9 FREE Online Courses with Certificates in India by Government

Free online government certifications | Free online courses with certificates in India by the government | Free Online Courses With Certificates in India by the Government for School Students

You might be a student, teacher, or another professional, but you must be looking for better opportunities if you are looking for this article.

Because, we all are aware of the importance of an authorized certificate.

I’m sure you understand it too!

A certificate and that too from government authorized agencies are enough to describe your qualities and capabilities!

If you are wondering why that is so, then keep scrolling to find out!

I am a student myself, looking for promising career opportunities. And so, a few days back, I was searching for free online courses with certificates in India by the government.

But, I was disappointed as it took so long to find the results!

So, I thought that I must share with you what I researched for hours. 

I am compiling my hours-long research on free online government certifications in this blog for you!

free government courses with certificates

This list contains details regarding free online courses with certificates in India by the government for school students, teachers, science students, commerce students, etc.

Check them out!

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Free Online Courses With Certificates in India by the Government for Teachers

Free online courses for teachers


SWAYAM is a Government of India-initiated training program under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development. It is specifically designed to achieve the three fundamental principles of our education policy.

These principles are:

  • Access
  • Equity 
  • Quality

The SWAYAM program offers numerous courses for learners, absolutely free of cost. Although, if you want to apply for the certificates, you will have to appear in person for a proctored examination at the designated center. And, this exam will cost you a fee.

The primary objective of this initiative is to take the best of education resources to even the marginalized sections of society. 

The way SWAYAM courses work is that it makes available all the UGC course material as self-explanatory pdf and similarly, provides lecture videos from some of the industry leaders. 

SWAYAM courses have the best-in-class instructors. It empowers you with knowledge and skills. Moreover, the courses are summarized into weekly assignments to ensure your progress promptly.

The exams are web-proctored, so you cannot think of clearing them by cheating!

The courses are channelized through trusted government partners. This means that the credit is transferred easily without any hassle.

The courses offered under the SWAYAM program are perfect to complement your academic growth.

SWAYAM is an excellent platform that works on enhancing the effectiveness of MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses). It follows a very systematic approach.

It helps you grow forward towards the desired learning goals.

Although, one thing to keep in mind while opting for a course on SWAYAM is that not all the courses provide a certificate. These courses are made to work as a help to undergraduates and post-graduates of all streams. 

On the other hand, courses like Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, or Cybersecurity are certificate-based

2. iGOT


The Department of Personnel and Training launched the iGOT platform, available on the DIKSHA Portal. 

The main objective of this platform is to provide training to frontline staff against COVID-19.

This training program provides updates in coping with the pandemic. Consequently, there are 15+ courses as bite-sized lectures available in English and regional languages. It offers a self-paced learning opportunity. 

You can take this online course to be a part of the nation’s fight against the virus. 

The courses under this initiative are absolutely free of cost and you can download your online certificate once you finish the course.

Moreover, this course is beneficial for teachers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, NCC staff, etc.

3. NITTTR (National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research) for Teacher Training Program

NITTTR is an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Human Resource and Development. The institute is set up with the main aim of improving the quality of the engineering education system in India.

Meanwhile, it focuses on the Southern Region of the country. 

As this is a faculty training program, it offers need-based HRD programs, develops curricula, and provides instructional resources to meet the requirements of the clientele.

The NITTTR undertakes extensive research in the area of Engineering Education

Other than this, it also offers consultancy and extension services to develop technical institutions, the service sector, industry, and society at large. 

Free Online Courses With Certificates in India by the Government for Commerce Students

Free online commerce courses

1. Online Courses for Entrepreneurs – Startupindia

The government of India has launched StartUpIndia, a Ministry of Commerce and Industry initiative under the Department for Promotion of Industry and Trade. 

The courses are combined from numerous trusted and credible partners. 

It offers various free courses, not only for certification purposes but also to inculcate real-life lessons in budding entrepreneurs.

Some courses are free of cost while some charge a fee for certification.

Some of the courses include project management, inbound sales, finance analyst, digital transformation, etc.

Free Online Courses With Certificates in India by the Government for Science Students

Science Courses


NASSCOM is another government of India initiative that offers free AI and Data Science certificate courses for science students. 

I’ve seen this myself that many institutes charge as much as INR 7000 per month for such courses.

Now, ain’t this a great opportunity to avail theses courses free of cost? 

The courses help you get familiar with AI trends, the impact that statistics has on AI research, and various other aspects of artificial intelligence. The courses also teach Python as an AI Tool. 

NASSCOM is currently offering six free certification courses. These are:

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Python for Data Science
  3. Data Visualization with Python
  4. Algorithms
  5. SQL and Relational Databases 101
  6. Statistics 101

2. ICT

ICT is a Ministry of Human Resource and development initiative that provides free online classes on various technological topics, including computer languages, AI, and even the DTH Industry! 

It is also part of the SWAYAM program. 

3. AICTE ELIS Portal 

The All India Council for Technical Education launched Enhancement in Learning with Improvement In Skills (ELIS), an online training platform. 

You can avail free online classes and certificates from a single platform through this portal.

For instance, it sources the courses from 18 best Ed-tech companies, including edX, Simpliv, Guvi, Great Learning, etc. 

4. Free Online Computer Courses by National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology

The National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology, Kolkata is a 45 years old Registered Scientific Society under the Central and West Bengal governments.

It offers both long-term as well short-term courses and programs. You can check the availability of the courses on the website.

Furthermore, NIELIT offers Protsahan Puraskar Scheme for SC/ST/Physically Handicapped and Female Students pursuing NIELIT.

You can also check the eligibility criteria from the official website.

If you want to apply for any course, you will first have to register with the NIELIT. You can register yourself by clicking here.

Free Online Computer Courses from C-DAC


The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is a major research and development organization of the Ministry of Electronics and IT.

Additionally, C-DAC offers numerous certificate courses in Various Windows OS, Computer Basics, including Computer Fundamentals and Organisation, Components of a Computer, Networking, Introduction to Operating systems, and the Internet. 

Its certificates are highly regarded by IT and software companies while hiring recruits.

The institute regularly generates free programs for different sections of society. You should keep in touch with their website to be informed about the latest courses.

Currently, C-DAC, in collaboration with the Bihar Government, is inviting applications for the candidates from SC, ST, and OBC category having domicile in the State of Bihar for admission to Certificate Courses in the area of :

  • Network Security(CCNS)
  • Advanced Web Technology(CAWT)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Advanced Computing (PG-DAC)

If you are a science student, then these courses will help you pave a path for yourself.

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So, Why are These Certificates So Valuable?

Why Certifications

So, let’s continue the discussion that began at the beginning of this blog – the value of such certificates.

1. Reflects Capabilities 

The thing about government offered courses is that you cannot get your certificate by simply just sitting in front of the laptops. You have to put in efforts and clear the competency exams, then only you get the certification. 

2. Adds to Your CV

Your curriculum vitae will grow with these certificates, not only in length but also in value. 

3. Better Job Profile

With a government-authorized certificate, the value of your job profile increases wherever you apply for a job. 

4. Enhanced Skills

With extra training, you are likely to develop enhanced skills and thus be capable of higher pay and value at your job. 

5. Cost-Efficient

These online courses are free of cost, making them even more efficient. Usually, these courses are offered at a price range starting from INR 5,000. Although, the government is offering these courses completely free!


These were just some of the benefits of free online government certifications. 

Now, these benefits and advantages can differ from person to person. But, for some, these certifications might be worth a fortune! 

By saying this, I am trying to emphasize the value of these free online government certifications again and again!

But, I suggest you that you must not miss this opportunity!

online training courses with certificate by government
Do not miss the opportunity!

Do not be like the people who miss an opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work!

Get up now and start building a bright future for yourself!

If you have any further questions and doubts concerning this blog, do let me know in the comment section below.

Also, as I always say, let me know if you have any suggestions to make this blog more informative to help our community.


  1. Are there any free online courses with certificates in India by the government?

    Yes! There are numerous free online courses with certificates in India by the government. In addition, the government of India provides training programs and courses in different fields of specialization.

  2. What are the free online courses with certificates in India by the government for teachers?

    Some of the best free online courses with certificates in India by the government for teachers are SWAYAM program, iGot, NITTTR, etc.

  3. What are the free online courses with certificates in India by the government for commerce students?

    The government of India provides free online courses in entrepreneurship for commerce students through an initiative called StartUpIndia.

  4. What are the free online courses with certificates in India by the government for science students?

    Some of the best free online courses with certificates in India by the government for science students are NASSCOM, ICT, ELIS Portal, C-Dac computer courses, and courses from National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology.

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