How To Earn Money During/After Lockdown in India?

How To Earn Money During/After Lockdown in India?

So far with the increase in the lockdown, it is being estimated that GDP will contract by 2% which was 0.70 ampler than the earlier estimate.

I am sure like all of us, this lockdown is affecting you too, not only mentally but financially too, agree?

People are losing jobs, the economy’s GDP is reducing day by day, what could be worse than this?

If you don’t lose your job so far, congratulations!

You actually are lucky or have done uprightness for sure!

Well, enough about the economy and people, I’m here to provide you with financial assistance. No, No, I’m not going to give you money or lend you money but I’m going to discuss how you can make money. Of course, these all are decent ways plus perfect ways to earn a handsome amount of money during this lockdown.

I guess these are the best ways to earn money if you lose your job or not getting a salary of the month. Some of these ways are really entertaining like earn money from mobile without investment and others would really allow you to live your passion or hobby all over again.

Let’s start with how to earn money during the lockdown in India, enough with enjoying on your savings or borrowed money but now is the time to get up from the bed on which you are sleeping, eating, ahh almost doing everything since the lockdown.

Come on, your bed needs a break! Here are 22 ways to earn money during lockdown or until the COVID-19 exists.

How To Earn Money During Lockdown in India?

Let’s explore what are the ways of earning money during/after lockdown for you!

1. Blogging and YouTube

For me, this is the best platform to start earning online. Show your talent to people and boom!

If you think you can write better and show it to the world. Just like I have written this post. Then blogging is for you. If you think you can make better content on videos then YouTube is for you.

You can start any topic of your interest in either of these platforms. Here is a small motivation for you. My YouTube channel earning that I created recently.

Earn from YouTube & Earning

Moreover, if you are thinking to start a blog or you think you can write better, then we have a full step by step guide to starting a blog.

2. Government Schemes

As we all are going through a pandemic and definitely the government is helping us out to deal with the things. What you have to do is to be aware of all the financial aid or other help that the government is providing you. As the finance minister said that finance aids will be provided to the people who are being suffered by the COVID-19 through Direct Benefit Transfer.

In addition to this, under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana,1.70 lakh crore rupees will be provided to the poor to deal with the financial issues they are going through. Likewise, you just have to keep yourself updated with these new policies and schemes.

However, don’t believe in rumours!

3. Best Out of Waste

Here, I’m talking about all the unnecessary things that you have in your home. I’m sure, during this lockdown you realize that some of your things are not being used at all by you and are just taking space in your home.

If you feel so, then it is the right time to sell all these things which are waste for you and make the best out of it. The best part is that you don’t have to break any rule of the lockdown but still can sell all your things on the online websites.

You know what, there are plenty of sites which actually give you good money, let’s have a look at some.

You can sell clothes, electronic items, furniture and more. You can even try Olx to sell your old stuff in India.

4. Artist

Let your inner artist come out!

“Creativity takes courage”

Be courageous and take a step further, during this lockdown you can discover new hobbies and be a little crafty!

However, if you are into the art and crafts, why not start a business while this lockdown is going on.

Make homemade cards, design a t-shirt, make paintings, engage yourself in upcycling, make crafty phone covers, make terrariums, and more. After that, the next thing is to sell all on the sites.

For some people, it is like wow! Why have I never done this till now? Right?

Don’t worry, it is never too late to start things. Use your artistic mind and ingenuity and come up with something good. Because now you are going to earn!

To help you out here, I’m mentioning some of the sites;

5. Rent your Car

I believe this could be risky, not only for cars but you ever know who is suffering COVID-19 and other infections and diseases.

It can bring you money but the risk of being ill too.

If you are going for this, don’t forget to sanitize your car before using it next time. Or you can even try Zoomcar.

6. Write an article

If you are passionate about writing and good at expressing your thoughts, views and more. On top of it, if you have good diction, these all qualities are enough to make you a good writer. Above all, if you have past experience of writing as an intern or a blogger.

You are ready to be a writer!

As a writer, you can work for a company, institution, and individuals or as a freelancer, simply get paid for it. However, you can also start your blog as well as be a freelance writer. In short, it is completely on you, what you have to do!

Let’s have a look at, some of the sites that pay you to write.

7. Virtual Assistant

During this pandemic when you have to maintain the distance with the people, the best option for you is to be a virtual assistant. As a virtual assistant, you have to provide administrative services to your client on the basis of a contract.

Generally, you can work from home, although you can access the crucial planning documents if required. You have all the right to decide whether you want to work with someone or not.

More like you are driving the car.

Not literally, but here I mean complete freedom.

Let’s come to some of the services that you have to provide, managing emails, web development, content writing, audio, and video editor, so on. Check the sites like Fiverr, Freelancer.in, and other freelancing websites.

Skills that you need to be a virtual assistant are good communication skills, resourcefulness, computer skills, discipline, and so on.

8. Rent Driveways

During the lockdown, you may be annoying or even your sweet neighbors at home, what if they need some space to park their vehicle, if not your neighbor but what if someone in your locality needs space.

Then I would say, it is the best time to use some space in your parking!

While if not your locality you can also go to some websites to find people who want parking space. One of them is Upark.

This is not a very effective way to earn money during/after lockdown but still it works when you have space which is of no use. Or you can try other things to utilise that space.

9. Online Tutorial

That’s easy, start your channel, be confident and press the record button.

This is how you can easily make use of your skills and knowledge. You can do anything but that should be relevant, out of the box, as people find a number of videos on the internet that are useless.

Your theme of the channel could be food, singing, crafts, funny videos, hair, beauty, and definitely teaching. Or it could be anything that you want to teach.

For teaching students, you can access to the Unacademy, BYJUS, etc, and sell your course. You can even start your YouTube channel and make money from ads, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, and more. And, even for other things, like singing, food making, and more you can make YouTube channels.

First, don’t try to copy anyone, be real because that’s what people want, then, you should be confident and have good communication skills. These are some of the skills that would definitely help you out!

10. Sell Picture

If you have a number of amazing pictures, your photography skills will help you out to earn money.

No, don’t worry I’m not asking you to go out during this pandemic to click pictures but the pictures you already have are enough. These pictures are doing nothing on your phone, mobile, camera, and laptop but you can make money out of these.

Or you can even click interesting pictures at your home only.

You can also do one thing, search what types of pictures companies and websites are using and try to capture those themes that they are using of course by maintaining distance.

Shutterstock, Etsy and you will find many more out there. You can check this guide to learn and earn from Etsy by selling photos.

11. Survey Sites

If you are wondering why survey sites are going to pay you, that’s because these sites crave for authentic and reliable information. Hence, by taking surveys you are doing their work, so here you are getting money.

Another reason to pay might be because people won’t participate unless they will get something in return, we all can agree on this, right?

Tell me, would you do something if you don’t get anything in return? Here is the small coupon that I got from OpinionWorld survey site.

Earn from online survey sites

Some of the survey sites are,

To be noted, don’t pay or download anything, even if asked. Also, learn to differentiate between real and fake websites. With earning money, be alert and safe. You can also keep a separate email to fill these surveys.

Also, remember that you can not completely rely on these survey sites. Just use them if you are wasting your time only.

12. Test Website

Basically, you have to test and monitor the websites and inform the companies whether they are user friendly or not. To add, you need to check the websites on various computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

That is how, they get the information from the audience not only from the marketing and development team, here in return you are getting money.

Additionally, you need not be an expert to give tests on these websites but simply answer the questions honestly. You can visit sites like:

13. Transcribe Audio

This is the perfect work if you want to earn money from home. Your payment depends on how instantly you transcribe in an hour.

Why is a transcription in demand? That’s simply because of the increasing amount of video content. Therefore, it is the right time to start and make money.

While transcribing, don’t try to change or modernize any word if you find any grammatical or spelling mistakes or any word if you don’t know how to pronounce it. In an easy word, you have to retain its original form. Next, every single thing is essential, therefore don’t miss anything.

Let’s have a look at the some of the sites,

14. Delivery Driver

First, it is very perilous, therefore think before actually going for it, because you never know to whom you are making the delivery, whether he is COVID-19 positive or not.

In case you are ready for this job, let me tell you right now there are huge, huge needs for delivery drivers. Especially at this unlock phase when many companies are reopening, you can say Amazon, Flipkart and Food delivery, and more. 

15. Clickworker

Clickworker is a website that assigns you some task and you will get paid for the culmination of the task not hourly. During this lockdown, if you are looking for the easy way to earn money, presumably it is ideal for you.

If you are wondering, what you have to do, in that here are the tasks, text creation, copy editing, proofreading reading, app testing, surveys, etc. 

Not as a full time but it’s good to at least start this.

That’s easy, isn’t it?

16. Dog Walker

As we all know, some people are so scared, no doubt they should be while others are working from home. In between, the dogs have to miss their walk, not good!

Why not be a dog walker to make some money, what do you think?

Although, you have to maintain the social distancing rule, to be safe and secure. Before that, inform people about it, talk to your neighbors who have dogs especially. 

If you are an animal or dog lover, this could be fun for you.

17. Playing Games

Definitely, by playing games, stop reading it twice! I’m serious, many people are making money just by using their smartphones and playing. I guess, it is the best way to earn money if you are so much into the games.

Best part is, once you are expert in playing games, you can play the tournaments, join YouTube or Facebook to do live streaming and your followers will show you support by paying you some amount.

Here is the list of some sites that give you money to play games.

18. Web Development

It is simply developing a website, it could be a simple or plain website of text or could be a complex web-based electronic business, internet applications and social services.

As a web developer, it is your responsibility for designing, layout and coding of the website, asked by the company, and more. For this, you should have some knowledge of computer programming and graphic design. To add, you have to create a website that is pleasing, user friendly with clear navigation.

To be a web developer, credentials that you should have are JavaScript, HTML, verbal communication, multimedia content developer and more.

You can start this as a freelancer or as an online agency. But remember that getting the first project is really a tough task. We will cover this soon.

19. Make Masks and Gloves at Home

During this lockdown, you often hear that the shops are out of face masks and gloves, so let’s help people out by making them at home. What do you say?

I guess it is a good idea, that’s because you can sell these at a lower price than the market and still earn good money. If you are worried, that you don’t know how to make, then you can take a sigh of relief as YouTube and Google are there to help you out.

20. Time to Gossip!

A number of magazines and online sites are looking for some, masala stories!

That I’m sure you would have, do you? It could be a family drama, your special recipe for making food, diet plans to get thin instantly, and more. This would be the perfect way to earn money without doing anything. 

Time to sell your story!

You can easily access such websites. Even you can join some groups like this Facebook group FeatureMe! UK.

Here is the next trending method to earn money during/after lockdown is to start affiliate marketing.

21. Affiliate Marketing

It may require some hard work but is really a good option to earn money. To add, you can also continue it later on too, as online shopping is enhancing especially nowadays. 

Get in contact with Amazon affiliate, Flipkart, eBay, etc, sign in to their affiliate program and promote their products. In return, you will get a commission.

Now comes the major question, how to promote the product?

To promote the products you can simply make a website and write engaging content on a particular niche (fast to rank). To make people aware of the usefulness of the product. In short, make people buy the product.

Affiliate marketing is one of the method of monetizing your blog but there are also.

Not only website, but you can even promote your product on various social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Work as an influencer!

While writing content makes everything specific and clear, don’t use heavy words, for which the customer has to open the dictionary or Google it.

22. Freelancer

You can be a freelancer, it is more like being self-employed and earning money. Best part is you are not accountable to anyone but yes, you have to complete work on time. 

You are independent to decide with whom you have to work or with not.

To add, you don’t have to work under a company and have complete freedom to choose your workload, that means if you want to focus on essential projects without worrying about others, you can. Although it does not make other projects less important. 

Freelancing includes data entry, social media consultant, copywriter, graphics designer, and the list will go on forever. To motivate you a little bit. Here is my earning recent earning report from Fiverr.

Earn from freelancing websites like Fiverr

Fiverr, Upwork and more. It is time to give it a start!


So here, with some efforts, you can earn money during lockdown. Or even after this COVID-19 exists. The economy is not working well due to this lockdown but at last, you have to do something instead of just sitting and doing nothing, right?

It is the right time to start something with all the options that are available to you, why not to try these out.

Well said, “Only in the darkness you can see the stars.”

You are just a step away from earning money and living a self-reliable life again because you never know when this will over especially with these increasing cases of COVID-19.

So are you ready to earn money during lockdown? If yes, then start earning but remember this.

Stay safe, wear mask and keep social distancing!

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Sagar V.

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