue this course you do not require any specific qualification, apart from this, what you need is knowledge of basic computers and programs.

Above all, interest in video editing is also important.

You can term it as one of the ideal skill development courses for housewives.

As a video editor, you have to edit the soundtrack, film, video, and visual media industry, to add it also includes media channels, large film studios, production houses, and more. 

Being a video editor you need to be observational, should know about computers, good communication skills, and so on.

You can learn all these skills with the Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Video Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro online course. You can work as a freelancer as well! I think this will be a great idea as you will have complete control over your routine.

9. Home science 

Here, home science is multiple disciplinary field of science and arts.

It is the best course for housewives as it is about managing the home and household activities. In addition, it also includes taking care of family, good life, and home. 

I know you are looking for something to make your future brighter, it also covers other fields like arts, science, humanities, resource management, and communication. It is more like a part of skill development courses for housewives.

Then, it teaches you about the broad perspectives of the areas such as,

  • Health care
  • Food and nutrition
  • Resource management
  • Communication skills
  • Child behavior
  • Textiles and home management
  • Rural development
  • Community living

For completing this course, you can apply, if you are 10th or 12th passed. 

As the course completes you are eligible to work in the production industry, teaching and research, healthcare industry, self-employment, textile and clothing, resource management, and more. So you have plenty of options.

Pro Tip: So, here’s an amazing business idea for you! Enroll in the Make Beautiful Artisan Soaps at Home course to learn the art of artisan soap making. Then create quite a few samples and post them on social media. And, start your very own online artisanal soap-making business from home!

10. Yoga instructor

Yoga Instructor Professional Course For Housewives

To be a yoga instructor you need to pursue a certificate for yoga education after the 10th which will be followed by the interview. Admission would be merit-based. This course will not only make you cognizant of the basic yoga practices and the benefits of yoga. It also teaches you about the effects of yoga on the overall personality and health.

This course will allow you to take admission to the schools, colleges, health centers, etc where you can work as a yoga instructor, health inspector, teacher, and so on.

Above all, it will keep you healthy too. 

To add, you can also apply for a government job. You can get jobs in government offices and in health centers too.

To be a good yoga teacher or instructor, you have to be good at it, for this perform yoga regularly.

In my opinion, it is the best course for housewives as it will also keep you fit.

Pro Tip:

Did you know?

You can have an Internationally Accredited Diploma in Yoga Training while sitting at home. Yes! You can. So, what are you waiting for. Enroll today!

11. Teaching course

Being a woman, teaching is always considered a perfect professional course for housewives because it allows you to take care of the home too. The minimum qualification to pursue the teaching course is class 12th. After that, you can go for junior basic training and can teach in elementary school, either in government or private school. 

You can pursue different teaching courses according to your qualification, like if you are a graduate you can pursue a teacher eligibility test, with that B.Ed, B.El.Ed, or D.El.Ed is also important as these are education or elementary degrees. 

Being a good teacher you should have good communication skills, time management skills, problem-solving, teamwork, etc. To enhance your skills as a teacher and earn a diploma online, you can enroll in the Online Teaching Diploma Course – Mastery in Online Teaching today!

Hence, if you think, you can teach the students, then this can be the best professional course for housewives.

12. Aviation hospitality and travel management course

It is the course for the 12th class or any equivalent exam from a recognized board with a minimum percentage of 60%. It is a one-year program that teaches you how to maintain and certifies the worthiness of the flight. This course basically focuses on the development of talented aviation by providing you training on skills like business management and technologies. You can take admission on merit-based and entrance-based both. 

You are also being taught about how to take care of the number of flying instruments after that you would be able to work as an executive assistant, chief technology officer, product manager, cabin crew, etc. 

But, this is not limited to flight management. There are many other services required in flight management. For instance, food and beverage menu management. For this, you can also enroll in the Hospitality Management. F&B Menu cost control and design course. This is definitely one of the best short term professional courses for housewives.

13. Child psychology and child care 

Child psychology focuses on the development of the child, it includes how the psychological process of the child is distinct from the grownups. It includes infancy, adulthood, aging. It is the 1-year course that requires qualification until the 12th class or other equivalent exams from the recognized boards. 

Or you can enroll in the Fully Accredited Professional Child Psychology Diploma. It is one of the best online course for housewives in my opinion.

With the help of this program, you would learn about the mind of the child, how it works, behaves, and reacts. Also, you would understand the psychological disorder of grown-ups and children. With that, you will also be able to learn the therapeutic technique. 

If you love children, then it is the perfect job for you!

You would be able to work in different positions to take care of the children. You can work as a school counselor, family therapist, social worker, and more. To be a child psychologist and child carer you should be a good listener because to understand the issues, you should have critical thinking, business management, and communication skills, you are all ready for this job!

It could be a good course, especially for mothers to start with. No doubt, it’s among the best short-term professional courses for housewives.

14. Cosmetology course

If you are interested in keeping yourself beautiful? If you love makeup and take care of hair, nails, and skin? Why don’t you pursue cosmetology?  

You can be a cosmetologist, by obtaining a cosmetology license. You don’t need any degree in cosmetology. And, as far as learning the skills is concerned, you can go for an online course. For instance, the Master Class in Beauty & General Cosmetology is one of the most interesting short term professional courses for housewives.

But you definitely need a high school diploma and GED that’s all most of the training programs need. 

Some of the skills you need, teamwork, friendly manner, communication skills, cleanliness, be ready to learn new things,, and more.

Look good and make others look gorgeous!

You can enroll for this course if you have cleared the 10th or 12th class. You would learn about the cutting of nails, hair care, beauty therapy, hair removal method, in short everything about nails, hair, and skin. 

If you have basic skills related to cosmetology and if you want others to look beautiful, this is one of the best vocational courses for housewives. You can open your own beauty parlor or work as a hair specialist, skincare specialist, makeup specialist, and more. 

15. Content Writing course

Content Writer Professional Courses For Housewives

This is one of the best professional courses for housewives to start their career as a writer by sitting at home or office. It is basically a course in which you are being taught about how to write compelling content that is going to display on the websites. Being a content writer you have to write content as the demand of the company, institute, and client with whom you are working.

It is nearly associated with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing that means while writing you have to focus on the most searched keywords or phrases. To be a content writer, you need to be good at researching, organizational skills, understanding of SEO is important, should be focused. 

If you’re good at these, you can be a good writer!

Well, the eligibility criteria for a content writer course is 12th class after that you can work as a copywriter, article writer, content writer, novelist, blogger, and so on. Consequently, you can also work with editors, freelancers, newspapers, software companies, websites, etc. 

Pro Tip: You can start your own blog too! If you don’t have any idea as to how you will do it, then do not worry! Just enroll in the Blog Post Writing: Create Engaging Blogs course. Moreover, with this course, you will earn a professional badge on Fiverr, where you can attract more clients.

16. Foreign language course 

Well, with globalization the demand for foreign languages is increasing to communicate. With that, if you know foreign languages like Chinese, Russian, French, etc, it opens a number of doors of opportunity, like working in multinational companies. 

You don’t have to face any eligibility criteria here, because you can learn it anytime. However, if you have been studying any language in your school you just need to brush that up and hey, you are ready to go!

You might face some issues if it’s your first time because it would be completely new for you. But you can get through this, right? To learn a foreign language, you can approach any institute whether it teaches you in person or a correspondence course, the choice is yours.

But, you can even go for an online course like the French for Beginners: Level 1. I personally consider it to be one of the most amazing online certification courses for housewives in India.

In addition, after the completion of the course, you can be a teacher, translator, interpreter, etc.

17. Computer course 

Computers are the need of this world because everything is digital now. The computer skills not only give you the key to enter into the Information and Technology industry but you would have several opportunities. You can open your own cyber cafe or work as a web developer, data security analytics, growth hacker, and more. 

To learn computers you don’t have to approach big and high priced institutions, you can learn anywhere but ensure to get the certificate. Learn basic skills like MS Office, any programming language, typing, etc.

This could be a difficult professional course for housewives but definitely a good start in this era.

But, the MS Office Course Bundle- Word, Powerpoint, Excel & Outlook is one of the most elaborate computer courses for housewives which will help you polish your skills from the basic level and then learn the advanced skills too.

18. Entrepreneur for housewives

If you want to start your own business, you can!

You can enroll in the The Complete Business Plan Course (Includes 50 Templates) which is a course that helps people to establish their own business by providing them with detailed ideas of the procedure. It covers communication skills, financial aspects of laws regarding entrepreneurship, and more.

You can approach Women Entrepreneurship under Startup India. It has collaborated with some selected organizations across India to give free-up space to women to start their business. To add, it starts in a flexible and collaborative environment plus with the mutual agreement of the entrepreneur and organization.

19. Jewellery designing course 

Women love their ornaments, don’t they? If you have good drawing or sketching skills, good imagination, knowledge of computer design, and observational skills you are perfect to take a step ahead to be a jewelry maker. You simply have to design jewelry based on your imagination and of course creativity.

Under this course, you will learn the basic concepts of making, shaping, and texture the jewelry. With that, you would also be taught about the number of faceted cabochon pearls and gemstones. Additionally, while pursuing this course, you are encouraged to make a portfolio to present it to your client later.

Or, you can enroll in the Learn How to Create And to Make Jewelry: The Basics In Design course to learn online. As the course completes, you can work as a jewelry designer, gemologist, jewelry manufacturer, and more. 

This can be one of the best short term professional courses for housewives. Why, because most of the women prefer this.

20. Event management for housewives

If you have this natural quality to keep things organized, are good observers, beautiful and decorative, I guess you are perfect to be an event manager. If you have studied till the 12th class you are eligible to enroll for the event management course. 

You can also study event management online. For instance, the Successful Events: Event Planning, Marketing & Management is one of the great online courses for housewives. Also, some colleges or universities offer event management as an add-on course. For instance, Panjab University offers Event Mangement as an add-on subject along with your graduation course.

As an event manager, you have to organize, manage, plan, conceptualize the event, it could be a rally, fashion show, award show, anything. Then, you need to be fluent in a language, it could be English or Hindi. 

Finally, you would be able to work as an event planner, event manager, stage decorator, wedding planner, and many other things.

21. Gardening course

You can also do a gardening course if you love plants. The gardening course is linked with the art of horticulture which teaches you how to grow plants that are important for good health and living. To pursue this course, you need to pass the 12th class. Then, generally, the duration of the course is 1 year but it could be varied if you are pursuing this course from distance learning.

To take admission, you have to take an entrance exam. As the course completes, you are ready to work as a field operator, geologist or petroleum geologist, and more. During this course, you are being taught about landscape management, plant science, plant disease, and more.

If you want to learn to grow vegetables at home, then you can enroll in the The Beginner’s Guide to Vegetable Gardening course. It is one of the most interesting courses after 12th for housewife.

Here are some skills that you need for this course:

  • Plant skills
  • Knowledge of soil
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills

22. Culinary art course

Culinary art professional Course for housewives

Basically, it teaches you how to cook and present food by making it attractive and efficient. It is the ideal course if you want to commence your career in kitchen management, food and beverage management, and hospitality.

The eligibility for this course is 12th class if you want to go for an Undergraduate course. However, you can also pursue a postgraduate course, depending on your qualification. Or, just enroll in the How to save time cooking online course without any minimum qualification requirements. It is one of the best professional courses for housewives, right?

Making and presenting food is not a joke, you really have to work on this. Let’s have a look at the skills that you need:

  • Observational Skills
  • Imagination
  • Hygiene
  • Knowledge of spices, and other ingredients
  • Cooking skills
  • Ability to work with other
  • Quality of being calm under pressure

23. Diploma in bakery and confectionary

If you are more of a baking person, hey! It is one of the best online courses for housewives. It includes everything about baking, heating, freezing, chilling, and more. Cakes are yummy! No one denies that and now it is an important part of our parties.

This course includes the above-mentioned things and includes selection, composition, reaction, and more of the ingredients.

Ready to make pastries and cakes at home?

Hold on, it’s not easy as it looks, you definitely need some skills for this course and these are:

  • Basic knowledge of making cakes
  • Should know how to keep the kitchen clean
  • Listening skills to understand what the client exactly want
  • Good communication skills to make your point
  • Should have the knowledge of ingredients to use

If you want to learn baking from a professional from the comfort of your home, enroll in the Learn Baking – Cake Cookies & Bread(Beginners) course. Youo will learn the basics of baking different kinds of cakes, bread and cookies. I’m drooling already!🤤

24. Amazon FBA Selling

Have you ever heard of Fulfillment By Amazon? 

Amazon FBA follows the dropshipping business model. Dropshipping business is basically a type of sales model where the sellers accept orders via social media or eCommerce websites. But these types of businesses do not carry any sort of inventory or ship products on their own.

In layman’s language, Dropshipping means setting up an online store, in this case, an amazon seller account, and selling a product that’s not in your possession. 

So, once you get an order from your customer through amazon then you place an order to the supplier who can be a manufacturer or a wholesaler or another retailer, who is basically the original supplier of the product. Under this arrangement, your supplier is going to deliver the product to your customer directly. 

So, you are basically acting as the middlemen as you are not buying the product physically, you don’t keep an inventory, you don’t have a warehouse where you store your products. 

If you want to learn more about the Amazon FBA program, then you must enroll yourself today with the Amazon FBA Course – How to Sell on Amazon MASTERY Course.

Once you learn the functioning of the FBA program and, all the requirements for FBA, you can start your own business from home! There are so many people who are currently operating as FBA sellers from their homes and making huge profits!

25. English Speaking Course for Housewives

If you are looking forward to starting any business from home or looking to work from home, then one skill that you must require is, communication! And, as English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, learning English should be a priority.

You can learn English from any local institutes near you. But, if you want to learn from your home, then you can enroll for the online English speaking course for housewives on Udemy- English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course.


Hopefully, you’ve got the course of your interest and the course, which includes at least some of the skills you have. 

Remember that, not all the courses required Class 12th, 10th, or graduation pass. These courses are just to learn new things and get a certificate. For any of the above courses, you can start at any time online also.

Let’s rewrite your story but this time, it should include everything that you want, which is a bright future. As I have already mentioned above, it is never too late to start, I mean if you want to achieve something, you should act on it right now instead of regretting your decision when you have no time in your hands. 

So let me know in the comments below, which among the 25 professional courses for housewives are you going to pursue?

Time to move ladies! 

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