4 Tips to prepare for JEE Mains 2022

For every engineering aspirant, JEE is not just an exam but a gateway to pursue their engineering dreams. More marks in the JEE exam mean a better college and a good academic outcome.

But if you are also in the same line, then you might be aware of the fact that there are three major subjects in the JEE Mains exam. Those are Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

Well, the third subject in this trio is a nightmare for many candidates. After all, no one likes to prepare sophisticated concepts of maths.

However, to get good marks, preparing for Maths is also essential. Let us decode how you can prepare for the same in no time. Read this post carefully that includes these tips.

How To Prepare For The JEE Mathematics?

If you are preparing for Mathematics, then have a list of important formulas and concepts. But it depends on how many concepts you need to acquire. After all, everyone has their own learning capacity.

1. Print the syllabus and keep it with you

We know that you have the least knowledge retention power. Then how will you be able to memorize an important JEE Mains Maths Syllabus?

Hence, it is recommended to get a print copy of the syllabus. It includes topics like Properties of Triangles, Trigonometry, and others. Also, know how much marks weightage is there of a single topic.

 Print the syllabus

Why so? It is because you will get to know which subject is more crucial and prepare them first. One thing you can do is to stick the printout of the syllabus in your study room.

Always keep a look at those modules. After all, they are essential from your examination point of view. Along with the syllabus printout, if possible, take the printout of important JEE Mains Math formulas as well.

2. Practice is essential

No matter how well prepared you are, regular practice is a must and you should never ignore the same. Not just from NCERT books but practice from different study materials. Use sample papers, previous year’s question papers, reference books, and others. These study materials have different question sets of different complicated levels.

A regular practice of different kinds of questions is necessary. And this habit should be from day one itself. There are many cases where candidates prepare sophisticated concepts in the last minute. As a result, they are not able to learn in that hurry and forget all concepts that they have learnt.

3. Don’t forget basic math fundamentals

Don’t forget

Strong fundamental knowledge is essential in every subject. And Maths is nowhere exception. For JEE Mains Maths class 11th and Class 12th Math syllabus is important. Go back to NCERTs and get well-versed with fundamental concepts like Probability first before planning which module or chapter to practice. Remember that most sums require basic fundamental knowledge only.

After having the fundamental knowledge, then only start your exam preparation. Or else, you will land up rote learning and will not understand concepts. In this learning approach, you can get good scores in the examination but will not be able to crack the concept in engineering semester exams in the future.

4. Clarify all doubts in advance

Whether you are joining online coaching classes or having a mentor with you, it is better to clarify your doubts in advance. In this pandemic era, there are online tutoring classes as well. So, just ask them doubts and clarify them.

Before exams, preparing yourself for every kind of problem is a must. Apart from these two learning approaches, you can ask your friends also for better clarification.

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