Top 25 Best Jobs for Kids in India

Top 25 Jobs for Kids in India:

Are you looking for the best jobs for kids? You are in the right place because I’m going to discuss the same.

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Hey! I’m not mentioning working in a field or industry. But these are all child-friendly jobs that will allow your kid to be responsible and earn money.

Basically, it focuses on the skills your kid has, trust me it is the best way to improve the skills of the kid. With that, it also adds some money into their pocket money.

Here I would cover the jobs for 11-year-olds, jobs for 13-year-olds, jobs from home, and more! Your kid might not earn money with some of these jobs but truly gain some experience.

Let’s have look at what jobs for kids are available and allow your kid learn many things. 

25 Best Jobs for Kids in India

1. Playing games

Playing game jobs for kids

Well, at the age of 14-15, kids get some managerial skills, though they need your help in this if you could invest some money, you can open a play center for your kid. The best part is that your kid will run the play center, certainly, he needs your help but asks him to make decisions. 

This would allow your kid to understand the responsibility of making important decisions plus he would also learn managerial skills. 

If not a game center, your kid can play games online, this is the perfect job for kids online, play, and earn. Many sites allow your kid to do so, 

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2. House-sitting

While you go out, your kid is taking care of the home. For this, you can reward your kid, I can bet, this is one of the ideal jobs for kids at home. 

Additionally, you can also give some tasks to your kid, like the folding of clothes, turning gas off if you have put something on it or watering the plants, keeps things at a place, etc. This will enhance the sense of responsibility and boost the memory of the kid too.

Consequently, your kid can do the same for the neighbors and relatives and earn money in return.

3. Buying milk in the morning

First, this allows your kid to learn some calculations. Second, it will allow your kid to wake up early, and eventually, it will become a habit. I hope you know the importance of waking up early.

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4. Family business

If you have a family business, great! Your kid can participate in your business with you by helping you a little. How? 

I’m not asking you to take your kid in the meeting with you but you can ask your kid to send letters, keep all the files in office in the correct order, etc. 

He/she will definitely learn a lot of things at the early age.

5. Babysitter

Babysitter job for kids

Yes! I know, it is really dangerous to leave the kid with a small baby, but your kid can assist you while taking care of the baby like bringing all the things you need while bathing, massaging, feeding the baby.

Hence, if you are looking for the mother’s helper jobs for 11-year-olds or above, I must say this is one of the perfect jobs for kids. If we talk about the skills, it will allow your kid to learn how to take care of the in your absence, to be sensitive towards baby, etc. 

Above all, your kid can also help others, like relatives, friends, and neighbors to help them out and earn money.

6. Working in a retail shop

Let me clear this first, your kid can only do this job if it is allowed or legally permitted in your state. Your kid can deliver things to the places nearby or pack all the things in a bag to deliver and in return earn money. 

But you should check yourself whether this is good or not. Don’t consider it as the labour job.

7. Lemonade stand

Well, the kid of 11 or above knows how to make lemonade, right? If your kid knows, this is one of the perfect kid jobs for 11-year-olds and above. Then, your kid can open a small stand and sell it all. Certainly, it is not much money that he will earn. 

Although, the experience that he learn from convincing the people to buy the lemonade to the happiness of receiving money by selling his first glass of lemonade. All this would be great!

Surely, experience counts.

8. Buying flowers

If your family is devoted to God and used to buy flowers in the morning, hey, your kid can do this. Allow him to take all the responsibility from waking up to bringing all the types of flowers you need. He can do the same for others.

9. Lawn mowing

This is simply, cutting the grass and unwanted plants from your lawn. Your kid can use the machine to do the same, even he can do this for others by using their machine and machine that he has at home.

Simply, give full responsibility for lawn mowing to your kid, this will allow him to make a schedule of when to cut the grass. It is one of the best kid jobs for 13-year-olds or above. 

10. Work at a theater 

acting jobs for kids

If your kid has good acting skills he can work at a theater. It has an advantage that if he follows the same route, he can work in the film industry and TV industry. 

Simply give the audition and get selected, there your kid is, it is one of the ideal ways for kids to earn money by following their skills.

11. Dog walker

Generally, kids are good with pets, if your neighbors, relatives, and friends have a dog, your kid can take them of the walk, not all of them at a time but one or two. The best part is that it will allow your kid to manage the time, and enhance the organizational skills. 

A dog walker is one of the ideal kid jobs for 13-year-olds and above as it helps in enhancing the skills of the baby.

12. Lifeguard

It is one of the perfect kid jobs for 13-year-olds and above. However, not everyone can do this job, your kid should know how to swim properly. It is one of the ideal jobs for kids as it will teach the kid the importance of the life of others. As the sole task of a lifeguard is to rescue the people from drowning.

13. Yardwork

This is simply planting, some kids have an interest in planting and performing other gardening things, you can pay some money to kids to help you with gardening. Not only this, but he can help others too. 

To be noted, there are chances that a kid might hurt himself while using gardening tools, therefore, you have to be very careful. I can bet, it is the ideal job for your kid out of varied jobs for kids available.

14. Sell stuff online

online earning for kids

Kids have a lot of things, that they do not use now, of course, because they are growing. Your kid can sell old or unused things online. It is one of the perfect things a kid can do out of several jobs for kids online.

Also, your kids do not even have to go out, even you can advise him on what to keep or whatnot.

So, ready to do the ideal online job?

15. Grocery shopping

Hey! Your kid can help you out by buying groceries for you. Give him the list and money, let him do the shopping.

This helps in managing the things, to understand the hassle, and allow him to do calculations too. This is one of the perfect mother’s helper jobs for 11-year-olds and above.

16. Pet care

If your neighbor, friend, and relatives have to go out and has no one to take care of their pet, your kid can do it.

You need to help him out in carrying out some things but that‘s fine. Feeding the pet, taking to walk, and more, make your kid responsible. Out of all, this is ideal jobs for kids, who are good with animals.

17. Teacher

I know, some of you wondering, what a kid can teach? But hey, everyone is good at something, if your kid is good at a subject you can teach that specific subject to their juniors. It would be fun, plus make your kid responsible. It will teach your kid to manage the time to teach students and to read himself.

You believe it or not, your kid can be an ideal teacher and learn many things by teaching others, it is one of the best jobs for kid of 13-year-olds and above. Additionally, your kid can either teach from home or provide home tuition and charge accordingly.

18. Car washer

Ask your kid either to wash a car with you and pay him for it or help others in washing a car, he can clean the lower part using the sponge and soapy water. You know what, it will be fun too.

Don’t consider it a bad thing, but take it as the experience and fun.

19. Craft and painting

kids painting job

Is your kid is good at crafting? Is your kid good painter? 

If you are nodding, then your kid can earn money by selling all of these either online or offline. Some people are fans of craft and painting, above all, it could be the chance that would allow your kid to be an artist. 

If you want to go for jobs for kids online, you can approach sites like, 

These and other more websites allow you to sell handmade and crafty things online.

20. Party helper

Some kids naturally have the skills to manage things, they are so perfect in this. If your kid is one of them, then I would like to introduce one of the ideal jobs for kids, which is party helper. 

Your kid can help relatives, friends, and neighbors to help to organize things, he can perform small tasks, like bringing and putting things at a place, sending messages, etc. It is the best way to earn money. Most importantly, later your kid can commence his own event management business.

21. Be a performer

If your kid is good at dancing, singing, and playing instruments he can perform at parties or events. Yes! People want to praise such amazing talent especially at a small age, trust me, it is one of the amazing ways to make money. 

With that, it allows your kid to face the crowd, enhance the confidence and he would know how to manage things or how to organize things.

I must say, it is the perfect job for kids.

22. Picking vegetables and fruits

Your kid can pick vegetables and fruits from the market for you! Give him the list and money, allow him to deal with all the hassle, and let him calculate how much money he has left with and more.

Later, pay him for his hard work.

23. Kitchen helper

It might not all the boys but definitely girls. Your kid can help you out in making and serving food. This is the ideal job for kids, who have an interest in making food. 

24. Online survey

If we are talking about making money online, I came up with one of the best jobs for kids from home which is taking online surveys. The kid of 14 years and above is aware of how to use the internet, computer, laptop, and mobile phone, especially it is the 21st century. 

Your kid can simply, fill some of the online surveys and do the ideal online job.

25. Sell old books

sell old book jobs for kids

As you move further in the school, your kid left an abundance of books, to get rid of these, your kid can sell these books to someone at half of the cost.

He can contact his juniors and others who need it and trust me you will find many students who are ready to buy books at half of the price.


At this age, you are playing an essential role in teaching your kid, what responsibility he has, and what he has to do? Only preaching things would of no use, as experience is something that counts. 

Nowadays, you have many options that would allow your kid to face things and grow out of them instead of being stuck. Being independent and understanding their responsibility is the best way that would allow them to grow and develop. 

Don’t consider some of these jobs as the labour. I’m not asking you to let your kid work in a car washing shop, or something. But try to let them do the work or make him/her the part of your business.

But it also depends on the type of business you are running.

I hope you found this post useful. Let me know which job for kids in India is best to do? Please comment below!

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