11 Best Online Jobs for College Students with No Experience in India

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Can I Apply for Jobs During College/After 12th With No Experience?

Can I Apply for Jobs During College/After 12th With No Experience?

Can I get a job while still in college?

With no experience or a professional degree, am I eligible for any job?

Are you wondering the same?

Don’t worry! I got you covered here.

I’ll answer all your questions, but first of all, I want to appreciate you for even considering getting a job. Most of the young people out there do not think of working at least until after graduation, which is not a great mindset, in my opinion.

You must be in the age group of 18-22, right? You have so much energy and stamina in you right now. Also, you are packed with potential. So why are you wasting your time? 

And now the straight answer to your question; YES! You can apply for online jobs with no experience at home.

I am a college student myself. I work as a part-time blogger currently with experience in many other profiles as well.

You can do it too! 

Don’t have any leads? Got no idea what jobs you can apply for? 

Okay! Calm Down! And scroll down right now.

(And yes, do read the benefits of these jobs that I have enlisted below! This is from my personal experience. I won’t lie.)  

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11 Best Online Jobs for College Students To Earn Money – Free Online Jobs For Students

1. Paid to Click Sites 

The way these paid to click sites work is simple. An advertising company pays the hosting website to advertise their brand. You watch these brands’ ads via the hosting websites, and they pay you your share.

Yes, Just that! 

Click and earn money.

But, of course, you don’t get rich overnight. You cannot earn money by watching these ads all day long, even if you wanted to. There’s usually a limit on the number of ads you can watch in a day. 

Moreover, they do not pay off well. To be exact, they pay barely.

Average Earnings

You can earn as much as Rs.10,000 – Rs. 12,000 per month by clicking on ads. But this is very tough and rare. The actual average earnings are much less than this.

2. Paid Online Surveys 

Earn from online survey sites

Paid survey is another job that requires absolutely no experience or educational qualifications. All you have to do is fill out surveys posted by various companies. That’s it!

Although I would be frank, this job option does not offer any scope for you. Moreover, it is tough to make money on such sites. 

The more often you fill out surveys, the fewer surveys will be sent to you. Which means you cannot earn a lot of money even if you are willing to work for it.

You can apply for paid survey sites like OpinionWorld, etc.

Average Earnings

The average earnings from filling paid surveys are Rs. 50-500 per month.

3. Blogging

Blogging is yet another most commonly used activity by the students. You can earn money by blogging in your spare time.

Now you can start your blog or work as a blogger with other blogging sites. You can write on any topic ranging from your hobbies, personal adventures, technical topics, etc. 

The only requirement of becoming a blogger is to know your hobbies or content.

Shh.. See what we got for you!

You can apply for the job of blogger on our blog today!

Average Earnings

The average salary of a blogger is around Rs. 20,000 per month.

Source: https://in.indeed.com/career/blogger/salaries

Click here to learn how to start a blog.

4. Content Writing

Content writing is a great career option for students. Not only do you get the flexibility of time, but you can also choose the niche that you want to write in.

Also, this job offers a good variety. Content writing can be for blogs, website content, application content, company profile writing etc.

Average Earnings

The average salary of a beginner writer in India is around Rs. 10,000.

You can start you content writing career as an intern on Internshala, Fiverr, etc.

5. Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing involves selling products of a seller on his behalf. You get paid your share for the sales you made on their behalf.

Here is a quick step by step process.

This is a great job opportunity for college students as it does not require any kind of physical setup or investment.

Average Earnings

The average salary of an affiliate marketer in India is around Rs. 24,000.

You can join various affiliate marketing programs like Amazon affiliate, Grammarly, Job affiliates, etc.

6. Online Tuition

With the advancement in technology, online tutoring has become a great job profile for college students. Moreover, its scope has widened during the pandemic.

You can also work as a Subject Matter Expert with other organisations, if not starting your classes. 

All you need is a camera and sound quality internet connection.

Average Earnings

The average earning of an online tutor in India is around Rs. 58,000 per month.

Click here to learn how to start online tuition at home.

You can start online tuition at Byju’s, Chegg, etc.

7. YouTuber

Earn from YouTube & Earning

Okay, the first thing you need to keep in mind before deciding to take up YouTube as a part-time job is not easy. 

You do not get famous on the platform overnight. The key to success on YouTube is either patience and consistent hard work or unique content that the audience has never seen before.

But, if you have the talent and are determined, then you must go for it. Many famous YouTubers earn their living out of it. 

So if they can, you can too!

YouTube creator

Average Earnings

A YouTuber makes around $1 per 1,000-5000 views. It depends on various factors.

8. Website Testing

Many websites and app owners hire website testers to avoid discrepancies occurring to their visitors once their websites or apps are active. Thus, the job of a website tester is to test its usability. 

The great thing about this job is that you don’t need any particular setup or anything. You can work from your bed with just stable network connectivity. 

One added benefit of this job is that it will help you develop analytical and problem-solving skills. That’s great, isn’t it?

Average Earnings

The average earning of a website tester is Rs.1,000-3,000 per test.

Also check this article, where a Chegger earned Rs. 20K from Chegg platform.

9. Data Entry

Just like most jobs for students in India, Data entry jobs are also straightforward and convenient. You can do it from anywhere with just a handy keyboard skillset and the ability to work with deadlines. 

But, again, these data entry jobs might be easy to do at once. But as you move on and start earning money, you’ll find it hard to get work, just like in the case of Paid Surveys or Paid Click jobs.

Average Earnings

The average salary of a data entry operator is around Rs. 165 per hour.

You can search these jobs at PeoplePerHour, Upwork, etc.

10. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

If you are a digital artist, here is the perfect job option to align with your passion. You can work as a freelance graphic designer in companies, or with individuals etc.

Many designing businesses hire graphic designers on a part-time basis and pay pretty well. 

Graphic designing has a lot of future scopes as well. An experienced graphic designer can earn well. And, you can even start your own graphic designing business as a full-time job.

Average Earnings

The average salary of a junior graphic designer is around Rs. 20,000 per month.

11. Translation 

If you study multiple languages or are bilingual or multilingual, then translation is an easy and convenient job. There’s a lot of scope and demand for translators for translating papers, voice messages, documents, movie captions and much more.

You can apply here for the job of translator and know for yourself how convenient it is!

Average Earnings

The average salary of a translator in India is around Rs. 19,000 per month.

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Can I Work As a Freelancer During College With No Experience?

Yes! You can work as a freelancer during college with no experience. You can take up any of the above-listed jobs as a freelancer. 

You’ll get flexibility in your schedule and get to determine how much work you can do in a particular amount of time.  

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Benefits of Online Jobs for College Students with No Experience at Home

Are you thinking of doing an online job?

Confused if it is even worth it or not?

Well, then read this carefully! 

There are several benefits of doing online jobs as a college student. 

1. Source of Income

Working online does not mean that you will not be paid or paid insufficiently. Your earning will depend on the quality and quantity of work that you can do.

As a college student, you get a lot of time that you can devote to doing online jobs. Or even play video games and chat with friends all day. But I think it is great to have a source of income rather than just sitting and playing games all day.

2. Certificates & Letters of Recommendation

Online jobs not only offer you income, but they also provide you with authenticated certificates and letters of recommendations.

These can be extremely helpful for you while applying for a full-time job after completing college. You can add these to your resume and improve your job profile.

These certificates represent your abilities and provide you with an edge over the competition.

3. Experience

Of course, online jobs/part-time jobs provide you with a lot of experience. 

When your potential future employer gets to know that you have prior experience working, it automatically gets you ahead of your competition.

This experience can also help you in starting your business instead of doing a job after college. In some jobs, you get to know the internal working of an organisation which can be extremely helpful in future.

These are just some of the benefits of online jobs that I can enlist from my personal experience. I am sure that you will find yourself in an even more beneficial situation once you start working. 

If you are interested in starting your own business, click here to know some future business ideas.

That’s all about our blog today! If you have any suggestion or want to add to our content, feel free to ping us in the comment section below.


  1. How can I get a job online with no experience?

    You can apply for online jobs on various websites either directly through the hiring-company websites or via job opening portals like Internshala and LinkedIn. You just need to search for your relevant job profile and start applying for jobs.

  2. What are the easiest jobs to get with no experience?

    There are many jobs that you can get with zero experience. Some of the easiest online jobs include translation, transcription etc. At the same time, the easiest offline jobs include customer service representative, real estate agent, sales account representative, medical assistant, administrative assistant, etc.

  3. What are some online jobs for college students?

    College students can apply for various jobs relevant to their interest or skills like graphic designing, content writing, blogging, tutoring, etc.

  4. How can college students make money online?

    College students can make money by applying for part-time jobs, internships or by working as freelancers. You can apply for jobs like affiliate marketing, content writing, web designing etc. 

  5. How can I make $20 an hour online?

    Jobs like blogging, proofreading, tutoring, etc., can offer as much as $20 an hour working online.

  6. How can I make $1000 fast?

    You can make $1000 fast by participating in market research, doing freelancing jobs, or starting a blog. There are many other job options by which you can make $1000 fast.

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