How To Get A Job Abroad Without Experience?

Getting a job abroad has always been a dream of many students who have completed their degrees.

Also, it is the most financial way which an individual can opt to travel the whole world.

The one who wants to get independent wants to work in a burning environment, explore different cultures, and does not want to work and earn only by working in their comfort zone generally thinks of working overseas.

However on the other hand it brings various challenges like living alone in a new country, matching with their culture, understanding their way of living, and many more.

“But we all know if it is not challenging it is not fun.”

When we look towards finding jobs the first and foremost thing that comes into mind is experience.

Because we all know that wherever we will be going for giving the interview the interviewer will ask for experience.

This 10 letter word “experience” create 10,000 thoughts into our mind and in the end, we are only left with the disappointment that we cannot achieve the job we desire of.

But what if I tell you that you can get a job abroad without experience? 

You may think that I am kidding, right?

No, I am not.

But this article is gonna open your mind that only experience is not something that an organization looks for.

There are other things too that you can use as a superpower to get a job abroad that too without experience.

So this time you don’t have to worry because I am here to help you out regarding the different requirements (including special suggestions) as well as also gonna tell you the top 3 jobs abroad with accommodation and also which does not require any experience.

So, I hope this article will clear all your questions regarding how to get a job abroad without experience.

Firstly, Let’s begin with the requirements.

1. Showcasing yourself

Project information

The first step to look towards any job is to give sufficient information regarding yourself which may include personal information academics as well as other side projects.

Your academic qualification acts as a way to verify the eligibility criteria of an individual and it also states that the person has qualified from the renowned institution which the company can trust.

You must also put up your best scholarly achievements as well as make sure that you also add your side projects on which you have worked because it reflects the hobbies of the one as well as the areas in which he or she is interested.

Important Suggestion: Create a dynamic portfolio that involves all the required information as well as at some peace of your work.

For example, if you are a blogger you could upload a blog regarding any famous or trending topic.

2. Learning new languages

If you are dreaming of working abroad too without knowing English then, to be honest, you cannot look for a job.

English is one of the common languages that can be used all over the world at least to converse with someone.

But you need to know that if you only know English and Hindi it may become difficult for you to work in other countries rather than the US  like Russia, China, Japan because their mother language is different.

So you need to learn different languages at least the basics to work in other desired countries.

Important suggestion: Before applying for a job in different countries have complete research regarding that country. Make sure that you have enough information regarding their culture as well as language. So that it will become easy for you to get mix with the organizations working in that country.

3. Getting certified

Getting certified

How to get a job overseas without experience?

Is one of the questions whose most prominent answer is getting a good certification.

A good certification prominently acts as a key to get a job overseas without experience.

These certifications help your portfolio to be strong enough to impress the interviewer if the certifications are done by good companies.

Here are some certifications which you can go through:

(I) RSA: A responsible service of alcohol

This is one of the simple online courses which are available that provide certification to an individual that allows them to work in hospitality services in Australia.

(II) TEFL: A 120- hour Teaching English as a foreign language

This is a certificate that is recognized internationally as well as makes teaching jobs easy. If you do not have any experience in teaching then this certification could genuinely help you a lot in opting for teaching as a job in different countries.

(III) Trade certificates

These are the certificates that are basically for the professionals like plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and other professions.

Important suggestion: Before going for different certifications you must see that it belongs to your area of the field and is relevant to your job. Having unnecessary certifications could create a mess.

4. Being practical

The most important thing to keep in mind while applying for jobs abroad is being practical and realistic about the job you are applying for.

If you are even an undergraduate from a prestigious institution don’t expect a high job in a big organization where you will get thousands of bucks because practically that is not possible as you don’t hold any experience and don’t have enough knowledge too.

On the other hand, don’t underestimate yourself too.

Apply for jobs that match your qualifications and certification because it will help you in finding the appropriate job.

Important suggestion: While applying for a job aiming too high or too low both are wrong. Aim moderately and choose the position accordingly which will keep you happy as well as the organization. However, depending on your knowledge, you can even acquire a high package.

5. Applying according to the organization

While bidding for any job go through the about and applicability criteria of the company that is provided by them.

This will help you to add or subtract the relevant information from your CV or resume.

Which will help their employers to look towards you and your CV. Because it matches the needs and requirements of the post.

Important suggestion: Have complete research regarding the business environment and organizational culture and edit your resume according to it.

6. Checking your VISA

Checking your VISA

Visa is the most important document which is required to travel from one country to the other.

It becomes important for you to take a proper visa and go to the country. Being a foreigner over there without any job experience could create a problem. So before leaving your home country make sure that you have a proper abroad job.

Various jobs abroad include Visa sponsorship such as teaching jobs in Asia. This could be a great help for the individual who does not hold any experience.

Important suggestion: Applying for a Visa and then getting one is generally a long process so check that you have your Visa ready before applying for a job.

Above mentioned points were some of the most important key factors that could help you in getting a job abroad without any experience.

But what are the jobs that we can apply for? 

No worries I am here! With some of the jobs which you could look for.

If you are a foreigner in a host country and it is becoming difficult for you to seek a job as well as if you are planning to go abroad to work there.

Job 1: Teaching


Teaching in Asia has always been a flexible and prominent job that an individual can go for.

It does not require anything; you just need the TEFL certification as well as the knowledge to teach the required class.

You just need to have a teaching course that does not take more than three to four weeks and you are done.

Every country has a different course time of teaching but this teaching generally pays you more than you expect.

So save some money from your salary and be ready to travel to the next country.

Pro Tip: Have detailed research regarding the study pattern. This will help you to collaborate with your students. And if they perform well you could get a promotion which will increase your salary too.

Job 2: Hospitality services

In foreign hospitality, jobs are quite famous which includes working in hotels, bars, or hostels.

Working here does not require any major experience. These types of jobs are generally fun to do as well as it also helps you to meet new people.

When you work abroad you need to earn enough so that you can also pay for your accommodation. But these hospitality jobs generally come with accommodation facilities for their workers.

So this is one of the best kinds of jobs abroad with accommodation and no experience.

Pro tip: If you are looking for a hospitality job then you can find them on workaway, hotel management, or Goabroad.com websites. They provide different jobs which are available with or without accommodation.

Job 3. Au Pairing

This job is difficult to pronounce but easy to do! Yes, this is one of the easiest jobs which an individual can go for without having any experience.

Coming to the point Au pairing refers to the nanny that looks towards the children.

And nobody needs any experience to do so. you just have to select your country to choose your desired area and then you can talk to the family regarding the hours you want to work as well as the stipend or salary.

This is much easier and safer as it will help you to get mixed with the local culture and to know more about them.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for this job you can use the Tinder app. Other than matching girl’s and boy’s profiles together, the Tinder app performs other functions too like matching the families with the individuals who can perform the job of a nanny.

There are other jobs too which you can look for but only as a part-time because they will not pay you enough like plumbing, working at petrol stations, being a local photographer, pet sitting.


So working abroad and finding it could be much easier than doing it in the home country but for this, you just require good research according to the skills and qualifications you know.

Owing no experience could act as a problem and if you are looking for a job abroad then I would suggest you have interim job experience.

In which you may not get any salary but will own at least an experience certificate by the end of 2-3 months as they are generally of a short period.

So work hard, have good research and you are ready to travel the whole world and pursue your desired abroad job.

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Ishita Saxena
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