How to Search for Jobs in India? – 8 Easy Ways!

College – Done, so as your freedom!!

No no! Don’t worry, curfew is not going on, but surely finding a job seems like walking to a place that does not exist. 

Again, stop stressing out, you will get your dream job.

Here, this article is not gonna explain to you hundreds of steps to find that job, but surely some advice won’t hurt, would it?

Before preaching I would like to say, searching for a job would sometimes feel like trying to find something in a dark room, but you have to do it, anyway, because that something is expensive. 

And do you know, what makes job search more difficult than it already is, the national unemployment rate which increased from 6.95% in July to 8.32% last month? 

What does that mean, it means, for one position hundreds and thousands of people must be applying. 

If I have to be more precise, approx 30 lakh people fill SSC CHSL forms, while a total of 43,921 candidates have appeared in UPSC exams 2020, and over 10 lakh candidates apply for SBI PO. 

The numbers are surely high and will keep on increasing if I talk about each recruitment exam the Indian government conducts.

I know, for some people it could create contrast because we all know how much we Indians love Government Jobs, that even a well-graduated Engineer is ready to work as a peon, why? Because of the government job or job security it offers. 

That’s not the answer to your question, is it? 

How to search for jobs in India? 

Let’s see how you would cross the ocean to reach your target.

How to Search for Jobs in India?

1. Online Recruitment Websites

If you type job recruitment websites, you will get over 100+ options with above 10,000+ opportunities

I got my first job through an online platform only, I know, there are a lot of them because if technology can not make your life easy, who would?


Just sending resumes to hundreds of companies through Linkedin, Shine.com, Naukri.com, Internshala, and trust me, when I say this, I can mention tons of online recruitment websites

And do you know, what’s the most difficult part, they would send you emails, even you will get a call sometimes but the most disappointing thing would be applying for a particular position but not getting a response. 

I mean, if I’m not appropriate for a role, you gotta tell me that, isn’t it?

Okay, so when I was applying for the job, I desperately needed it, not because of a shortage of money, but because I didn’t want to be unemployed after my graduation. So, I started this crazy thing, that’s applying for a job as soon as I wake up. 

Yes, you can smell how desperate I was, right?

Probably, you are doing the same, but I realize the fact that why I’m not getting callbacks from the recruiters. 

And who must have thought, I was making a silly mistake and by silly I mean, REALLY SILLY!!

That is, applying for the job without checking roles and responsibilities. Yes, I was just applying to every job profile which mentioned that they need a content writer, while I forget to check the roles and responsibilities. 

The biggest mistake one could ever make! 

So, from my experience, I would say, it is necessary to check every aspect of a job before applying. 

I would like to draw your attention to – don’t spread your resume on multiple sites with different skill sets..! Focus on one skill/interest and apply in that field only. Maybe that could be a perpetual job with the right skills.

2. Explore Your Connections

Explore Your Connections to find a job.jpg

To be honest, it doesn’t really work, but what you would lose by trying once, right?

If you are wondering, have I ever tried it? 

I would say, YES!! 

But as I said, no one is actually gonna find you a job, but if you are lucky enough you can get one. 

And I have a perfect example for this, my neighbor.

Also, I’m not gonna exaggerate it so, I’ll keep it short and simple, that is, 

Graduated – His father utilizes connections he has – Got a great job.

But, it is all about connections. So, if you don’t have one, you gotta deal with your errands yourself. 

I wish I would have gotten a job so easily. I know many of you wish the same, but some people are just meant to do hard work (we are one of them).

However, I gotta say something, stay clear of the relatives or friends who say, “Oh, you need a job, I will get you one.” Because as much as they bluff, they don’t know anyone who can give you a job. 

So, for sake of god or for a bright future, don’t rely on anyone to find you that dream job for yourself.

3. Google Has the Answer to This Question

Visit Google – Type Job Profile – Find the Job.

Yes, you can find a perfect job, just by searching for it easily. 

But there is a catch there, no doubt, you will get thousands of job recommendations in a particular field, but probably, you will have to register yourself on a particular recruitment platform. 

4. Reach Out to A Good Consultancy Firm

For some people, a consultancy firm seems like an idea, but you need to do complete research regarding its past record, to check whether you can rely on its services completely or not. 

I mean, you don’t wanna be stuck paying a firm to find you a job, while not finding any.

In a nutshell, no need to pay them until they are a good quality firm, check their real placement record.

5. Linkedin Job Recommendation

Just like Facebook, Instagram, and any other platform you use to reach out to people to express what you want through posting a quote or writing something. 

Just like that, Linkedin allows you to comment, add stories that you can utilize to find a job. Because believe it or not, as much as you are desperate for the job, recruiters are also looking for a perfect candidate. 

So, if you think you have skills, then just comment or post a story

Use related hashtags like #jobsearch, #opentowork, etc. You can also apply the “opentowork” badge on your profile.

6. Have You Checked the Newspaper?

Even after so much digitalization, the number of registered newspapers and periodicals across India increased above 143 thousand in the year 2020. That clearly reflects a picture that newspapers still hold the importance as before, maybe more. 

Well, out of different columns or sections of the newspaper, one such column is “job” . Yes, newspapers are still good, yet the traditional answer to, “How to search for jobs in India?”

I won’t lie, finding a perfect job yourself in a newspaper could be exhausting and time taking, but a little hard work is nothing, right?

E.g. There is a section for a job search in Amar Ujala, you may try that.

7. Find a Job While Taking a Walk!!

I know, some of you may be offended because your major concern is how to search for jobs in India, not taking a walk.

But, a walk can help, trust me. 

The question is – how?

Well, like newspapers, pamphlets are still in trend and a great way to promote something, even some people make pamphlets regarding job position. So, a walk could get you a job.

But but but..!!

Hold on!

These could be fake or ask you for money to get a job, yeah! People do that and it happened with me too, so, just letting you know, don’t trust any job opportunity on the basis of pamphlets. 

And to be 100% sure whether a job opportunity is available in a company or not, you can directly visit the website of the company and certainly, if you need to pay for the job, your answer should be NO.

8. Search Nearby

No job is big or small, especially, when you need one.

Probably, you are an Engineer and need a job, but the available job opportunity is for a Manager – take it.

Trust me, it won’t affect the degree or knowledge you hold but will give you a source of income only. 

“And I recently heard, embrace what you have, till you find what you want”

So, utilizing the available opportunity is not gonna harm you, but will give you a set of skills only. 

One such good example is our own Prime Minister – who happened to sell tea before he became the Prime Minister of India, and now, a tea maker is running the whole country of 1,397,272,327 as of October 11, 2021

And on the top of my head, there is one more person who has inspired and is still inspiring so many people MBA Chaiwala – a 20 years old boy, who started a tea stall after not getting a seat in a reputed business school.

Of course, if he wanted to go for MBA, he is a knowledgeable person, but instead of letting the faith decide his destiny, he took command in his own hand and now is earning in crores. 


How to search for a job in India – probably the most asked question because who does not need a job, right? 

But a simple thing that can not be avoided is that a person with the right skills could find a better job, so, don’t just focus on getting a job, your primary focus should be obtaining the set of skills.

Moreover, job scams are a part of India just like a change of weather, so, be a little clever before just showing up at the office address or giving money to anyone. 

Finally, happy job hunting! Go get that job. 

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