How to Manage Work-Life Balance for a Woman?

How to Manage Work-Life Balance for a Woman?

Every inch of your body is tired, but as soon as you reach home you have to wash utensils resting in the sink.

Well, yes, that’s the story of every Indian woman. If I have to say it in simpler words, it is the pure struggle to maintain a balance between family and work.

Indian women struggle between career and family because unlike a man a woman does not have any choice.

Not that I’m married, yet, speaking from my own, very recent experience, if you would ask a guy what kind of woman he would want to marry. The answer of most of the guys would be, “someone who can take care of the family.”

So, the question is, why? 

Why a woman is expected to be ambitious or career-oriented, but a housewife?

Statistically speaking, over 160 million housewives fetch food, water, wood, and take care of their families. Moreover, if compared to men, a woman spends 297 minutes per day taking care of the family as compared to 31 minutes by a man.

Yet a man is entitled as a “bread earner.”

Definitely, I’m not against the idea of a man being independent and successful, the only problem I have is why a woman can’t be termed as a breadwinner  (think of a proper term).

That’s not all, even if a woman works, however, her work, or should I say, hard work, has never been appreciated, sometimes not even by her husband.

That begs other questions, is the so-called ALPHA-MALE EGO factor is still subduing the double work of a woman? If women are only responsible for taking care of family, then what about men?

I say when it comes to taking responsibility, it always falls upon the shoulder of the woman. A woman who is supposed to be inferior and fragile as compared to a man. But, to manage a family, she’s THE RIGHT PERSON.

Let me make a thing very clear, I’m not against the idea of a woman taking care of her family, because I believe no one can do it better than us.

But I want you to think about career women and home management, do you know why? 

Because a woman deserves it all.

She has studied, got graduated, and stood on her feet, not just to take care of a family. But can be successful like Sairee Chahal, Aditi Gupta, Prerna Singh, and more.

Now, let’s move to how to manage work-life balance for a woman?

How to Manage Work Life Balance For a Woman?

1. An Organized Schedule Can Fix Anything!

Organized Schedule Can Fix Anything

True that is!

Women’s struggles to balance family and work can create an appropriate schedule as per their work. And take some time to enjoy personal space. 

Stuck between the work of the office and home, well, the limit crosses when everyone sleeps but you have to probably wash the dirty utensils. 

I mean, what about the health or sleep of the woman?

Because as we all are aware of the fact that, lack of proper sleep could result in high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, low sex drive, and more.

So, it is not just the dark circle under your eyes. But your whole body is going to affect if you don’t sleep on time.

No worries, there is nothing a proper schedule can’t fix! 

All you have to do is to wake up and organize things as per the work you have.

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2. Don’t Just Plan, But Implement

Planning something seems easy, I mean what it takes to think of what you have to do and then, divide the time accordingly. 

The real struggle is, implementing the changes.

Because it won’t gonna do what you scheduled, you end washing those utensils till midnight every single day. That means no personal time and improper sleep.

So, I would just say, one single thing, do what you planned.

3. Your Kid Can Be a Life Savior  (if you have any)

Um…kid, my little kid, what can he do to help me?

I’m very aware of the fact that the idea of your kid being your savior sounds like living in a parallel, isn’t it?

But! It could be possible, I’m not asking to put every single responsibility of yours on your kid’s shoulder, but a little would be fine.

If I have to give some example, your kid picks up groceries for you, or collects all the utensils and puts those in the sink.

Easy, isn’t it? 

4. Prioritise Your Time

Prioritise Your Time

No doubt, a life of a wife starts from her family and ends there too, just like the sun rises from the east and sets in the west.

But you need to prioritize your time now, certainly, I’m not asking you to leave your family behind. However, keeping some time for yourself aside, won’t do any harm to anyone, does it?

For career women and home management, you need to understand that you grow or to learn something new, you need time. And you can only get that time when you make some.

Nothing is free in this world, so, sacrifice a little to achieve something great.

5. Personal S-p-a-c-e

To read, to write, anything you wanna learn needs time. But with time to learn new things, you need your own space too.

What is personal space basically? 

It’s my time, time that you own, not your husband/kid/family, not your work or goals, but your time.

It should be, your personal time where you give time to yourself, no mobile, no Netflix, no family. It could be walking alone even without your phone.

6. Ah! You Need a Break Baby Girl

Ah! You Need a Break Baby Girl

Women’s struggle between career and family, do need a break from all the stress of getting a promotion at the office or your husband’s workload or your kid’s school performance.

I mean, it is ALOT to take.

So, how to manage work-life balance for a woman?

The first thing is you need a day off from all of the things that worry you.

Go to the parlor, have a manicure, pedicure, a cool haircut, whatever you want. Just take a break!

7. Unplug Yourself From Stress

Switch off all the sources which are giving you stress, but if you want a solution for women’s struggle between career and family, you need to be stress-free.

Because as we know, being stressed about things only gonna make things complicated. And if you are searching for how to manage work-life balance for a woman, you need free or happy thoughts.

8. Set || Boundaries ||

Boundaries, yes, you need to set boundaries between your work and household chaos.

So, if you are looking for a solution for women’s struggle between career and family, you need to make a wall to grow and expand your knowledge. 

Also, by the knowledge I mean, learning new skills, not just something related to your work, but something additional. 

9. Set Goals and Stick to Them

Waking up early to make tea for everyone, doesn’t seem like a goal, does it?

However, a real goal, probably, is to learn something new by being a part of the course. Or probably, you could learn a new language which you always wanted to learn.

But you have to stick to your goals. 

The tip I could give you is, start by setting one goal for a day.

10. Ask For Help

Ask For Help

Sometimes not asking for help is all you are doing wrong, I mean, there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

I’m not saying to just put all your responsibility on others, but divide a little work. For instance, your mother-in-law can help in dealing with household chaos.

However, if you live with your husband only, your husband can help you with the work.

How it would help? Or How to manage work life balance for a woman?

This would give you time to focus on other things you are interested in.

11. Maybe You Need a BIG “O”

That excitement or shivery feeling you get when you are about to cum, maybe that’s all you need.

After working for 8 hours, you get tired, then the last thing you need is just to lay on the bed, that means, no intimacy.

I know, you are looking for how to manage work-life balance for a woman, but sometimes sex is all you need to feel relieved

However, you can’t ignore that when a woman handles housework and office work, she does not get time for her husband or to fulfill her sexual desires. 

Well, I’m no relationship expert but through thorough research, I get to know that sex is one of the essential factors, especially in marriage. 

So, spice things up and make some “US” time for your husband, probably dime lights or candles and a light atmosphere.

12. Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Get You One More Step Closer to Your Dream

A step closer to your dream seems like a dream for women’s struggles to balance family and work, right?

What are you supposed to do?

In my opinion, you can wake up early (definitely by sleeping early to avoid feeling sleepy the whole day) and work on your skills. Thus, it will benefit your career as well, because it is not high marks degree a person needs to work, but skills are all we need.

13. Separate Your Personal and Professional Life

Separate Your Personal and Professional Life

Yes, coming home with a bunch of files to work on, while your husband or family just want to have dinner with you, sounds awful to me.

That’s why I would suggest leaving all the work at an office and enjoy some time with your family. Because at the end of the day, all you need is a relaxing evening where you can put your feet on the couch, sip the tea, and relax.


So, there you are with some of the finest tips on how to manage work-life balance for a woman, that will certainly make your life super easy. I mean, just like a man, women also need a mantra to relax and enjoy some time, instead of consistently working.

And hey! You have got what you need!!

Well, if you have a secret way to make things work, I’m all ears to listen to your work-life balance mantra, just comment.

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