How to Manage College and Internship Together? Easy way!

How many internships have you joined till now?

None?!?! Are you serious?

Well, it’s okay if you had your personal reasons for this. But, if it was because you didn’t know/don’t know how to manage college and internship together, then I’m sorry, you can not blame anyone for this.

Because there are so many people who manage not just internships but work along with their studies. And also, managing internships and studies is not at all difficult!

Okay yeah, now you will say, “it is easier spoken than done”, right? Well, then just to give you a slight idea that I am speaking 100% from my personal experience, I’ll share some personal details about myself. Just 1 line.

I have completed 12+ internships in the last 8 months.

Did you know?

Completing internships increases job offers by 16%!

So, I really want you to get this experience too. This is why I am going to share some vital dos & don’t’s on “How to Manage College and Internship Together?”

Buckle Up. We’re about to set foot on a new journey! So, let’s go!

How to Manage College and Internship Together?

how to do internship during semester in India

So, Here’s What You Need to Do!

1. Understand the Internship Profile Carefully

A lot of people have the question, “how to do an internship during the semester?” So, the first and foremost thing to be considered while going for an internship during college is the internship profile. 

Since the aim of an internship is not just earning a stipend. You must make sure that the internship profile matches your college course and your career objectives. These certificates and experience that you gain while doing an internship are extremely valuable in your career. 

So, just like you made a choice of stream in class 11 based on your career goals, the same way you need to make a WISE CHOICE in terms of which profile to pursue internships.

For instance, if you are pursuing B.Com in college, then it will be highly beneficial for you to do internships in profiles like finance, marketing, HR, business development, etc.

2. Make Sure you Get Paid

Next, make sure that you get paid while doing an internship. 

But, let it be very clear that I don’t mean that you must take up paid internships only!

Two factors that make internships worthwhile:

  1. Great value/experience-addition
  2. Fair Stipend

So, what this means is that you should do unpaid internships if they add great value to your CV or help you gain experience in the field of your study. Obviously, such internships are great opportunities that must not be missed, whether or not they are paid.

But, keep in mind that not all internships are worth doing while being unpaid. 

Now, you have to have good judgment skills to decide this part. Or, I’ll suggest you ask your mentors for advice here. 

Note: Doing an unpaid internship that does not even add any special value to your portfolio is not at all healthy. Since you will be working under the stress of doing and unmeaningful work. So, try to filter out the right internships that are worth doing unpaid.

Otherwise, just know the rules and make sure that you get paid well for your efforts. This will boost your morale and keep you going.

3. Classes Must be Prioritized | How to do Internship while Studying?

can I do internship while studying in India

Another important point to be kept in mind is that your classes are more important than your internship. Let me explain this by quoting a real-life situation that you can all relate to.

So, why are you doing an internship? To have an impressive CV for a job, correct?

But, how do you become eligible for sitting in the recruitment process of companies? By securing a minimum percentage in your degree course, right?

So, what will be the benefit of doing even 10s of internships, if you are not able to get the minimum scores? You won’t even be considered for a job, let alone be an impressive candidate!

So, please mind this point. Do not compromise your studies for an internship. If you think your scores are slipping, try to get an internship with fewer working hours. This way you’ll be able to focus on your studies.

4. Get Organized

Do not give up how to do internship during semester

For many, the question, “how to do an internship while studying” might be intimidating. Well, it is because it might be a little tough. But, you need to know that it is not impossible. 

The key for how to manage college and internships together is to have a well-organized routine.

Trust me, the only way you can do an internship while studying without being exhausted or feeling overwhelmed is to be organized. If you don’t have a schedule, you’ll tend to miss deadlines both at work and college. And, this is absolutely not healthy. As you’ll end up building extreme pressure on yourself.

Here are some tips to get organized (if you are not great at organizing!)

  1. Jot down your tasks to be done a night prior before going to bed.
  2. First thing in the morning, allot time duration to all the tasks on your to-do list.
  3. Take sufficient breaks in between two tasks.
  4. Set alarms, if you tend to forget easily.
  5. Cross out the tasks which have been completed off the list.

Tip: Instead of maintaining a journal or a diary, try to utilize technology. I personally create my to-do list on my phone and set alarms alongside it. 

5. Stick to Your Schedule


A schedule is only good for as long as you follow it. So, remember it is not important to have a schedule but to follow it! 

6. Your Employer Must be Aware of your Availability

Yes! This is really important if you do not want to be assigned work during your college hours. Make sure that your employer is well aware of your college timings.

Also, if you have any additional classes or coaching, bring that to their knowledge too. This is important so that you do not deviate your focus during study hours. 

Tip: Try going for only part-time internships if you are a full-time student.

7. Give Notice of your Leaves for Examination Well in Advance

Again, if you have exams, let your employer know about them at least two weeks prior. This will be easier for both you to have enough time to study and for your employer to manage the workload.

8. Make Time to Relax. You Must Know When it is Time to Stop

It is not easy to do an internship and do well in college at the same time. But, if you want to achieve a state of equilibrium, then keep in mind that sufficient rest is as important as hard work.

I’ll give my example here. At one point in time, I was managing 3 part-time internships and college side by side. So, obviously, I over-exhausted myself. Every day I would contemplate quitting one internship or the other since I could not channelize my energy well. 

That was when I realized that moving forward is not just about constantly pushing yourself ahead but also knowing when to stop and rest.

So, although I ended up completing all three internships successfully, I decided never to put myself in that position again. 

9. Be “Present” in your Personal & Social Life 

Relax! How to manage college and internship together

When you start an internship while studying in college, you’ll notice your social life diminishing slowly. Also, you may experience a sense of lost connection to yourself too.

These things tend to happen with everybody, in the beginning, so you do not need to worry about it a lot. 

But, take my advice, do not normalize this! Do not let your work-study routine harm your social/personal life balance. 

So, make sure to follow your schedule tightly so that you have enough time to take breaks and socialize! 

Also, when with friends or family, try to avoid work-related calls or discussions. Keep them out of your mind and be 100% present. Enjoy your time as it will help you recharge your batteries and get back to work with increased stamina. 

10. Fake it Till You Make it!

This one’s a bonus tip for you! 

Do not brag about your achievements to anybody. One of the most important rules to be successful in life is to keep your achievements to yourself. 

Not everyone will be happy to see you succeed. And as far as I believe, energies do matter. So try to keep any kind of negative energy away from you.

Remember that “success hugs you in private, but failure slaps you in public”. 

Now, Some ‘Very Important’ Don’ts

1. Do Not Shy Away from New Opportunities

Internships are great, not only because they provide you valuable certification, but because of the experience that you gain through them. 

So, when you say, “how to manage college and internship together?” Don’t think of it as an additional task that you have to do. Okay? Consider it as an opportunity to grow and expand your horizons!

You might even get a placement offer while doing an internship. So, these opportunities will take you a long way along with a healthy future.

2. Do Not, Under Any Circumstance, Procrastinate!

Do not Procrastinate

Don’t even think about it!

Because, “You may delay, but time will not.”

Try to understand this simply. If you procrastinate today, that will simply mean that you are not respecting your schedule. Therefore, you’ll end up getting things done with a ton load of pressure at the last moment.

3. Do Not Allow your Schedule to Take Over your Personal Space

Respecting your personal space is vital. You must make clear boundaries in your working hours and your personal time. 

This is the best way to ensure that a routine is followed and your work does not overtake your personal time.

How to get an Internship while in College in India?

How to manage college and internship together

Can I do an internship while studying in India?

Okay, so the clear answer is YES! You can absolutely do an internship while studying in India. 

So, we have a very detailed article on how to get a paid internship in India. You can find answers related to “how to get an internship while in college in India” in this article. And if you have any queries, feel free to hit the comment section.

How to Balance an Internship and a Job?

how to balance an internship and a job

Balancing an internship with a job is just like balancing an internship while studying. In both situations, you have to manage two different things at one time. 

So, the key to balance an internship with a job is pretty much similar to managing an internship while studying. 

You need to prioritize your full-time job and set clear boundaries to manage time while doing your full-time job and then working on your internship. 

Also, make sure that you don’t get lost while managing all the extra workload. Give yourself proper time and space to relax and unwind. 

Last but not the least, do not procrastinate!

But, Why Do I Need an Internship?

So, in the end, I would like to include the article by discussing the need for internships for college students.

I’m not going to take much of your time here. So, I’ll just sum up all the benefits of getting an internship in a few words:

  1. Gain valuable experience
  2. Develop skills
  3. Explore different career paths
  4. Financial Compensation
  5. Networking
  6. Build confidence

I think these factors are enough to indicate the importance of doing internships while studying in college. 

So, let us know in the comment section below which of the above-stated tips you found the best. Also, if you have any queries on “how to get an internship while in college in India”, feel free to ask us!

We are happy to help you!

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