Is the Wakefit Sleep Internship Legit? Will You Earn 1 Lac, Seriously?

Wakefit Sleep Internship: A Reality Check | Is Wakefit Sleep Internship Legit

Are you also thinking to apply for the Wakefit sleep internship? Even I do want to earn while sleeping.

After all, it seems so fascinating to earn while sleeping.

Let us just apply for it then.

But, Wait.

I don’t know what exactly it is.

What Are the Factors of Concerns When Applying For the Wakefit Sleep Internship?

Factors of Concerns When Applying For the Wakefit Sleep Internship

Let us confess our concerns!

How will I earn?

Where do I need to work?

Will I receive 10 lakhs or 1 lakh?

How to get selected? How to even apply?

Is the internship legit?

Oh Lord, I am completely confused. Do you know the answers to all my questions?

If you are on the carpet with me. Let us find the answers to all our concerns. Otherwise, I am not convinced as to why should I even apply.

Remember, these are my basic queries. A lot more is yet to be answered.

So, let us first begin with understanding what is the asleep intern. Why should anyone be paid for sleeping?

What is a Sleep Intern?

Sleep Intern: Someone who knows the importance of sleeping habits, how essential can they be running an active life. Also, how an individual is serious towards keeping their sleep regime punctual and accurate.

This all is according to what I read and understood from the Wakefit official website.

There they have also mentioned what are the required qualifications for an individual to apply.

Who can apply for the internship?

Any individual who is an Indian and is 18 years or above.

A ‘completed degree in any field’, they mention. Probably, the 12th mark sheet will work.

While these are the basic requirements, some interesting characteristics are also looked out for-

An individual must have:

1. Self-control: 

Capability to control oneself from watching online content or freely scrolling through the phone. Only your sleep must be your priority.

2. Love for Sleep:

An intern must have a love for sleep. People like us love to sleep, that is why we intend to apply for the same. So, we need to be very precise i.e., love for sleep is superior to anything else in the world.

3. Knowledge and love:

An ideal candidate must have the right knowledge about sleeping products, patterns, and some other necessities, that only sleepaholics can relate to.

Maybe, for example, the pajamas, shorts, eye masks for sleeping and a lot more.

4. Sleep within minutes: 

Sleep within minutes

Lastly and most interestingly, one must be capable to sleep within 10-20 minutes, after being on the bed.

It’s just the start, a lot more is about this internship that we must now understand before just applying for it.

After reading the requirements, I feel like I overestimated my skills. My sleeping habits and skills are pretty normal. Unlike what Wakefit is looking for.

If you are like me, let’s read further if there is something for us. As of right now, I feel so incompetent.

If not, then I guess this is an internship meant for you. However, don’t you think it is still unrealistic?

Let’s dig in a bit further!

Then, what to do next? I guess where, when, and how will be the right questions to dig for.

So, where do I need to sleep exactly? Where will be this internship be?

This is a work from home internship. The Wakefit mattress will reach your home. Along with it, there will be a tracker to track your sleep hours.

When do I need to work, oops! sleep to gain that attractive amount? 

You need to sleep on time. No specific time is mentioned. So, maybe at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. to complete 9 hours of sleep.

The best and right way to sleep is this only. However, no clear guidelines were visible to me. So, it’s guesswork right now.

Above all, your daily schedule remains almost the same. One more thing, beverages, and caffeine are not at all acceptable.

Although, a few YouTube videos seemed as if they suggested you need to sleep more than 9 hours. Then only you can be the winner.

So, many questions about how. It’s going to be difficult. However, it’s harder to leave that 1 lakh or if lucky 10 lakhs.

many questions about how

How do I apply for the Wakefit sleep internship? How exactly can I earn the amount of 10 Lakh? 

And how long do I need to sleep per day? 

Or how many months or days long is the internship?

Firstly, let’s begin with how to apply?

This step is quite easy.

You need to check the Wakefit sleep internship application. Then apply.

The following are to be filled:

  • Full Name
  • City
  • State
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Email
  • Phone

Why should we choose you to be a sleep intern?

This is the main highlight. Yes, the last question is what they expect you to be creative yet honest. You need to explain your passion for sleeping creatively. Else, many applicants are waiting for their chance.

Importantly, it is mentioned there will be a not-so-easy selection procedure.

Jumping to the second question, the 10 lakh is not for all. It is for those who will perform extraordinarily. Someone who can sleep for more than 9 hours. Maybe 12 to 22 hours is the limit.

It’s going to be difficult for many. Just when I thought I will sleep for 9 hours and will receive that amount, I was wrong enough.

Most of you might be thinking the same.

Still, let’s fight further for that 1 lakh at least. As it is claimed that if you sleep for 9 hours you will be rewarded with 1 lakh. So, I can sleep for 9 hours easily.

Now, the last question that is left is how long is the internship?

The internship is for 100 days, .i.e. 3 months and 10 days.

This is now where my mind is stuck. It will be difficult for me to sleep for 9 hours daily. If I didn’t sleep for 9 hours, then what?

Will I lose that 1 lakh even?

Is there anything written in the terms and conditions?

Terms and conditions, the most neglected part of any process.

Readers, now that we all are striving hard to earn that 1 lakh, let me suggest to you one very important thing. Never and ever fall for attractive traps. I have made such mistakes in the past.

Since you are like a friend to me, it’s a friend’s suggestion so that you don’t waste your time making similar mistakes.

Yes, I genuinely want my friends to earn but not without gaining anything for the future.

Without further delay, let us understand the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions are mentioned by Wakefit are in the application part only. So we can easily access that.

Terms and Conditions

Disclaimer: Whatever is stated further is based on my understanding. It is purely a rational judgment from my side.

You can yourself cross-check by reading their terms and conditions.

There are in total of 8 terms and conditions mentioned. Out of which, I find a few very fishy if I plan to apply as an intern.

1. Compliance:

Firstly, it is stated that Wakefit, in its sole discretion, has the right to amend the terms. That too, without any prior notice. No, it’s not acceptable to me.

Since I have read this, I have been anxious about what could be the changes. Why will I not be informed before time?

Still, I decide to continue reading, I hope you continue with me!

2. Interview:


The second condition, an only Indian citizens can apply. They must be 18 years old or above. This makes sense. This doesn’t hamper anyone’s integrity or privacy. So, it’s a tick mark for me.

However, individuals who have commercial transactions with Wakefit are not eligible. Such as Wakefit’s employees, their immediate family members, friends, or some other individuals.

So, that might be upsetting for a few. Also, this part even specifies the interview and shortlisting part.

3. Sleep Internships:

Moving to the next, you must sleep on the Wakefit Orthopedic mattress during the internship. Additionally, you will be provided with a tracker. That tracker must be handed over in the end.

After all, that is how your performance will be evaluated. That’s easy and not at all objectionable. Again a tick mark for me.

4. Prize:

The prize of 10 lakhs is not for all. It is for that individual who scores the best on their tracker. The amount is subject to tax deductions as per law. Again, I completely agree with this condition.

5. Privacy part:


Next, Wakefit has the right to utilize your basic information: email address, number, address. As well, Wakefit can utilize your tracking data, audition video, image, voice, and all. This is for either evaluating results or marketing procedure. Hence, surely acceptable.

6. General release:

Further, their general release part states that the interns will have to secure Wakefit or its employees from any actions or claims.

Moreover, you also indemnify them from any claims of injury, other causes out of the internship.

7. Miscellaneous:

Besides, Wakefit mentions that it is not responsible for any errors in the terms mentioned. Now that is a matter of concern.

You decide how you take it. I am not in favor of it.

8. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution:

Lastly, if in case of any dispute, claims, or others, the resolutions will comply with the law of India. The body for settlement will be the courts of Karnataka and Bengaluru.

Ok, this can be completely understood. There must be. a place to solve our disputes. Hence, they have mentioned it previously.

Are You Disappointed?


Thereupon, these terms and conditions have made me question all the excitement on the internet. The majority of the people are posting about it, no one mentioned it. Why so?

I don’t know!

However, I feel relieved that we found it together. Now, we won’t follow it blindly.

Even I wanted to go through these terms and conditions part. As I know most of us, ignore it.

Maybe it’s boring or sometimes we just don’t find it important.

Although all this has reduced my enthusiasm to participate then I know the internship is authentic otherwise.

It’s just that I do not agree with the terms and conditions mentioned.

Now on let us remember every coin has its two sides.

Let’s get serious:

Everyone is talking about the perks but not a single rational analysis of what exactly is the internship and its benefits.

So, flip the coin and see the other side.

Just like you, I even strive to earn lakhs just by sleeping. However, this information leaves me in a dilemma if I should go further or just leave.

Although, a few I have already clarified.

Let me clear you about one question:

If this internship is for us or not?

One of them is-

Is the Wakefit sleep internship legit?

Yes, it is authentic and legit. This is not for the first time. Instead, there has already been a season for it. This is season 2. If you can clear the selection procedure, you will be batch 2021-2022.

You can know more about this by watching interviews of the previous season.

Therefore, we won’t be fooled. Then, what is the problem?

I have one concern still.

Surely, the internship is fascinating. What are the benefits?

What are the benefits?

Certainly, monetary benefit is visible to all.

Undoubtedly, that is the only perk most of us want to apply for.

But the selection process isn’t easy if I will receive the amount or not I am not sure.

That is why I think this is not for all.

The individuals who are,

  • Already employed
  • Can sleep for hours, are genuinely a sleepaholic
  • Want to try it for fun
  • Don’t seek professional exposure

However, young students who are on the path of creating their foundation, shouldn’t go for this. If this was for a day or week. It was still. possible. But, 3 months 10 days is just too much. Above all, what if you didn’t get selected, then what. Also, you get no professional exposure.

Instead, there are alternative earning options. One I found recently! It is about how to earn through Chegg. This is for all age groups.

However, you can find ways to earn based on your age and qualification respectively:

It can be helpful only when you genuinely want to research sleep-related aspects and stuff related to it. Rest, there are other ways to earn money online.

Before you sleep!

As we end our search, I am disappointed. I don’t believe this internship is for me. I cannot dedicate more than 3 months to this internship.

Might be you relate to me, might be you don’t. Perhaps, the decision is completely yours.

I hope after all the research we did, you got all the information that no one is talking about. Even when it is such a big thing on the Internet.

The last decision is yours, my part with you is done for now.

Still, if you are looking out for a way to earn money without investment through a mobile phone. Read here

Still, I want to know what you decided. So, kindly comment down below and tell me about your perspective. Also, the decision you made.

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