How to Take Care of Eyes While Working on the Computer? (Easy & Efficient Self-Help Tips!)

How to take care of eyes or reduce computer eye strain | Computer eye strain glasses | Best eye drops for computer strain | How long does eye strain last

Wrapped around the screens all day?

Are you working online from home? Or are you a victim of online classes? (A PUBG player, if I may ask?)

Video games
A PubG player can relate!

(And, if your children are taking online classes, make sure you read this article as well)

Well, if yes, then I’m sure your screen time is more than six hours a day!

How do I know this?

I am a student too, and I have an online part-time job! So, I can feel you there. 

But, did you know?

The number of people using glasses has increased four times in the last few years!

Here’s the thing about work. It is not really about the money you make. What also values a lot is how much you are able to take care of yourself while working. (And, of course about the job satisfaction!)

Now, I’d also love to suggest to you some of the best online jobs that too without any experience, but you’ll have to promise me that you’ll take good care of your eyes.

How Do You Know You Have Computer Vision Syndrome?

Well, if you think you are not prone to CVS, think again!

Digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome affects over fifty percent of people, including children and adults.

Good for you, computer vision syndrome comes with some apparent symptoms. So you can find out for yourself if you are a victim too.

Although the symptoms vary from person to person, these usually look like:

  • dry eyes
  • blurry vision
  • headaches
  • eyestrain
  • neck and shoulder pain

So, if you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, I suggest going to a doctor and getting your eyesight checked.

No, I’m not saying there is no cure for eye strain. I am going to talk about 

‘How to cure eye strain” later in this article.

An optometrist visit will ensure that you get eyeglasses at the right time if your eyesight is weak. Because using eyeglasses at the right time can at least prevent increased eye weakness.

How Long Does the Eye Strain Last?

My eyes
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Did you know?

Digital strain lasts even after you shut off your screens. Although the impact depends on how long you sit in front of the screens.

If you use your computer/ laptop/ mobile phone for more than a few hours, then the strain is supposed to last for more than an hour even after the use.

Although, if you use it for a few hours then you are bound to suffer the strain for 10-20 minutes.

How to Protect Your Eyes from Laptop and Mobile?

10 Ways to Take Care of Your Eyes!

Now, let’s come to the part you clicked on in this article – “How to reduce computer eye strain?”

I would like to emphasize one point here. If you are working on a computer/ mobile screen for long hours, then you must also learn how to protect eyes from laptops and mobile.

Computer strain

1. Use Special Glasses to Protect Eyes from Computer Screen

Are there any special glasses to protect eyes from a computer screen?

Well, don’t worry! The answer is YES.

Computer glasses or blue light glasses are helpful in blocking or filtering the blue light from your screen. Thus, it helps in reducing the digital eye strain that you are subject to.

Furthermore, it also helps you get better sleep than people using regular glasses while using blue light-emitting devices.

Now, what is this “blue light”?

Blue light is just the blue part of the visible light spectrum.

The reason it is considered the most damaging is that it has the shortest wavelength and the highest energy.

LED devices like your smartphone or computers, or laptops emit blue light, which is harmful to your health. 

It not only can cause damage to your retina but also leads to a poor sleep cycle. However, researchers also claim that wearing these glasses to protect eyes from computer screens leads to better nighttime sleep.

2. Use Eye Drops/ Artificial Tears


Yes, this is a familiar doubt when it comes to using eye drops. Many consider that eyes should be lubricated only on a doctor’s prescription.

Well, let’s bust that myth right here.

Lubricating your eyes even if you do not have any symptoms is a healthy practice. It prevents your eyes from being dry and any CVS symptoms as well.

But, keep this in mind!

  1. Visit a doctor to know which lubricant is best for you.
  2. Don’t use the eye drops more than four times a day if they contain preservatives.
  3. Eyedrops with a redness remover may worsen dry eyes. Avoid using them.

3. Blink Often!

Remember when your parents used to scold you for not blinking while watching your favorite cartoon show?

But you’ve still not learned the lesson, right?

(After all, we are human beings! Unfortunately, we tend to learn our lessons the hard way.)

Do you know? 

The reason you have to wear spectacles (if you wear them) in the first place might be because of not blinking enough!

Your eyes get dry when you do not blink frequently. And, the oxygen supply to your eyes’ cornea is hampered.

So, BLINK-BLINK-BLINK! And blink at least 15-30 times every 60 seconds.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Taking breaks frequently from your computer screen is very important and equally healthy for you.

Spend a few seconds now for a healthier future!

Try the 20-20-20 Rule.

The 20-20-20 rule is a great exercise to protect the eyes from a computer screen. Even doctors recommend it.

If you’ve not heard of it already, then read the following few lines very carefully!

This is how you practice the rule:

  1. Take a break from the computer/mobile screen after every 20 minutes.
  2. The break should be a minimum of 20 seconds.
  3. Try looking at any object that is 20 feet away during these 20 seconds.

I know it is tough to remember doing this while working. So, I have also linked a chrome extension in Point 9 to help you achieve the 20-20-20 rule.

Continuous Sitting is Worse Than Smoking!

Taking breaks is equally essential for your back as well.

Long sitting hours are extremely harmful to your spine. 

TIP: While you have your 20-second break, make sure you get up from your chair and straighten your back. Try stretching a bit while you are at it.

5. Computer Adjustments and Settings

Computer Monitor

Your computer settings may not always be perfect for your eyes. It depends on various factors like external lighting, your distance from the screen, etc.

So, you can adjust your computer settings to complement your eyes’ needs every time you use your computer.

Adjust the brightness, then tilt your screen to avoid any glare, etc.

TIP: You can adjust the refresh rate of your computer from settings. You will see that the default rate is 60 hertz. Change it to somewhere between 75 and 80 hertz to avoid flickering and eye damage.

6. Eye Exercises

Make it a point to exercise your eyes daily. 

A very effective exercise that I do is rotating the eyes.

Keep your head straight, and then move only your eyes to the left. Then, move to the right. Repeat this at least 7-8 times.

You can also try moving your eyes in a circular motion.

TIP: Avoid walking barefoot as it damages the optic nerves in the eyes. Also, try to massage the sole of your feet every day to keep the blood circulation active in the eyes.

7. Try Using an App!

As I said earlier, many apps and web extensions can help you take care of your eyes while working on the computer.

Recently, my co-worker had to get eyeglasses due to excessive screen time. Then, my boss suffered eye redness and burning pain for days!

Since then, we’ve been trying to take extra care of our eyes. So, my boss recommended these apps to me, which will protect eyes from a computer screen.

And, I’m sure these apps will provide an answer for the eternal question, “How to reduce computer eye strain?”

1. EyeCare

EyeCare is a chrome extension that will help you protect your eyes from a computer screen. 

After every 20 minutes, it automatically directs you to a different tab to prevent you from continuously looking at the screen. It even suggests a few exercises for your eyes. 

This way, you can easily practice the 20-20-20 rule while working.

2. Dark Reader

The Dark Reader is also a chrome extension. It converts all your chrome tabs into the dark theme to avoid straining.

I suggest you use these extensions from my personal experience.

My colleagues and I have been using both extensions for some time, and we find them extremely helpful. 

8. Supplements

You eat protein-rich food to build muscles, right? But, what do you eat to keep your eyes healthy?

That’s right! You need to make some additions/amends to your diet to take care of your eyes.

There are supplements like bilberry extract and omega-3 fatty acids which can help you deal with dry eyes. But, you should take these supplements only on your doctor’s prescription.

But I’ll suggest some foods you can include in your diet without any worry.

Include lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet. Eat citrus fruits like oranges. Raw red bell pepper is a great source of vitamin C. 

If you eat non-veg then try including oily fishes like salmon, tuna, etc. Oysters, Pork, and other lean meats are also great for your eyes.

9. Stay Hydrated!

Spongebob knows how to keep eyes hydrated!

Consistent and sufficient hydration is necessary not only for your eyes but also for your body.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. And, while working on a computer screen, make sure to take little sips of water every 30-45 minutes. This will prevent dehydration in your body.

TIP: Additionally, make it a point to splash your eyes with water every time you take a washroom break. This way, you’ll help prevent your eyes from drying out.

Furthermore, fill your mouth with water before washing your eyes. This will help you open your eyes wider.

10. See an eye doctor

Like I said in the beginning, you must visit your eye doctor once as and when you contract any symptoms for digital strain. 

Prevention is better than cure. And, a doctor can guide you and prescribe the proper treatment as per your individual needs.

Also, the doctor will be able to detect and treat any other complications in your eyes, if there are any.

This is the Best Eye Drop for Computer Strain!

As we discussed above, artificial lubrication is important for your eyes if you use a computer or mobile for long hours.

There are many allopathic and ayurvedic eye drops which can prevent dry eyes or any other digital strain symptoms.

You should ask your doctor to prescribe you a suitable lubricant.

Or, you may use any other trusted ayurvedic lubricant for your eyes. But, remember what we discussed in Point 2 regarding the usage of lubricants.

In my opinion, the Isotine Plus Eye Drop is a great 100% ayurvedic lubricant to keep eyes healthy.

Isotine Eye Drop for Working Professionals

It is certified by the AYUSH panel under the Ministry of Health and is trusted by thousands of users.

But, remember to consult your physician regarding the dosage of these drops.

Let’s Take a Test!

Let's take a test
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So, my brother had bloodshot eyes due to excessive screen time. My boss had extreme pain in his eyes for days. My coworker had to get glasses. 

And, I’m literally praying for myself now! Since I have almost the same screen time as them.

Work From Home

But, if there’s anything else that I can do to protect my eyes then I will definitely take my chances.

I really believe that prevention is better than cure. And you must learn how to keep your eyes healthy.

And so, I am trying to include as many of the above tips in my routine as possible. 

This is why I thought that it is very important to share this information with you as well. 

Since you people are a part of our 9to5Job Family, we care for you!

And, I know you care for your family and friends too! So, share this article with your loved ones if they also use computers or mobile a lot.

Also, let me know in the comments section below if you have any other tips to include in this article. (I am waiting for your mom or grandma’s home remedies…)

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