#Modi_Job_Do: Why is Twitter Flooded With More Than 5 Million Tweets?

#Modi_Job_Do or #Modi_Rozgar_Do has been trending on Twitter today afternoon. That clearly contemplates the picture that youth is anguished to behest for jobs when the Indian economy is already staggering and shutting forward.  

Why #Modi_Job_Do is Trending?

SSC CGL (Staff Selection Commission – Combined Graduate Level Exam) has been a major part of the SSC exams for various departments, posts, ministries, etc. Every year thousands and lakhs of students apply for the SSC CGL examination in order to get a well-reputed government job.


Well, the problems concerning the SSC CGL exam have not emerged out of the blue but these were always there. For instance, in 2018, two years ago from now, a number of students came on the roads in order to proclaim against the SSC paper leak. Additionally, the organization has been accused of corruption. 

Though, today’s problem is quite different from the previous one, in SSC CGL exam Tier-2 which has been conducted on the 15th, 16th, and 18th November 2020. The result of the same had been declared on the 19th February 2021. After the declaration of the result, the so-called #Modi_Job_Do started. 

The reason behind the #Modi_Job_Do is that students are claiming the irregularities in the marking process. This is what happened, as mentioned earlier, the exam of SSC CGL has been conducted in multiple shifts. Especially the number of shifts are three, dated on 15th, 16th, and 18th November 2020. 

Moreover, a very well-known fact is that exams for each shift are not the same to prevent cheating. Yet, it might be possible that each exam would have a different level of difficulty. But the ranking of the students will be done together. For instance, the exam which was conducted on the 15th November 2020 could be less tough. As compared to the exams conducted on the other two days.

And the process of selecting the students for various ranks makes it difficult to choose the proper candidate, right?

What is the Process of Normalization?

Now to deal with the same, the government has come up with the process of normalization and equalization. It is applied after the marks of the students come into the picture. Then, SSC applies a formula.

In simple words, the average marks of the students are found out through this method.

For example, a student who had an exam on 15th November got 120/200 and another student from another shift got 100/200. This will help SSC to understand the level of difficulty of the exam.

Now to compensate for the level of difficulty, the marks are subtracted and added. 

Additionally, the students and teachers are claiming that the exam conducted on the 15th and 16th November 2020 was tougher than the exam on 18 November 2020. Hence, due to the wide gap between the level of difficulty of exams, the formula of normalization does not reflect the reliable result.

Thus, students are claiming that up to 100 marks are added to the marks of students who had their exam on 15th and 16th November while those who had an exam on 18th November, their marks are deducted up to 50-60. Surprisingly, a student is even claiming to get 200/200 marks but after normalization, the marks have been deducted which results in disqualification.

What Are Other Issues Faced By Students? 

This is not the one issue which is faced by the students. But another issue that students face is not announcing the result on time. For instance, SSC has not released the result of exams that have been conducted in 2018. Namely, CHSL, Junior Engineer Examination, and more.

This results in reappearing among the students in the same exam due to various thoughts. One such thought is that maybe they have not cleared the exam. In my opinion, this also affects the level of confidence of the aspirants. 

Now, imagine, what kind of services the government is providing. Here we get the delivery of the products is not more than a week. Also, do not have to wait for a pizza for more than 30 minutes. Yet, the result for the government exam is not even declared till now. This also includes the result of an election, which is declared in 7 days. But we the youth have to wait for years, who knows, the result will be declared further or not.

Further discussion:

Further, the problem discussed by the students is that SSC does not have a waiting list. To be more clear, I would like to give an example. If there are 10,000 vacancies, now, if the students drop out for any reason, the other eligible students won’t be notified about the vacant post. Hence, the post remains to vacate.

Lastly, the SSC has been accused of corruption by the students, i.e., the students have the right to challenge the wrong question or answer. If they appear in the exam, but for that, they have to pay Rs. 100 per question or answer. Hence, it is believed that it has been used as a measure to earn money. 

This happened in the SSC CGL exam 2019, in which there were 11 wrong questions or answers and more than 9 lakh students have given the exam. Now imagine the amount of money one can earn even if a fraction of students pay Rs.100 for a wrong question or answer.

Lastly, the most important problem brought to attention by the students is the decrease of vacancies every year. If compared to the year 2013, SSC CGL had 16,114 vacancies, but in 2020, almost half or not available. 

So, even after the promise of providing lakhs and crore of jobs by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2014, it does not seem to be happening, not any soon, though. According to the Indian Express report, the total number of openly unemployed people in the country is 35 million. 

To add, some students and teachers are also blaming privatization for the decrease in jobs.

What is the Possible Solution to This Problem?

According to some people, the government should conduct the exam in a shift only. That is possible because SSC conducts the pre-exam in which 4 lakh students appear in a day. Yet, the quantity of students is less in the Tier-2 exam. 

Another solution of the same could be conducting the exams on time along with releasing the results timely too. This also includes the timely posting of the students.

Moreover, SSC can also publish the waiting list to fill the vacant position. 

Also, the students whose exam has been conducted on 18th November 2020 are demanding reexamination. 

Above all, the best solution could be creating employment opportunities that need long-term strategies, not short-term goals.

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