10 Best Jobs for the Blind Working from Home

Did you know?

Louis Braille invented the Braille system for blind and partially sighted people to use to read and write when he was just 15 years old! Braille has been blind since childhood. He invented the system so that he could read. And today, so many people with visual impairment use it to read or write.

And, thanks to that, people with visual impairment are just as skilled and capable of working at high positions as anybody else.

Are you a job seeker too? 

Well, you’ve reached just the right spot! 

10 Best Jobs for the Blind Working from Home

What are the best jobs for the blind working from home? Let’s find it out!

1. Financial advisor – Jobs for the Blind Working from Home

Visual impairment has nothing to do with how someone manages or plans finances. Also, this job does not necessarily require any office or any special equipment. All it needs is a great knowledge of financial planning, and investment, thus making it one of the best jobs for the blind working from home.

You can get a job at a company as a financial advisor, or start your own financial planning clinic, etc. 

The average salary of a financial advisor is more than INR 4 lac per annum and the career offers great future scope.

2. Network engineer – Job Vacancies For Visually Impaired

A network engineer designs, installs, and maintains digital communication networks within an organization. This involves establishing developing digital communication networks, wireless networks, and improving the cyber-security of the company.

A network engineer is one of the best-paying jobs for visually impaired adults with an average salary of around INR 4-5 lac per annum. 

You need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in technology or computer application to apply for a job in India.

3. Applications software developer or Web developer

Application development or web development are some of the most amazing jobs for visually impaired adults. As an application software developer your job involves designing computer applications, games, etc. 

While web developers focus on designing, building, and maintaining websites. Both careers call for creative skills and analytical skills along with strong computer literacy.

The average salary of an application software developer in India is around INR 7 lac per annum. 

4. Occupational therapist 

There are a lot of job vacancies for the visually impaired in almost every sector and industry. One of the best jobs in the medical care or the healthcare sector would be that of an occupational therapist.

The job of an occupational therapist involves treating disabled,  injured, or ill patients with the therapeutic use of daily activities. They help them regain control over their normal functionalities.

The average salary of an occupational therapist is around INR 4 lac per annum. Besides occupational therapy, there are many more fields of study in therapy or psychology which you might want to explore as an option for your career.

5. Speech-language pathologist – Job Vacancies For Visually Impaired

Another one of the ideal jobs for visually impaired adults is speech-language pathology. The responsibilities involve diagnosing, evaluating, and treating people with language, speech, or swallowing difficulties. 

As a speech-language pathologist, you get to work with many types of patients, like stroke or paralysis patients who are relearning to speak, people who speak with a stutter, babies having trouble swallowing, and kids with language delays.

The average salary of a speech-language pathologist is around INR 3.5 lac per annum.

6. Marketing specialist – Jobs for the Blind Working from Home

One of the best-paying jobs for the blind working from home is that of a marketing specialist. Marketing is not just a very well-paying career, but also a “happy” career option in general.

As a marketing specialist, your job would include designing, creating, and overseeing marketing projects in the organization. You can also work as a freelance marketing specialist or start your own marketing service agency. 

You can choose your own communication path as a marketer. It can be social media, or e-mail, or digital media, etc.

The job of a marketing specialist makes more than INR 6 lac per annum in India.

7. Teacher

Keeping the pandemic and its after-effects in mind, the demand for online tutors has increased considerably. Job vacancies for visually impaired teachers are available at different educational platforms.

You can either teach a live class of students over video calls, or you can register as a contributor to online educational ventures like Udemy, Coursera, etc.

The average salary of a teacher in India is around INR 3-4 lac per annum.

8. Customer service representative – Jobs for the Blind Working from Home

One of the ideal jobs for the blind working from home is customer service representation. The job of a customer service representative involves helping clients with their queries and complaints, giving information about their company’s products/service, receiving and processing orders, etc. 

Usually, these jobs are operated over-the-call. Sometimes, it might also require computer assistance. Even, the government of India provides jobs to blind people in call centers. 

(The link to apply for the job is given below, scroll down to find out.)

The average salary of a customer service representative is around INR 2.5 to 4 lac per annum.

9. Translator – Job Vacancies For Visually Impaired

Another one of the great jobs for the blind working from home is translation. You can work online from the comforts of your home at any time of the day (or night) and can have complete control over your income. 

You can register yourself on job portals like Gengo, UpWork, Stepes, etc., and start your translation career today. Usually, these jobs pay you by the hour and the rates are good enough. 

The average income of a translator in India is around INR 4 lac per annum. If you are multilingual, then this might just be the best work-from-home career for you.

10. Freelance Writer – Jobs for the Blind Working from Home

One of the best jobs for the blind working from home can be writing. You can either be a freelance writer, or get a job, or maybe even start a blog

Writing is the perfect career for anyone working remotely. You do not need any special set up or tools, or office to write. You can do the job right from your couch (just like me😆)

The average income of a freelance content writer is somewhere about INR 3 lac per annum. And bloggers like Harsh Agrawal make around INR 30 lac per month!

Are there Government Jobs for Blind Person?

The government of India has reserved a quota for jobs for all handicapped persons. The candidates are selected for a post based on their age, disabilities, and education. The job categories are numerous including airports, call centers, banks, post offices, hospitals, etc. 

Besides this, every year, the UPSC provides reservation quotas for physically disabled candidates in the civil service exams. Around 27 to 30 seats are reserved for the physically disabled category in the civil services. You can apply for government jobs for a blind person in 20 different posts in the UPSC including IRS, IFS, etc.

(You might also be interested in these 12th pass government jobs for females.)

What is the Policy for Reservation to Persons with Disabilities?

In order to apply for government jobs for a blind person, you must qualify the government’s conditions for the same. Click here to understand the criteria and find the relevant FAQs. 

Apply for Active Government Job Vacancies For Visually Impaired

You can apply directly for government jobs for a blind person by clicking here.

What are the Companies that Hire Visually Impaired?

“You may not have the very best person in the job if you didn’t recruit any disabled job candidates.”

Quotes the author in his article, “Employing, Serving All Equitably: The Nordstrom Way”.

But Do Companies Hire People with Visual Impairment?🤔

Yes! In fact, there are a lot of reasons for companies to hire employees with disabilities. One good reason is the individual being a good match for a specific business need. Some other reasons may include getting insights into how to serve clients with disabilities, greater diversity of perspectives when solving problems, and benefit to the public & media relations, and tax incentives.

Here’s a list of the top 11 companies that hire visually impaired employees.👇 For more information on open vacancies keep checking their career portals regularly. 

Companies also tend to keep a database of CVs for future recruitment purposes, so make sure that yours is in the records of each of these companies:

  1. ITC Hotel
  2. Capgemini 
  3. Lemon Tree Hotels 
  4. Wipro
  5. IBM
  6. SAP Labs 
  7. Tata Group of Industries
  8. Accenture 
  9. KFC
  10. Costa Coffee
  11. Jubilant Foodworks


To conclude the article, I would like to phrase Helen Keller – “Blindness is an unfortunate handicap but true vision does not require the eyes.” 

Visual impairment or any other physical disability does not imply a lack of talent or skills. Although, the ability to navigate life despite all the storms crossing in the way does imply affluence of courage and determination. 

Nothing can stop you from making a life many can only dream of having. On that note, I wish you all the very best in your endeavors!

So, this was all about,  “Jobs for the Blind Working from Home”. You might also want to look up some of these best-paying work-from-home jobs for uneducated housewives.

If you have any queries on the topic, feel free to hit us up in the comments section below. We are happy to help you!

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