Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs in India after 12th Class

Are you looking for the highest paying jobs in India after the 12th?

Of course, earning money is easy nowadays, as you have access to the internet, you can even work from home, part-time jobs are available and a lot more.

But don’t take it that easy!

Age is an issue of mind over matters. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

Mark Twain

But trust me there are a lot of opportunities.

Here comes the sad truth, that is, according to the UNICEF list, only 43% of the population would have the right skills, rest would not have adequate skills by 2030.

Further, based on data developed by the UNICEF and Global Business Coalition for Education, and the Education Commission, India would lose from the Maldives (46%), Pakistan (40%), and Nepal (46%), as these countries would have few students with skills, that too, by 2030.

The major reason for not having adequate skills is the quality of education and substandard vocational training that does not provide an adequate level of skill to the youth.

In short, you do not have to use much of your head to get a job but some computer knowledge, bookish knowledge, soft skills, and more are enough. Though, if you are looking for the highest paying government jobs in India after the 12th, then you certainly going to need some level of qualification.

But for any job, you definitely need a skill.

Therefore, the soft skills and other skills that you possess make you different from others, not your qualification.

To be noted, the salary of a fresher is would be less but after graduation, you can earn more. Here, I would mention the best salary jobs in India after the 12th.

Top 25 Highest Paying Jobs in India after 12th Class

1. Blogging

Blogging - self employed highest paying jobs after 12th class

Blogging has no age!

You can start it from the school days to the retirement age. People are earning millions just from blogging. Even I quit my job just to pursue my passion for blogging.

If you love to write on topics related to any category, it could be technology, home decor, pet care, etc. You are welcome here!

You can start a blog very easily. Everything takes time and so blogging. It is not an overnight success.

Once you start getting traffic on the blogs, you can monetize it and start making money. For those who want some motivation. Check these blog income reports.

2. Content writing

Do you have excellent writing skills?

If you are nodding right now, then you can be a content writer, as a content writer you have to write, plan, and edit the content to attract the targeted audience. To add, it also contains specific keywords that people will search, and that boost the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website. 

You can write content for websites, social networks, blogs, etc. Content writing is the highest paying jobs in India after 12th, as it allows the audience to visit a site repeatedly that will enhance the SEO. 

To be a content writer, you can approach a number of companies online, then write content accordingly. You can write content online and in flesh, as per your requirement.

3. Tutor

Nowadays, it is like a competition between parents, that they want their child to get more marks, the same applies to skills. As a result, parents are ready to pay handsome tuition fees.

On top of it, if you get good marks in your 12th it will allow parents to trust you instantly and earn more money. 

Either you are an art, commerce, or science student, you can be a tutor of the subjects in which you are best at. Additionally, if you are good at skills, like dancing, cooking, etc you can even teach these to the students.

To do this, you have to promote your tutor classes, you can talk to people nearby or talk to your juniors at school.

Yes! The money you would receive is not certain but is surely a good amount and you can earn more if you got more students.

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4. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO is the most flourishing industry as it allows the companies to focus on their major task by subcontracting several business operations to the third business person.

These business services are Human Resource, call center relation, payroll, and so on. 

It is the highest paying jobs in India after 12th as you just need some computer knowledge, good communication skills, and more.

5. Data Entry Operator

Data entry operator is the highest paying jobs in India after 12th commerce. As a data entry operator, you have to add and enter data in software like a spreadsheet, database, word processing, etc. 

If you want, you can also enroll yourself in the data entry courses. 

6. Primary School Teacher

Primary School Teacher

If you are looking forward to being a teacher you are all ready to be one.

Before that, you have to clear the Central Teacher Eligibility Test, which is tied to the Center and State. Trust me it is the best salary job in India after 12th. 

On a positive side, you can work on government and private schools. 

7. Police Department

If you have cleared the 12th class and if your age is 18+ then, you can work in a police department.

Consequently, you need to clear the exam of the respective department and you are ready. The police department releases several vacancies for the 12th passed students like the post of constable. 

Believe it or not, it is the highest paying job in India after 12th arts, yes I know anyone can give the exam but being an art student gives you an advantage as you already have pretty, much knowledge of the concepts. 

With that, you also have to clear a physical test, as you clear all the test you are ready to work in a police department.

This is the best salary jobs in India after 12th as well as you have job security. 

8. Indian Army

You can apply in the Indian army if you are passionate to serve the nation.

It is the highest paying government jobs in India after 12th which is being the most reputed one. Then, you can apply for posts like Clerk, Solider GD, Soldier Technical, and more. 

Later, you can also prepare for the ACC exam, SCO exam, PC(SL) exam, and more to work on a better position. 

9. Merchant Navy

If you are looking for the highest paying jobs in India after 12th that would allow you to roam around the world, you can go for the navy.

However, it is not easy as it looks as you have to live in the ship for 6 months a year, it might also increase, that is further challenging.

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10. Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

Selection Staff Commission finds you eligible for the enrollment if you are 12th passed, and is 18 years old.

As it is best highest paying jobs in India after 12th arts, you can enroll for the Combined Higher Level Examination. This is the ideal job as you can apply for Lower Division Clerk, Data Entry Operator, Stenos in group C and group D.  

11. Indian Railway

Indian Railway

If you are looking for stability in terms of finance and service, the railway sector is ideal for you.

Indian railways have a job opportunity for 10th passed and 12th passed.  For the highest paying government jobs in India for fresher, you can apply for the post such as railway clerk, lower division clerk, railway constable.

Later, you might also directly get promoted to group B officers from group C officers. 

12. Forest Department

If you are looking for the highest paying government jobs in India you can also apply in the forest department for the post of the forest guard, draftsman, junior assistant, etc.

Applying for the Indian Forest Department is easy and further you can also give an exam of the Indian Forest Service Exam.

13. Photography

Is photography is your hobby?

If yes, let’s make use of it, and simply by contacting companies, you can work as a photographer.

All you need is skills. With that, you can work as a press photographer, photojournalist, photographer of the events, wedding, etc.

Consequently, with experience and money, you can open a studio and start your photography agency.

14. NGOs

NGOs are a Non-Profit Organisation that works for people not for money.

If you want to help people and work for the benefit of society you can work in an NGO. NGOs also need high professionals and other people to complete different tasks. Moreover, you can also study further while working in an NGO. 

Then, while working in an NGO, you may not receive a high salary but I believe experience is priceless.

15. Marketing Job

Do you have a pleasing personality or good communication skills? Do you have the quality of convincing people?

If yes, then you are perfect for this job, as many private companies are hiring freshers to market their product, all you have to do is to talk and convince people. You also can be promoted to sales manager, national manager, and more. 

16. Media Equipment Monitoring

As the name suggests, you have to monitor digital equipment, visual equipment, and audio equipment. You can also work in telecasting agencies, broadcasting, and media houses. 

Simply, contact the companies.

17. GYM Trainer or Yoga Trainer

Gym Trainer

You can be a GYM or yoga trainer, being fit and healthy is a craze, if you are one of them you can be a GYM or yoga trainer.

Not only this, but it also keeps you healthy and fit, and above all, you will be in good shape. After 12th, you can not start your own business as you need money for that you can work in a GYM or yoga center then later open yours. 

18. Event Manager

As an event manager,  you have to use your imagination and creativity, then organize the events, it could be a wedding, parties, funerals, etc.

After your 12th class, you can work under some expert and gain some expertise and experience. 

Again, you can commence your own event management business. To give your career a good start, you can start organizing school and college events.

If you want, after 12th you can also pursue a course in event management. It is the best highest paying jobs in India after 12th, all you need is knowledge of organizing things, work under pressure, time management, etc. 

19. Indian Air Force (IAF)

Yes! It is not a dream, if you want to touch the sky and be a part of the Indian Air Force, you have the opportunity, it is the highest paying jobs in India after 12th science as you need maths and physics as the subjects.

All you need is to qualify for the necessary examination and interview, there you go with the highest paying government jobs in India.

20. Tally Operator

A tally is software that is used for accounting and inventory management. Technically, it helps you in performing all the basic functions of accounting. 

It is the highest paying jobs in India after 12th commerce, as tally is something which is the requirement of all the companies.

To work as a tally operator, you can approach many companies, get the interview, and hey! You are all set.

You can work in a private and government sector, however, for the government sector, you might need to give an exam. 

21. Bank Clerical Jobs

If you want a not so difficult job but 9 to 5 jobs after 12th, then this is the best salary jobs in India after 12th.

Being a bank clerk you have to update the data of customers and finance in the computer of the bank, it could be address and contact information of the customers, removing customers from banks, etc.

I must say, it is the highest paying jobs in India after 12th commerce. You can even work in the government sector.

22. Freelancer


If you do not want to work under anyone but want to be independent, then freelancing is the highest paying jobs in India after 12th as you can do whatever you are good at, it could be,

  • Graphic and design
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and Translation
  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • And so on…

To start your freelancing business, you can contact, 

23. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a person who provides administrative services, creative and technical assistance to the people.

Typically, virtual assistant works from home.

Therefore, you just need a laptop and internet connection.  As a virtual assistant is self-employed, you have to do work like scheduling appointments, managing E-mail accounts, and more. 

To be a virtual assistant you can check out, 

24. Business Marketing

As the name suggests, you have to practice marketing to enables companies or individuals to sell their products or services to other companies that further resell them.

Either you can work with companies or start your business marketing by proper research and identifying Unique Selling Proportion.

Later, develop your business brand and choose marketing avenues. Finally, set your budget and audience. 

All you need is computer and internet. 

25. YouTuber


Looking for something which you can start free of cost and without much effort but with the help of the skills that you have. In this case, you can start by opening a YouTube Channel

For this, you certainly need some video editing skills, knowledge of a computer, and more. You can start teaching subjects you are best at or you can also teach skills, like dancing, beauty, cooking, fitness classes, etc. 

You can also teach the favorite subject of your by creating videos.


So, you have gone through the highest paying jobs in India after 12th, age is just a number and you need skills and knowledge to work in a better place.

Don’t run in a rat race just to earn money, do what you are passionate about.

To be noted, you are doing a great thing, but before going for any job, understand the difference between a real or fake job offer, do not pay anyone, even if asked. Or you should verify the information carefully before paying anyone.

To add, I would advise you to continue your graduation to get a better job or job in a better position, no doubt you have plenty of options to choose from but to get a good job you need good qualifications. 

Before choosing any of the government jobs, check the eligibility of the job you are applying for, with that you need skills and knowledge.

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Sagar V.

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