7 Best Unconventional Career Options after Engineering!

Best Unconventional Career Options after Engineering | Non-technical Career Options after Engineering | Alternative Career Paths for Engineers

Stuck in the most popular course, engineering? Your lovely college life is almost to an end, yet you are confused about what to do next.

I know it feels like standing in the middle of a two-lane road, confused about where to go next.

What was your reason to opt. engineering? Either you still don’t know or it’s no more relevant.

But what after engineering? Unable to fit your skills in the basket of primitive career options?

Certainly, you have already considered some advice. Relatives are narrating stories of some unknown faces, that you might never meet.

That’s not what my purpose is!

If you look around, there are examples that you can consider and seek professional guidance. While a few others are a search away.

I guess we all are familiar with YouTubers. So, Ranveer Allahbadia (Beer Biceps), Bhuvan Bam (BB ki Vines) are some of the most popular YouTubers.

However, they now earn income being a part of successful start-ups. These are only a few to mention.

But you want to explore and get into the right profession. Something unusual, something you can be productive in. It’s all possible with a little bit of research.

Indeed, here are 7 topmost unconventional career options that will pay you well. Important to note, I have separated the salary on the basis of experience.

Experience: Here, I define it as the number of skills you equip. Instead of the time you invest, it is about the skills you develop.

7 Unconventional Careers that Can Pay you Well!

1. Ethical Hacking:

Ethical Hacking

Expected Salary: 4-6 Lakhs

Experienced:15-20 Lakhs

About: Ethical hacking gives you the advantage to utilise your hacking skills in a governmental organization. Additionally, serve and protect society.

Although, hacking is considered malpractice. Perhaps, that’s not the truth. Rather than attacking, hackers can defend the data to be stolen.

Job positions ranging from Security officer to Security Tester are present in the market. But don’t forget about job satisfaction.

Governments hire individuals in cybersecurity cells to the defense department. Their tasks are to test, detect flaws and deviations. Highly sensitive data, if leaked can hamper the national security of any country.

Indeed, hacking and hackers are of immense importance. The government pays handsome salaries to protect the nation’s data.

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2. Food Engineer:

Food Engineer

Expected Salary: 3-6 Lakhs

Experienced: up to 11 Lakhs

About: Food engineering in itself provides a variety of jobs. Ranging from tools to protect food items to their packaging. It does not necessarily involve packaged food items. That even ranges from agricultural produce to packed food items.

Human race running for a successful life, end up in busy work life. No time to cook food, search for packed alternative food items.

Chemical engineers to computer science engineers can solve such issues with technical know-how. Environment-friendly solutions, mass packaging, and manufacturing are departments to seek employment opportunities in food engineering.

An additional minor degree or hands-on training as a food engineer can lead you to such an amazing world.

Know about different job positions in the field of food engineering.

3. Theme Park Tester:

 Theme Park Tester

Expected Salary: (Varies on the project duration)

About: Adventurous slides of theme parks are easily prone to accidents. Then, why people trust those?

Simple, there are engineering skills ensuring protection and safety.

Engineers from different backgrounds are employed to design, test structures and the mechanism. It is not the engineer who sits inside those slides.

Instead, science is used to protect to detect various aspects. In Reality, a dummy is kept and the engineers observe the technical side. Surely, this adds to the list of unconventional career options after engineering.

Although it’s necessary to understand, a few engineers work with theme parks permanently to ensure safety, others work on specific projects.

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4. Game Designing:

Game Designing

Expected Salary: 3-7 Lakhs

About: Let’s jump from the real world of thrill to the virtual world.

But who designs such thrilling games for the gamers and the spectators.

Undoubtedly, It is our engineers. Coding, designing, testing, and much more are required for game development.

This is where you can grab your chance. If you are creative along with strong technical skills. This job is for you.

However, this job is known to many, remains hidden and unacknowledged. Currently, employers are highly demanding individuals in this field. Above all, its demand seems to rise in the future.

5. Sports Engineer: 

Expected Salary: 6-7 Lakhs (approx)

In sports, from manufacturing sports’ setup to athletes protection equipment is designed and manufactured.

Besides, engineers require to evaluate athletes’ performance, design, and manufacture tech-updated solutions. Sometimes, simple designs and structures, assisting customers in that field are even required.

6. Animation and Film Engineer:

Animation and Film Engineer

Expected Salary: 6- 8 lakhs

Experienced: up to 20 Lakhs

Film Industry has attracted audiences around the world.

Who thought it would be possible to watch a world of dreams and illusion on a blank screen?

Technology evolved from projectors to big cinema screens. Technology and engineers are complementary goods that cannot be separated.

So, to dive into an unconventional profession, jobs in – animation, 3D setup design, VFX exists in the market.

Identify your skillset and you are all set. However, it is essential to note that you will not work directly with a directing company, instead of by companies that provide such services.

7. Agricultural Engineering:

Expected Salary: 3-6 Lakhs

Experienced: up to 12 Lakhs

Agricultural engineering covers not just one type of engineering background. From mechanical, computer science, civil to electronics, students from diverse fields can find a job in agriculture.

Modern techniques have even made agriculture. Cost-effective, more production, and profitability are the major reasons.

What you can do as an engineer?

Developing the tools and equipment, preserving fertilizers, soil quality tester, irrigation techniques, and various innovative techniques require talented engineers. The involvement of science in agriculture has expanded its potential.

So, these are the unconventional career of 2021 you can work within after engineering.

Wait, Wait! Not all of you must be interested in the technical aspect.

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Hence, I want to shift to non-technical career options. No worries, whatever your reason may be, the solution is right there-

6 Insane Non-Technical Career Options after Engineering!

1. Start-up (Entrepreneurship):

 Start-up (Entrepreneurship)

Within years, start-ups are getting recognized and promoted by the central government to include innovation in the economy.

Whatever country it may be, to be able to run smoothly, money is essential. Hence, innovation becomes a necessity in this modern era.

James Joseph after working for more than 20 years in the tech industry started his own startup. Wherein he sells Jackfruit powder.

Sounds weird right!!

Yes, it is a unique idea, focused to control blood sugar levels. Also, he won a Startup India Award.

Nevertheless, the moral is simple, if your idea is unique and sensible, investors and the world is ready to applaud you. Read more about this inspiring story.

All this again seems theoretical. I know it’s impossible to make a decision by reading a few words. However, you need to take every step, gradually and carefully.

Steps to follow:

  • Come with an idea
  • Turn into a plan
  • Strategize the financial and structural part
  • Present it to the investors
  • Find enthusiasts like you.
  • Then get started

This seems easy right. Not so soon! I even hate disappointing, but a reality check is a must.

Not all ideas will be convincing to the investors. Probably, you will be able to arrange finance. Still, profit remains unassured. Subsequently, income might not be assured.

You need a little bit of research and self-exploration. Firstly, you need to assure that you possess essential traits: calm, creative, decision-maker, leader, team player, and know how to handle losses.

2. Photography: 

When social media has become a way to represent your personality and taste, photographs and pictures play an important role.

Sandeep Maheshwari, popularly known for his motivational speeches. Surprisingly, he is a professional photographer. He started as a freelancer and now owns a company, Imagesbazaar. Remember, it is his hard work, dedication, and dignity to his passion. So, explore your passion.

Beginning from weddings to professional model shoots, everything is under the control of a professional photographer. Not just this, videography or shoot for advertisements to make them look attractive, falls in this profession.

Websites selling their products online, indeed require photography skills to persuade customers to buy their products.

If you think your interests slide to this profession, work under professionals, create your portfolio and earn with your skills.

3. YouTuber:


Talking about the youtube world, success stories are ample. Entertainment to education, if you have the right knowledge to share, you are gonna play and earn.

However, strategies and marketing techniques are a secret to be a master in the digital world. Additionally, channels like FilterCopy, Noob Bros (Gaming Creators) have their proper team and offices build with content.

YouTube is a growing online platform. It provides essential information to entertainment videos. It allows interested content creators to produce and publish their content.

After a certain number of views, creators start to earn. Once you start to gain traffic on your videos, you become popular, earn, and can have more work through collaborations.

Perhaps, best alternative to pursue, while pursuing your area of expertise or interest.

4. Tea-taster:


Another interesting career role. Surely, an unusual, non-technical career after engineering. However, you need to be trained particularly for this.

Training and certifications are required to ascertain, analyze and assure a standard quality of tea powder.

Altogether, a tea taster assists to maintain the quality of every teaspoon of tea powder.

Read about Sanjay Kapur who sells tea across the globe with his expertise in tea tasting.

5. Writer:

Writing is a broader aspect. You can find your career of convenience: Content Writer, Creative writer, content developer, and many more like these.

Either you can create your blog or write content for others. Above all, not just as a freelancer but you can be employed. It all depends on how much time you give to this profession.

Research, writing, and creativity are the three most important skills you require to excel in this field.

Harsh Agarwal, a renowned name in the field of writing. Interestingly, he is even a B. Tech graduate. With 1.5 million views in a day, he is no less than a king of the content world. You can know more about him and aspects of blogging through his page: ShoutMeLoud.

A special mention for copywriting. If you work as a copywriter, you write about the products or services. Altogether, trying to clear the perspective of the reader of what the product is, persuade the reader to buy it.

6. Journalism:


Sudhir Chaudhary, Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar are a few to mention journalists, yet the most loved in the nation. Surely, their communication, presentation, and live reporting have been a major attraction for the audience.

Engineers generally don’t opt. for fields like journalism. Still, if you think you have an interest in spreading information and have a strong opinion. Surely, you can follow your interests and become an opinionated journalist.

Besides, you can even enter print media, if you have flawless writing skills.

Before you switch to Netflix, read this!

The options don’t end, either you look for a non-technical career option or unconventional career roles for yourself. The changing decades have a lot stored for you. Just a little bit of effort and you are all set to go.

Set to kick those old baggy roles. Finally, contributing your productive skills to one more success story of the era.

Suddenly, lines of a poet have been wandering my mind:

I shall be telling this with a sigh, somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

The last two lines hit differently. Surely, the same must be for you. Success is not that certain, but if you evaluate your skills well, you will be the past that your future will narrate about, proudly!

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