Is it possible to work as a teacher in a private school after sixty-two years?

Is it possible to work as a teacher in a private school after sixty-two years?

Yes, you can teach in a private school even after the age of 62 years. According to a source, “It all depends on the school. As per rule, after 60 yrs, a teacher is required to accept retirement. However, if authorities want, they may continue with the teacher but at a lesser salary.”

Unlike government schools where the age limit is 65 years, private schools limit is 60 years. Once you turn 60, you will have to accept retirement. However, you can do alternatives in the academic field: home tuitions, coaching centers, etc.

Only if you are lucky enough, then maybe you have a chance to continue further. Although, with a lesser salary.

After a point, it becomes difficult for universities and schools to extend the determined retirement age.

There could be several reasons for it. Debates and discussions have always surrounded this topic. Though, currently, the retirement age is 60 years only.

Alternative sources of income after retirement!

In case you don’t get an additional teaching period to continue, then: It becomes important why you want to continue teaching, even after 60 years of age.

  • Financial matter: If so you will have to look out for other alternatives: coaching institutes, tuition classes. Else you can look out for opportunities in fields other than academics. 
  • Although, there are no pension schemes to regulate after retirement income. You can invest your savings in banks and turn them into a pension. From LIC to other private banks provide pension specific or other interest (return on investment) schemes. Additional planning is required for this purpose. 

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Although, if you dream to work as a teacher just because you love to educate the new minds, then you go for the above-mentioned options of coaching and others.

Well, with all this, just contact your authorities to enable you to reach further. Rest, the other alternatives are always present.

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