Zoom/Meet Video Call Failures: Tips to Save you from Such Failures!

Zoom Call Failures: Tips to Save you from Such Failures!

Privacy is a right, but what if we end up harming our rights.

Almost 300 million people use Zoom call, 100 million Google meet and Skype users are again around 300 million. Several cases have been reported since the start of 2020. All related to video call failures.

Okay, enough!

I don’t want to wander around the main topic.

Let’s come to the point directly.

Video Calling Failures, a nightmare!

I want to talk about Video calling. It is a medium to interact and shall be used for the same.

Nowadays, we come across various incidences where people forget to switch it off, before engaging in their more important chores.

Shweta was busy discussing stuff with her best friend. Surprisingly, she wanted her best friend to keep it to herself. Little did she know, she was a whistleblower among 111 people.

Probably, if you have heard the entire conversation you just be grinning. Else, you are scared if something similar happens to you.

First of all, this is not the only case. There are many following the list. While it makes on the top. At least, for once we considered it as a joke. Even I did. I feel bad though!

See such more failures here.

The major reason for all this is the difference between the tech-savvy and the newbies.

Lack of information on how to use the video call enables others to use it as a medium of entertainment.

So, here are tips and tricks you must remember before you join a call.

Non-Technical Tips:

Sit in a separate room:  Find a peaceful room in your flat or house and then start a video call.

Sit in a separate room

You cannot force your family members or people you live with you sit in one place.

It’s impossible!

Undoubtedly, you don’t want your formal calling time to turn into a family show. Where people make fun of your dear ones.

Importantly, you cannot control your pets. They are innocent but won’t understand what you mean at times. Above all, household chores’ noise should never be the background music when you are in a call.

This is the new normal. Indeed, we shall stick to some basic protocols before we become a part of the memes.

Be patient, do not exchange your places: Technology can travel easily. Therefore, you must be careful where you take it.

There are cases where people took their cell phones to the loo and forgot to switch off the camera.

The point isn’t switching off the camera, the point is why to take it there.

I know at times it might be urgent. However, if you were present in the office, you would have handled the situation alternatively. Hence, you can do the same at your home. At least, try to replicate to an extent.

The comfort of your home should never make you impatient enough to land you in problems never imagined.

Inform your family: Inform people around you not to boom your video call or even create noises.

Inform your family

It is new for all. They might be members who don’t understand all this enough well. As they might be old, too small, or possibly your pets.

You should take out time and explain this. Again, timely inform them whenever you are supposed to join a call.

You might think all this is basic. Why should I even read this?

Simply, they are several cases where we can see all this was not followed. Hence, it is important to mark this.

Still, there are technical parts that will be discussed in the latter part. The more cautious you are, the more pro you are.

Double-check, no double click: Always double check if you haven’t kept the mic on or camera on. After all, it’s a technology and it needs to be monitored.

It happens to me a lot. I switch off the mic and the camera. Alas! due to technical or network issues, it doesn’t switch off. However, I follow the first two points and remain secure.

Even lack of patience makes you click on the options twice. Resulting, the camera is never switched off and everyone can hear you even.

So better double- check but don’t double click.

Don’t be a spectator!

If you are a friend or colleague to someone unaware of the trouble he/she is in.

Hurry up!

Call your friend: Let’s not enjoy the situation. It’s equal to harassment. Call your friend immediately and inform them about it. So that they can either leave the meeting or switch off the required.

Call your friend:

Do not record: Please do not record such incidences. You share it with one friend and the chain goes on. It is unethical and inhumane. Also, if you are caught it will lead to problems.

When you believe that no one will ever know, you are wrong. The host gets to know the majority of the information.

So, better to be alert.

We can keep on adding such points but only these must be enough. If you follow these, no one will ever be able to invade your privacy.

Always, remember the presence of the mind is the most essential.

You cannot be absent-minded while handling technology. It is no fun game.

Millions of lives are affected by this.

Since I have mentioned how you can little your embarrassment as a participant in a video call.

You cannot do much as a participant.

Host Controls!

When you are a host you must feel responsible to remove participants who are unaware of what they are doing.

Also, these days, video call bombing by trollers is a lot common.

That is why video calling apps have resorted to solutions. Solutions that give the host rights to control the call:

Here, I am mentioning how Zoom lets host controls a video conference:

Focusing on the three major problems, we will discuss the solution simultaneously.

  • Noise
  • Background bombing
  • Share screen

Willingly or unwillingly, when there are miscellaneous activities like these on your call. You have the right to restrict them. Watch zoom instructions video.

3 Easy Tech Solutions!

Noise (Mute/ Unmute): A host is powerful enough to restrict the participant’s or guest’s mike. You can control who’s mike works.

Noise during video call

All mikes can be switched off by the host. Lately, you as a host can check where the problem was and resume only essential guest’s mics.

Background Bombing (Remove Participant): If you see something unethical happening in any of the participant’s backgrounds. Remove the participant!

Yes, that is the best option. Later you can inform them and add them once again.

Share Screen (Restrict it): If some trollers are there to disrupt your meeting session. You have the power to restrict it to yourself.

The host will only be able to share content in such a scenario.

It is important to understand that Zoom or another video calling is not for office purposes. Schools, offices to family meetings, everyone uses it.

Majorly, students benefit from all this. Lack of information in the teachers or the host is utilized by guests to spam the video calls.


Call Recording restrictions: A host can even restrict participants to record the meeting. However, people are smart enough to record it from another camera or cell phone.

Call Recording

So this is not that efficient. Still, you must consider this also.

Surely, now you need not worry. Such apps and their developers understand your needs. Indeed, a solution to provide hosts with the controls makes it easy. Read more on Zoom support.

Co-host controls: 

Interestingly, you can share your powers by assigning co-host roles. Once you accept the other participant as co-host, he/she can also ensure running the call smoothly.

I have discussed Zoom call controls. Similarly, you can go to the official site of such calling apps and you may receive information about the same.

So, whatever you use, you just need to be well informed and cautious.

New Normal

This is the new normal. Since 2020, when COVID-19 started spreading its arm in the entire world, people were left with no option.

To secure their lives, they are compelled to stay at home. However, work never stops.

Video calls emerged as the easiest and efficient solution.

Millions of people rely on apps like Zoom, Google meets, and Skype. With evolution, there is always a negative use of it.

For instance, the knife was prepared for making hunting and cooking easy. Little did innocents know, criminal minds will use it for murders and theft.

Therefore, criminal minds will always be there. We need to safeguard ourselves. The ones who are memes today will be embarrassed. Facing people again will be difficult again for them.

Let us be the saviors. Let us promise today that we will help others to adapt to this new world. If a criminal interrupt, we must use our technical knowledge and presence of mind to save the rest.

So, stay alert and stay happy.

Hurry up

I am leaving to learn more about such hacks. You even go, find and read. Please, don’t forget to share it with us. Just comment down below!

You are steps away to be tech-savvy. So, don’t wait for another meme to ruin someone’s privacy.

Also, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family, so next time you all are pro.

Pro to be a participant and a host..!

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