How Would You Create Awareness about Internshala in Your College?

How would you create awareness about Internshala in your college? | Why does Internshala excite you?

Hola!👋 Are you a fellow college student?

I bet you must have a CV the size of a 4-course menu by now, right?

No? What?!?! 😲

Please don’t tell me you have not yet gotten yourself into any professional setting, even after spending almost 1.5 years at home!! You’ve had so much time to explore countless opportunities, expand your horizons, learn new skills, and you didn’t take any advantage of it?

Get an internship
Probably been wasting time though!

Okay, let’s calm down.

Take deep breaths.

I may have a way for you to make up for the time lost. Let’s get you up to speed now! ⚡

Gear up homie!

So, Have you Heard of Internshala Before?

Internshala is an Indian technology company serving as a guardian angel by equipping students with industry-relevant skills & professional exposure through internships and online training.

This incredible platform offers 40000+ paid 💰 internships in any stream including engineering, media, MBA, arts, law, etc.

Just so you know, I am a registered Internshala user too! And honestly, I am more than satisfied with what I’ve achieved from the platform as a student.

I have interned with as many as 12 employers in the past year. If you are wondering what my profile looks like with all that experience, you can see it for yourself.

Now, let’s see how you can level up your profile! 📈

What’s all the Buzz around the Internshala Student Partner Program?🤔

How would you create awareness about Internshala in your college

The ISP (Internshala Student Partner) program is a work-from-home revolutionary experience designed to build the leaders of tomorrow. College students just like you and me, from any degree, any stream, any year of study can be a part of this program.

Now, obviously, you have many questions about this. Let me try and answer some here!👇

What are the responsibilities of an Internshala Student Partner (ISP)?

So, as an ISP (Student Ambassador) your job will include the following tasks:

  • Promoting Internshala internships among as many students as possible.
  • Introduce your peers to Internshala Training and help them learn new skills.
  • Train your fellow students to get an Internship.
  • Representing Internshala in your college fest.

But, why should I participate in the Internshala Student Partner Program?

Now, let’s see what’s in for you here.


With the Internshala Student Ambassador program, you get to develop your marketing and communication skills from scratch. Furthermore, at the end of the tenure of the program, you will definitely come up with a resourceful network. (You must know networking is the real deal.)


The ISP program is not just about learning and exploring. It also helps you achieve your financial targets through exciting activities where you can get paid.


Through this amazing experience, you get to solve real-world professional problems ensuring your growth!

What are the Benefits of Becoming an Internshala Student Partner? | Why Does Internshala Excite You?

How would you create awareness about Internshala in your college ISP

If you ask me, “Why does Internshala excite you?”. Here’s what I have to say about the program!

1. Represent Internshala from the comfort of your home

The ISP program is a unique communication and marketing program as it is completely remote! You do not have to report to any offices or run around to get work done. 

Moreover, you can contact your target audience from that comfy couch of yours, in that SpongeBob PJs!

2. Prestigious letter of recommendation & Certificate

Internshala is a well-known brand all over India since most of the top organizations hire interns through this platform. Thus a certificate or a LOR from a preeminent name like Internshala carries a lot of value.

3. Monthly pocket money | How much cash incentive can I earn in the ISP program?

To be clear, ISP is a performance-based incentive program. This means there simply are no limits to what you can earn. You get to participate in several contests with a chance to earn huge rewards.

So, you can earn yourself your pocket money!

4. Win iPhone 11

The ISP program is also a kind of contest in a way that the best performer gets to win an exciting prize! This time it is the iPhone 11 we are talking about! Woohoo! 

How can I apply for Internshala Student Partner Program? | Internshala Student Partner Login

It is very simple to apply for the Internshala Student Partner Program. Just follow the steps:

  1. Register yourself on Internshala.
  2. Update your profile and your resume.
  3. Then, click here to submit your application for Internshala Student Partner Program today. 

How Would You Create Awareness about Internshala in Your College?📣

How would you create awareness about Internshala in your college talk sessions

Now, let’s talk about how exactly you are going to be a great ISP and “how would you create awareness about Internshala in your college?”. So, here are 7 tips that I would personally suggest:

1. Small Seminars with Juniors

Trust me, when I was in my junior year, my seniors’ advice would mean a lot to me. This is because, as a junior, you do not want to miss out on any opportunity. So, you look up to your seniors and mentors for information. 

One such opportunity that you should inform your juniors about is the Internshala internship program. Not only will you be doing your job well but you’ll also help your juniors and peers take advantage of these opportunities. 


What you can do is arrange talk sessions with small groups of juniors now and then. Make sure you clear all their doubts and provide them with the necessary assistance.  

2. Display Advertisement on College Website

When a brand or an organization is endorsed by the college or university itself, the students tend to build high confidence in it. 

The best way you can create awareness about Internshala is with your institute’s support. You can ask for the website admin’s permission to display the Internshala advertisement on the college website. 

Students tend to open the website every now and then. Seeing Internshala there every time will build their trust and create awareness. 

3. College Email 

Okay, so just like you can contact your college’s website admin for display advertisement, you can also request them to allow you to create an email to create awareness about Internshala in your college.

In the mail, you can answer questions like, “Why does Internshala excite you?”, or “How can you apply for internships on Internshala?”.

Spreading the word through the college’s official email will hit two birds with one arrow.🎯

  1. You will be able to spread the word with the entire college in one go.
  2. An official email will encourage students to trust the company better.

So, go talk to your automation cell admin or the website admin today!

4. Display of Personal Achievements

Why does internshala excites you
Show them what they are missing out on!

No! I’m not asking you to brag about your record! Absolutely not!

What I am suggesting is that you use your achievements connected with Internshala to encourage your peers and juniors. This would be completely different from flaunting your record.

This will motivate the juniors and at the same time develop a competitive spirit amongst your peers. 

For instance, I have done many content writing internships via Internshala by now. So, my strategy will be to let them know about how I secured these opportunities and my progress to foster their motivation. 

I think you should definitely try this. Since first-hand experience is bound to build trust and credibility. 

5. Posters on College Campus

Now, now! What else can you do to create awareness about Internshala in your college? 

How about designing some posters? 

Yes! You can design posters for Internshala or even get the pre-designed Internshala posters and share these with the students.

You can visit classes and share the posters. Or, you can even share the e-posters via e-mails, or on WhatsApp, or through any other social media platform.

6. Social Media – Whatsapp or Telegram Group

How would you create awareness about Internshala in your college social media
Influence people from the comforts of your home.

Now, I am going to share an amazing tip with you.💡 

One of the best ways to create awareness about Internshala in your college is by creating a WhatsApp or a telegram group for students of any year or stream. 

Then, you can share all the regular updates on Internshala, its training program, and the internship contests via these channels. It would be just like arranging those talk sessions, just an online version of it! 

Generally, every class in every college has an unofficial WhatsApp group. You can share your group invite with these groups and I believe a lot of students will join in.

Also, this way your job can be completely remote!

7. Publicise during College Fests

One of the key responsibilities of an ISP is to represent Internshala in the college fests. This is actually a great way to create awareness about Internshala in your college. 

Now, the question is, how will you do it?

Well, for instance, you can set up a stall at your college fest and provide a little career counseling service to your juniors free of cost.

This will definitely attract a lot of freshers. Do not lose this opportunity!

The ISP program can be a great addition to your CV so, make sure you apply for it and do your best to win all the rewards!

So, these were my thoughts on the topic “How would you create awareness about Internshala in your college?”

If you have any additional ideas for this, please share them with us in the comments section below! We’ll be happy to share them with our readers! 

Till then, stay safe!

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