7 Best Graphic Design Courses Online!

The graphics design industry is very dynamic because of the constantly evolving technology. However, even with all these continuous changes, the industry does not fail to grow exponentially every single day! 

And, did you know?

The global market size of the graphics design industry in 2021 is $45.8 billion!

Graphics design remains one of the most popular career choices among designing students in India. The career prospects in graphics designing are huge and diverse. 

Becoming a graphics designer does not mean that you’ll be working in a single position. NO! Rather, the careers may include marketing manager, creative director, logo designer, industrial designer, layout artist, web designer, animator, film editor, and many more!

I find such career options to be great which allow you to diversify into different fields and help you grow your horizons.

Moreover, graphics designing pays really well! And shall I also say, one of the best courses after graduation?

Best graphic design courses online

And, if you want to learn graphics designing then you’ve reached your destination.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 7 best graphic design courses online to help you get started with your journey as a professional graphics designer.

So, let’s get started! Keep scrolling. 

Where Can I Find the Best Graphic Design Courses Online? (Without Any Fees!) | Graphic Design Courses after 12th

how to find online graphic design courses with certificates

So, when we talk about the best graphic design courses online, we are actually referring to two different categories of courses.

  1. Courses for Job-related Purposes
  2. Courses for Learning Purposes

So, how are these two different from each other?

Courses for Job-related PurposesCourses for Learning Purposes
These are the courses which come with certificates.These are the courses that do not offer any kind of certificate.
These courses are usually paid forThese courses are generally free of cost.
Since an employer hires on the basis of certificates and qualifications, people go for these courses to find jobs. These basically serve as proof of one’s skills and abilities.One usually undertakes these courses for learning purposes. For instance, you can learn any skill from YouTube but employers usually do not account for such learning experience. 

I hope this difference is clear to you. So, in case you may be wondering which courses I am going to discuss here in this article, then let me clarify that too.

This article includes a list of the 7 best online graphic design courses with certificates. So, basically the job-related ones. But- yeah that’s not it, there’s a BUT! 

I really want to discuss the other learning courses too. So here we go! 

What I mean by learning courses is the free learning resources available on the internet. For instance, Google and YouTube! YouTube is literally a free university where you can study and learn any topic from any subject from mentors around the globe. 

Now, this does not mean that you can not have a career if you learn your skills from free resources. There must be some employers who hire on the basis of skills and not by judging your paper manuscripts. Now, let’s say you can not find such an employer, no need to worry, you can be a freelancer!

So, in my opinion, you must utilize the power of these free resources available to you. Consider YouTube as pure gold available for free!

7 Best Graphic Design Courses Online That You Must Try!

Best Online Graphic Design Courses with Certificates

Now, as we talked about how you can learn any and all skills from the internet for free, the question arises, why do I need to pay for any other course then? Right?🤔

Well, here’s why!

Unfortunately, most Indian employers hire employees based on their qualifications and not their talent. So, as the certificates of courses provide proof of the candidate’s training, employers tend to use these as a factor for preliminary screening in the selection process.

Thus, in order to get a good job with a reputable employer, you need to have these certificates in your CV!

Now, in my opinion, if you are eventually going to pay for these courses then they must be unique and detailed so that you can gain proper knowledge and skills too. And, not just do them to get the certificate.

So, I’ve got you the list of the best graphic design courses online which are also great to learn and sit really well with the employer.

Let’s go!

1. UI/UX- Internshala UI/UX Design Training Course

Now that we are talking about the best graphic design courses after the 12th, let me tell you about the Internshala UI/UX Design Training Course. 

So, what is UI and UX designing?

  • UI designing is creating a design for how the user interfaces with the machine or appliance.
  • UX designing is concerned with designing products that provide meaningful and relevant user experiences.

What you’ll learn/gain?

  • Designing basics including colors, typography, UI elements, layout & visuals, etc.
  • Introduction to Figma.
  • Web designing.
  • Designing a prototype finance app.
  • And, a project- Redesign Instagram App!

Once you are done with your training cum certification, start applying for internships and jobs on Internshala and other job portals too. This certificate is now going to make it easy for you to start your career!


6 weeks

2. Photoshop- Adobe Photoshop Mastery from Fiverr

Adobe Photoshop

I think the best online graphic design courses with certificates would be the ones that offer you an earning opportunity right away. Well, guess what? That’s what you’re gonna take away from the Adobe Photoshop Mastery from Fiverr.

You’re probably wondering, “And, how’s that exactly going to happen”, right? Well, here’s how. 

After the completion of your course from Fiverr, you will earn an expert badge on your seller profile. This will attract more clients for you to work with and start your career while sitting at home!

What you’ll learn/gain?

  • Selection & Masking Techniques.
  • Pro adjustments, enhancements, & corrections.
  • Typography & Artboards
  • Preferences & Workflow
  • Retouching & Layers
  • Video & Animated Gifs for Social Media


13.2 hours (approx.)

Note: You are not entitled to a certificate on the completion of this course. Instead, you’ll be awarded a special badge for your seller profile.

3. Logo Designing- Logo Design Fundamentals from Fiverr

Logo designing

Let’s continue on the same note and have a look at other graphic design courses after the 12th which can provide you a similar earning opportunity. 

The Logo Design Fundamentals from Fiverr is a great course to make a career off of. Since logo designing is a highly demanded skill on Fiverr.

What you’ll learn/gain?

  • Basic Logo Fundamentals
  • Design Ideation
  • Vector Monogram
  • Handmade Combination Mark
  • Logotype
  • How to partner up with a client?


2.5 hours (approx.)

Note: You are not entitled to a certificate on the completion of this course. Instead, you’ll be awarded a special badge for your seller profile.

4. Digital Art- Learn Digital Art from Internshala

Digital Art Best graphic design courses online

Another gem in the list of online graphic design courses with certificates- Digital Art Training Course. Digital Art is gaining immense popularity in creative, fast-paced work environments like advertisement, marketing, entertainment, retail, information, etc.

Additionally, if you are an art enthusiast, then I’ll personally suggest this course. 

What you’ll learn/gain?

  • Fundamentals of Digital Painting
  • Values & Shading
  • Color & Light Theory
  • Design Principles and References
  • 2 projects- Recreating the Mona Lisa & Designing a Superhero costume


6 weeks 

5. Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign – Graphic Design Bootcamp

Moving on to the next course in the list of online graphic design courses with certificates, we have the Graphic Design Bootcamp from Udemy. 

A few days ago, I read somewhere that Photoshop and graphics designing is now one of the must-have skills to have a successful career

And, honestly speaking a lot of your friends must already know these skills. So, why should you lag behind? Better late than never, right?

What you’ll learn/gain?

  • Poster Making with Photoshop
  • Creating composite image
  • Typography Poster with Illustrator
  • Creating custom logos, business cards, brochures, and more.
  • Creating Magazine Ad & an eBook 


15.5 hours (approx.)

6. Graphics Design- Graphic Design Masterclass

New to graphics designing and “lazy”? Need one place to teach all that you need to learn? Well then, know that you’re at the right place!

Not that I support being lazy, but still I can relate. Sometimes, it feels like you need to put way too much effort to find different topics on different platforms and through different courses, right? So, here’s one of the best online graphic design courses with certificates that covers everything!

What you’ll learn/gain?

  • A beginner’s guide to graphics designing
  • Photoshop (Basic & Intermediate tools)
  • Tips from a Pro Designer
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Logo Designing
  • Vector Art
  • How to find your niche?
  • 6 Projects
    • Double Exposure Effect
    • YouTube Thumbnail
    • Book Cover Designing
    • Event Flyer Design
    • Logo Design
    • Vector Space Badge


25.5 hours (approx.)

7. Intermediate Level GD- Graphic Design Masterclass: The NEXT Level

Next, if you are already familiar with the basics of graphics designing, here I have one of the best online graphic design courses with certificates for intermediates.

Whatever you’ve already learned- be it logo designing, portfolio building, infographics- now it’s time to up your skills! I believe, if you want to keep growing then never stop learning!

What you’ll learn/gain?

  • Intermediate photoshop techniques
  • Logo design & sketching
  • Brand extension
  • Golden Ratio in design
  • Isometric Grids
  • Editorial magazine spread, cover, portfolios, infographics
  • Marketing and handling your clients
  • 5 Projects!
    • Creating a dynamic Instagram post
    • Make compelling infographics
    • Creating a Package design (Chocolate bar wrapper)
    • Developing a digital campaign
    • Poster making using only typography

(I don’t know about you, but if I were getting hands-on practice on these many projects under a course, I’d be down for sure!)


16.5 hours (approx.)

What will I Gain from these Best Graphic Design Courses Online?

graphic design courses after 12th

Now, to conclude the article I want to talk about what you gain from these amazing courses!

1. Knowledge & Skills– So, no matter whether you learn from a paid or a free source, you will always get to have a bag full of new learnings and skills. If you want to have a successful career, then you must be great at any relevant skills.

2. Certificates– So, the additional benefit that you will derive from these courses is the certificate. Once you complete the course, you will be awarded a certificate of completion, which you can then use in your CV.

And, might I also suggest to you some free certificate courses provided by the government of India, since we are talking about a hefty CV!

3. Practical Project– Additionally, you will also practice your skills on the hands-on projects under each of these courses.

4. Q&A Sessions– When you go for a paid course, you also get the benefit of clearing your doubt through your mentors. This might be through Q&A forums or even live doubt sessions with the mentors.

So, overall I personally find it pretty beneficial to get enrolled in a training course and learn new skills. And, I think you should not wait anymore and get yourself enrolled too! Just find the one that suits your needs the best and go for it.

Also, if you have any queries related to the article or any of the courses, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.🔔

If you want us to write on any particular topic next, make sure you type that in the comment sections too. We’ll surely act upon your request!

Till then stay safe everyone and keep learning!✨

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