How to Become a CBI Officer after 12th? Eligibility, Syllabus, Salary!

How to Become a CBI Officer after 12th | CBI Officer Eligibility | CBI Exam Syllabus | CBI Officer Salary

CBI is one of the most prominent and transparent investigation agencies. Indeed, being a part of the organization is of immense pride and significance.

It is a dream of millions to be a part of this prestigious organization.

However, the dilemma remains with the aspirants. How to become a CBI officer is a big question in the minds of aspirants.

Surprisingly, there are various sub-departments in the CBI where an individual can work.

  • Investigation & Anti-Corruption Division (Delhi Special Police Establishment)
  • Research Division 
  • Crime Records and Statistics Division 
  • Technical Division 
  • Administrative Division 
  • Legal and General Division 

CBI officer is one of the most respected and powerful posts in serving society and the nation.

Wait! Wait! Myths Bursting… 

The image of CBI officers has been created as investigating officers. However, the truth is slightly expanded.

Yes, it is partially true that as an officer you get to investigate criminal cases.

Surprisingly, as mentioned with various departments the role is different. 

It shall connect to the core motive of the agency to block corruption and investigate crime.

The officers work in laboratories, cybercrime cells, consultants, legal and financial cases, and much more. 

After the selection, the job profile varies with the department. However, it depends on the department he or she is associated with.

I know this might be confusing initially. Yet, it is not that complicated. 

Further, the details will clear all your queries. 

Surely, this article will guide readers to know more about the job profile, eligibility, syllabus, and ways to enter the CBI department. 

Also, the readers who are unsure about the post will get to know from the basic.

Probably, the significance and benefits can attract more minds to contribute their skills for the agency.

  • What all will the readers get to know- 
  • How to get a job in the CBI? 
  • What is the salary of a CBI officer?
  • What is the CBI exam eligibility and syllabus?
  • How and when are the officers promoted?
  • How to become a CBI officer after the 12th or 10? 

The ways!

Firstly, there are three ways to get selected. 

  • UPSC Examination
  • SSC Examination 
  • Direct Recruitment 

The above examinations assist in recruiting officers of a specific Group. Groups define the profile, seniority, authority of the officers. 

It reflects the levels of positions in the agency.

The levels are as follows- (Highest to the Lowest)

  • Director
  • Special Director 
  • Additional Director
  • Joint Director
  • Deputy Inspector General
  • Senior Superintendent of Police 
  • Superintendent of Police 
  • Additional Superintendent of Police 
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police
  • Inspector 
  • Sub Inspector 
  • Assistant Sub Inspector 
  • Head Constable
  • Constable

Now, we know the various posts of officers. Let us understand which exams you must apply for depending on the post.

1. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC):

The UPSC exam is for the Additional Superintendent of Police. Aspirants qualify for the levels of this exam.

Subsequently, the qualification is the eligibility to be an officer in the CBI office. 

The syllabus is available on the official page of UPSC. It involves a series of tests.

Salary- 56,100 to 2,25,000

(This is according to Shiksha.com.)

2. Staff Selection Commission (SSC):

(Combined Graduate Level Exam):

This exam is conducted for the Sub Inspector post. The Combined Graduate Level Exam is the exam under SSC to qualify for this post.

Further, the exam goes through various tests. Following this, the aspirant is selected as the officer in the CBI office. 

SSC exams assist government organisations to hire individuals in the departments. Group B and Group C level positions are generally hired through this examination.

So, the examination involves level. Further, the syllabus can be easily found on the official website of the SSC.

Salary- 44,900 to 1,42,400

The Initial pay is 44,900. Along with this, some other allowances and benefits increase the total pay up to 60,000 (approx).

Altogether, these are the two ways to get a job in CBI. 

However, one more way to join the CBI office is mentioned below

Before that, the eligibility criteria await in their queue.

So, important to note is that the criteria are the same within both examinations.

Eligibility Criteria

Let’s read the details below- 

Qualifications- Graduate (any stream)

Graduation is the minimum qualification required.

Age Criteria-  20-35 years (Range)

  • General Category- 20-30
  • OBC Category- 20-33
  • ST/SC Category- 20-35

Physical Fitness Criteria

Height- 150- 165 cms

  • Male- 165 cms 
  • Female-150cms 

There is relaxation for certain categories. For instance, the Tribesmen and under the age of 20 years.

Eyesight-  Eyesight with or without glasses 

Distant vision:

  • 6/6 in one eye
  • 6/9 in another eye 

Near Vision:

  • 0.6 in one eye 
  • 0.8 for another eye

These are the common criteria for the aspirants to consider while applying for the respective post.

Moving further, the last way to apply for your dream job is mentioned below.

3. Direct Recruitment:

Under this method, there are vacancies uploaded on the official page of CBI. The aspirant can locate the vacancy for the respective position. 

However, there are limits involved in this method. 

Firstly, the jobs are temporary and based on contracts.

Furthermore, the vacancies are mostly for the officers and professionals in the field. Officers working at the state level and others in government organizations.

Yet, there are opportunities like internships provided for the aspirants.

Graduates can apply for the internship. 

Eligibility Criteria-

The eligibility criteria are mostly the same.

Although, there might be some specific changes according to the vacancy.

For instance, the age limit for the vacancy to hire retired professionals can extend to 40 years of age.

Rest, the physical and other requirement remains the same.


Again, this carries depending upon the vacant position. There are vacancies other than the officer post. So, there is variation in the salary.

To know about the vacancy and the details, you can check the official site of the CBI recruitment 2021.

Else, follow these steps-

  • Firstly, search CBI.
  • The official site will open.
  • Click on the site. You will see blue color boxes on the page.
  • Wherein, there are various links. 
  • In the About section, choose the vacancies option.
  • It will lead you to the page where all such vacancies are mentioned.
  • Look at it very carefully. Click on the View Catalogue option. This option is beside every vacancy that is uploaded on the site. 
  • Consequently, you will be able to find the details for your prospective job.


Now, I hope you are well acquainted with the salary, position, eligibility criteria, and syllabus. 

Next, we will talk about the promotion. 

Who gets promoted?

In what duration can one get promoted?

Firstly, every officer is promoted to the level of hierarchy mentioned above.

Staying from the Sub Inspector to the above, there is a sequence. Sometimes, there are tests conducted to promote the officers.

Otherwise, the other requirement is time and experience.

Initially, when one starts as a Sub Inspector, it takes 6-7 years to be the Inspector.

Next, from Inspector to Deputy Superintendent of Police requires 4-5 years of experience.

Further, Deputy Superintendent of Police to Additional Superintendent of Police takes up to almost 6 years before promotion.

Afterward, the duration is quite relaxed after this position. The officers are promoted easily.

I hope the doubts and queries of the readers have come to an end.

But, wait! I know there might be some questions capturing your thoughts.

Most probably, how can I join CBI after 10th or 12th.

I know, there are not many answers about it. 

So, let us fetch the answers to it.

How to join CBI after class 12/10?

Unfortunately, the answer to this no. The minimum qualification to join CBI is graduation. The graduation can be from any stream.

Hence, your subject choice in high school doesn’t affect the chances selected.

However, you will have to complete your graduation to enter CBI.

So, these are the details of how to join CBI. 

Although, these are the details, the preparation, and the ladders to the dream job aren’t that easy.

The responsibilities of the officers are significant to the nation. So, the selection is quite critical. Yet, it is essential to be framed in this manner.

Moreover, the intelligence and skills must be diverse for officers as per requirement.

So I, don’t worry. 

Focus and efficient planning will lead you to your dream job.

An Aspirant’s Qualifications?

Are there any special qualifications for aspirants? Actually, no, you don’t require some special qualifications. Yet, one must be physically and mentally strong enough.

It involves a lot of physical tasks. Indeed, physical strength is given so much priority. 

Also, the stress involves require individuals to be mentally healthy.

That is why there are medical tests involved for every body part.

This helps to assure the organisation that the individual is suitable for the job profile.

So, the detailed requirements are to help aspirants to clear their queries.

Also, for those who want to join any government organization, this is an opportunity for you all.

So, try hard and you shall surely succeed.

Lastly, below are another set of frequently asked questions that will help you clear your doubts-


  1. What is the qualification for a CBI job?

    The minimum qualification for a CBI job is Graduation. Other than this, the aspirant must be able to clear the examinations for the vacant post.

  2. How can I join CBI after the 12th?

    There is no vacancy for the 12th pass in CBI. An individual must be a graduate to qualify and gain a job in CBI.

  3. Which subject is best for a CBI officer?

    Any subject is the best for a CBI officer. Since there is no restriction to subjects, every stream and subject has equal weightage. The diversity of departments requires aspirants of different academic backgrounds.

  4. What is the salary of CBI per month?

    The salary of a CBI officer varies from post to post. It ranges from 1,60,000 to 63,000. The constable salary is a bit lower than this range.

  5. Do CBI officers have uniforms?

    Yes, CBI officers wear a dark blue jacket with CBI imprinted on it as their uniform.

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