Paid Internship: How to Secure it in India?

How to Get a Paid Internship in India? | What are the blooming sectors that provide paid Internships?

Internships are demo classes before you enter the real professional world. However, whatever you gain will be real and beneficial.



Here, in this article, you will get to know-

  • How to get a paid internship in India?
  • What are the different forms of internship that you can apply for?
  • Why internships are vital for future perspectives?
  • Importantly, which internships you should never apply for!

These are the main highlights that you will find in this article. Other than that, I will share bits and parts of how I grabbed some good opportunities.

My story About How I Get the Paid Internship…

My story About How I Get the Paid Internship

A year back, everybody around me was engaged in some internship or the other. Even before that, I was suggested to gain experience from internships from the first year itself.

Alas, I paid less heed to all the golden words.

However, reality slapped me hard in the second year.

I wanted to be an intern, but couldn’t understand anything. I knew almost nothing.

So, I started a hunt to know about the internships. I just wanted to get one.

This is the wrong step!

Points to keep in mind:

Points to keep in mind

You must always know-

  • What are the types of internships?
  • Which internship will provide you with future benefits?
  • If the experience is real, or it is merely a certificate.
  • What are the platforms where you can find employers hiring interns?

I know it might be confusing. You must not take tension. Every answer is already baked for you. You need to enjoy it.

Types of Internships?

Majorly, there are 2 types of internships. These are the ways you will be working, once offered an internship.

  • Work from Home (Virtual)
  • Work from Office (Physical)

The value of both the internship is equal.

1. Work from Home: 

Work from home

These types of internships are performed from the convenience of your home and time. You do not need to attend an office, work for specific hours.

You are guided by your manager or coordinator on how to work. Since most of the work can be performed without visiting offices. However, you are equipped with new skills.

Such internships provide you with the flexibility to work during your college days. You do not require NOC to work separately in an office.

Internships, work from home are best for students with rigid attendance system.

2. Work from Office: 

Work from office

These are office-based internships. While work can be performed remotely, there is work that requires physical surveillance, and guidance.

Herein, after receiving the offer letter, you can shift to the mentioned location.

Sometimes, these internships might be restricting to vacations. Mainly, it is because of your college attendance rules. The only solutions are to receive a NOC from your college or you can apply during vacations.

Now, these two being options are available for different types of internships.

You can apply in the government or private sector. Mostly, the option is predefined.

Now, let us see what all sector you can apply in-

2 Blooming Sectors That Provide Paid Internship!

1. Government sector:

From RBI, NABARD to various other government-regulated departments and offices offer internships. NITI Aayog initiated this in 2015. You can visit the sites directly and can apply for the same.

According to my experience, postgraduate students have a mole amount of opportunities. However, the graduate can find sufficient vacancies.

Also, some collaborated organizations even assist you in discovering opportunities in different sectors.

2. Private Sector:  

Private sector for paid internship

Companies in the private sector are rushing to find interns. Companies have their perks underlying in hiring interns. Beginning from basic work to managerial level, opportunities are wide.

From top companies to small start-ups, everyone hires interns these days.

Importantly, if interns are well-skilled, they almost work as freelancers. Also, you can work either in-office or from home.

Moving forward to the next question-

Which internships are beneficial?

Every company where there is potential to convert an internship to an offer letter. Yes, if your performance can help you raise an offer letter, then target such companies. It is valid for online internships from home as well as from an office.

Also, you must be careful if companies are engaging you in work that is merely for their promotion. If you are not getting anything to learn, don’t rush to such internships.

There are online internships where your targets are to get a certain amount of likes and shares. They are just spam!

Now, you are all prepared to search and apply for internships.

I believe most of you must be familiar with a few apps. For instance, apps like LinkedIn and Internshala must be at the top of your list.

No, it’s not like that. There are several other options so that you can beyond the options. However, these two are popular and easily approachable.

Platforms, Where You Can Secure Paid Internships?


1. Angel List: 

Angel list is a startup. Herein, you will have a range of companies where you can apply. You need to signup with their website.

Next, you need to clear your preferences. Additionally, you need to give a brief about yourself. You will receive an example to do the same.

Thereon, you will be ready to apply for various internships.

The site is authentic and has been doing great. You even receive recommendations from the site.

2. LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is another app from where you can apply for internships. You can follow specific companies that you want to apply to.

Else, you need to search for the positions.

Companies with similar vacancies are shown in the search result. Further, if you subscribe to the recommendations of similar vacancies, you keep on getting notified.

On LinkedIn, to turn potential companies into offers, create a strong profile.

It is very crucial to Mark Your Skills. Also, you can give tests on the app. The tests analyze your skills. If you clear them, you can share them with scores on LinkedIn.

These are tips to strengthen your profile reach to employers.

3. Internshala:

Internshala is one of the most popular apps. Its primary focus is to assist students in providing internships. Sadly, several scams are increasing on this site.

Certain scam companies get the work done and never pay.

Hence, you need to extremely careful using this app.

The procedure is the same. You need to sign up, mention skills. Additionally, you can add your previous work, if exists. Elsa, you can continue without prior experience.

Remember, these are the three platforms when looking for an internship in private companies. However, you might find some good government sector opportunities even. Still, there are separate platforms for such.

It is a very famous platform for Internshala work from home internships as well as for office internships. Along with this, you can also search for a summer internship in India for undergraduates in 2021.

Check now: Internshala: 11 ways you can safeguard from internship scams!

Let’s look out for platforms more concentrated on government sector-based internships.

4. Internshipgov.in:

Internshipgov.in is a platform that helps you find opportunities in the government sector. It works in collaboration with various government organizations. For instance, AICTE, Telecom, and many others.

Therefore, it is authentic and you can sign up to find the right match for internships.

Especially, the benefit that you receive is a CMAI ambassador certificate after the internship completion.

Important to note is that the internships are available in a wide range. It is all based on the government strategies that the government is actively working on. Beginning from Skill India, Digital India to power, technology, and imports and exports.

Research Department to the technological department, participations in all fields are appreciated.

5. AICTE: 

This is specifically for students of technical background. It is a portal initiated by the government. This is a good internship for engineering students. AICTE stands for All India Council for Technical Student. Clearly, the name itself specificity its purpose.

The procedure in this is almost similar. Yet, you need to provide identity proof while signing up.

Therefore, the above platforms are authentic. You can find jobs relating to your interest or your academic qualification.

Congratulations, you are almost there to secure an internship.

But, Wait!



You know what it will not be that easy. This is surely not to scare you. This is to alert you before you feel the chill of the professional world.

It is not easy to secure internships. You are judged on certain criteria. Surely, a company must be looking for some skill sets in you.

Now, you might say you are a novice. How could you know the practical application?

No, not exactly, you need to be an expert. Yet, your foundation must be strong enough.

The competition is tough outside.

So, many times, it becomes overwhelming when you see the requirements for an ideal candidate.



This is where you get to know why internships are important. An internship takes you on a tour of how the employees hire, what they expect, and what are the highly demanded skills.

It’s Alright

Initially, I was the same as you might be. It’s alright to be confused.

Here are some tips you can use and use all those platforms to the optimum level. Also, this will establish you to attain confidence and grab the right opportunity.

Decide specific job profiles: 

Decide specific job profiles

First and foremost, find and pick a few job profiles you are going to apply for.

Now, as you sign up and search for specific job profiles, you are flooded with suggestions.

You must apply then.

But what if you want to apply, but you don’t have the skills that companies are looking for in the intern.

For instance, I applied for a content writer. Now there were ample amount of opportunities in the same. However, I had no clue about keyword research, Search engine optimization, and others.

Easy, the next point will clear your concern.

1. Convert requirements to skills:

Once you get recommendations of profiles you are looking for.

Like, I received for content writing. I followed a simple yet effective trick. I went through all the requirements. Later, I noted them all. One by one, I tried to study those skills.

You can learn them through Youtube. Otherwise, Coursera even provides most of the courses for free.

Yet, you need to pay for the certificate. If you want a certificate or not, it is completely up to you.

After all this, I even used the LinkedIn learning app. This app timely provides you with free courses. Sadly, the courses are not completely free.

Still, you have the above-mentioned platforms.

Now, you look quite prepared for applying for internships. As you are well acquainted with what exactly the companies are looking for.

Sadly, if you don’t clear the interviews. Don’t get disappointed. We have another option for you.

2. Unpaid Internships:  

When nothing works, up aid internships help you attain skills and online certificates. Irrespective of your field, you get opportunities to work for free.

However, you need to be extra careful.

Which unpaid internships you must apply for?

Note: Most of the unpaid internships are promotion-based. They utilize under-confident minds for their promotions.

For instance, I applied for Digital marketing, so that I can get equipped with other aspects of writing and marketing. The companies asked me to get views, likes, and subscriptions to their various social media pages. This helps them promote their page and nothing else. Yet, if applied for the right one, you get a free online internship with a certificate.

Nonetheless, we need to more focus on what to do.


1. Utilize your network:

utilize your network

Young minds are engaging more and more startups. If you find any startup near you, that can teach you the skills in return if unpaid work, grab it!

Yes, you can do this. Since you will be familiar with the people you will work with, you will earn. You can engage in their productive work, work with the main team and create a profile for your future.

This is how you can contribute to a start-up, gain experience and an online certificate for free.

Quite easy, it is easy and smart to do so. Indeed, you remain shielded from the fraud companies.

What if there is no such option for you? Surely, I have an option for you. I didn’t even have one, initially.

I turned my face to the above-mentioned platforms. Here, Internshala can be useful for you.

When I was overwhelmed that no paid internship will be ever mine. I opted for unpaid internships.

However, I was careful enough not to join promotion activities.

So, for this, I applied to the NGOs for content writing.

Subsequently, I secured an offer letter. That internship helped me gain confidence in my internship journey.

While working in that internship, I got to know one of the start-ups. Resulting, I joined it. Additionally, it helps you gain a free online internship with certYet, if applied for the right one, you get a free online internship with a certificate.

2. NGOs: 

Certainly, these are the next best options to gain experience and an online certificate. It doesn’t let you deviate from your main goal. Instead, it provides sufficient experience.

Surely, after all this, you will gain confidence and your profile will be more attractive. You will surely get consideration from employers.

Congratulations, yes it’s too early! I am confident that you will make it after this much effort.

It is through all these efforts that I got an internship in 9to5 Jobs. Yup, now I am a confident and paid intern.

Note: Kindly, You should never go for unpaid internships until you are in much need of it.

It is not acceptable to provide labor for free. It is your hard work that you must be paid for, anyhow.

Companies will call you a fresher and trick you to work for free. Kindly Ignore!

Some companies value your effort and you shall be paid well.

Always remember why you wanted to work as an intern. Every effort is connected to a future goal.

Why? Why is an internship important?

Either you want to reflect the experience in your resume. Surely, it will make your resume unique from your competitors.

Indeed, choose wisely.

Else, you might want to be an employee in the same company in which you are an intern. Yes, this even happens.

If a company is impressed by your performance, you are selected as an employee.

Hence, it is necessary to understand that the companies that provide unpaid internships, shall never provide you with an offer letter.

Simultaneously, if you want to earn while working as an unpaid intern, there are various options.

You can earn online, provide online tuitions, write blogs, and many others. Importantly, you can earn as a subject matter expert.

Probably, if you lack on investment then you can earn online without investment.

This is all about how you can find internships online. Obviously, there are internships through campus recruitment. These are the alternative options that you can rely upon.

Don’t miss out

Also, here is something extra for you.

Below I have mentioned a governs platform that aids you in finding jobs. So, when you will search for jobs, this will be your guide.

So, this is a must to remember.

National Career Service:

Again, it is a brilliant initiative by the government to help young minds. However, it is mostly for students searching for job opportunities.

The freshers can readily find a wide variety of opportunities.

I know as the end comes, you will have new questions. It’s common. Instead, it is good you are serious about your career.

So, below I have mentioned a few most asked questions. Go read them, maybe one of them clears your query.

Still, if you have other queries disturbing you, it’s ok.

Kindly, comment down below. I will try to resolve your queries.

  1. How much do interns get paid in India?

    Interns get paid to start from 1000 to 75000 Rs per month. This is a wide difference. As postgraduates and certain academic courses are paid well. Also, the company makes a huge difference.

  2. Can I get paid for Internship?

    Yes, every intern gets paid for their work. If you are getting paid, then that is a concern. Only a few non-profit organizations' unpaid internships are authentic. Else, if you are a part of a start-up, then it is alright to work without payment.

  3. Which company is best for Internship in India?

    Britannia, Paypal, ITC, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Amazon are a few top companies to mention. Rest, a lot of other companies exist depending on your career choice.

  4. Which course is best for internship?

    The top requirements are for a website developer, business analyst, content writer, and digital marketing expert. However, there are various other options depending upon your interest.

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