How to get more reach on your LinkedIn posts? By Mantasha Anwar (10k+ Followers)

How to get more reach on your LinkedIn posts? By Mantasha Anwar (10k+ Followers)

While starting on LinkedIn it gets overwhelming for people as it is totally different from other social media platforms that majorly focus on fun and enjoyment.

LinkedIn is an important social media platform that is used by individuals, companies, recruiters, businesses, universities, professional groups, and other organizations.

It is the world’s largest business-oriented social networking service, with more than 720 million registered users.

People get confused and they get stuck on various questions like-

  • How to get more reach on your LinkedIn post?
  • How many views on a LinkedIn post is good?
  • Why am I not getting likes on LinkedIn?
  • How to increase engagement on LinkedIn?

And I know these questions hit hard when you are just starting out with LinkedIn. In this blog, we will discuss these questions and you will get your answers properly.

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social networks today. If you are not using LinkedIn for your business, then perhaps, you are missing out on a great opportunity to reach out to your audience.

The network has over 720 million users, and that number is ever increasing. We all know that social media is important for your business.

Why LinkedIn to reach your target audience?

Some of the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more focused on gaining profits than on helping their users to grow and expand. Businesses and marketers are looking for an alternate platform for marketing their products and services.

While Facebook has announced changes to its newsfeed, Twitter’s advertising models are too complicated, and Instagram doesn’t allow enough direct interaction with the target audience, LinkedIn is looking like the place to be. 

Just a few years back, LinkedIn was considered a social media for professionals. However, LinkedIn is considered to be a platform for marketing and promotion of a business.

So, what can businesses do on LinkedIn to make it work for them? How does LinkedIn help you to reach your target audience? Here is the answer to all your questions-

10 Ways to increase engagement/reach on LinkedIn posts?

1. Optimize your profile

The first and the most basic step to increase your engagement rate on LinkedIn is to have an optimized LinkedIn profile. While referring to an optimized LinkedIn profile I mean to say that your profile must be optimized for the particular key role that you are looking for.

Having an “All-star” profile on LinkedIn boosts your chances of getting more reach as compared to other profiles. 

If you don’t know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile you can check this article on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile in 2021. 

You can also take this course – LinkedIn for Beginners: Build a Kickass LinkedIn Profile to optimize and maximize job search.

2. Research your audience

Now, that you have an optimized profile ready, here comes the crucial part to define your target audience. LinkedIn’s advanced machine learning can easily identify your audience’s interest.

So even if you are connected with someone who doesn’t like the type of content that you are posting, LinkedIn will not show it to your audience. 

It becomes necessary that you research your audience well and know their interest by noticing the type of content they are reacting to and the hashtags, people, pages they follow. And then consider connecting with the right audience.

3. Expand your network

Networking can be a plus point to increase your engagement if used correctly. As mentioned above in the previous point, it is absolutely necessary to connect with anyone only after researching their interest.

Expanding your network with people of similar interest can boost your engagement on LinkedIn as it opens up doors for more reach of your post.

4. Interact with your connections

Considering the fact that human connections are the best type of connections one can ever have. There is no exception in this while using LinkedIn to increase your engagement rate.

Don’t think twice before sliding into your network’s DM with a personalized note to greet them after connecting and then maintain a good relationship with them by interacting and having a fruitful conversation. This makes them remember your presence and engage with your posts increasing your reach on LinkedIn.

5. Create quality content for your target audience

If you are someone who is making use of your social network to create quality content and not just posting anything in the name of consistency, then you will never have to think about your post’s reach and engagement.

Know your audience and create content as per their needs and try to solve their problem. By creating quality content for your target audience your reach will always grow higher and higher.

6. Use relevant hashtags

Just like all other social media platforms hashtags have their importance in identifying and categorizing posts according to their industry. LinkedIn also uses this hashtag feature to categorize contents and display it to relevant audiences having the same area of interest. 

According to LinkedIn expert, Richard Van Der Blom you should always use between 3 to 10 relevant hashtags to increase engagement on your LinkedIn post.

In this way, your post will be visible to all the people who are following those particular hashtags and does increase your chances of reaching a wider range of audience.

7. Experiment by posting different content formats

This literally means experimenting with different types of content formats to see which of your posts’ formats are liked the most by your audience.

Try to create more of such posts but don’t stick to one type and keep on switching between different formats like text posts, posts with images, video content, and polls. 

8. Build connections with people of similar interest as yours

It’s necessary to keep in mind that you should never connect with everyone who requests to connect with you. If your connections increase more with the people who are not having the same interest as in your industry, then it ultimately decreases your reach because such people are not likely to engage with your content as they are not interested in that type of content.

This makes the LinkedIn algorithm think that your content is not up to the mark and it stops showing it to wider audiences. So always connect with people who have similar interests as yours or who are in your industry and with whom you want to work.

9. Engage with your connections’ post

People always ask “Why am I not getting likes on LinkedIn?” 

“How many views on LinkedIn posts is good?”

“How to increase engagement on your LinkedIn post?”

Well, the answer- 

It is like a give and take rule when it comes to increasing your reach and engagement on your LinkedIn post. You get what you give to your connections. Engaging with your connections’ posts not only benefits them but also benefits you a lot. 

Engagement is considered when you react to a post, share a post, or comment on a post. Reacting to a post gives you a point while sharing a post is of no use. And the highest respect you can give a post is by commenting on it.

Moreover, you should always be genuine in commenting and not just send 2 or 3 emojis in the name of comments.

When you comment on someone’s post your chances of visibility increase as you will be displayed on their profile and thus will be visible to their wider range of audience.

10. Be consistent and build a personal brand

You can build a personal brand on LinkedIn by only being consistent and dedicated.

You have to show in your people’s timeline regularly in order to remind them of your brand through providing quality content.

Also, you must be loyal to your audience and you should never spam their newsfeed random post every hour.

To maintain consistency on LinkedIn, 1 post per day is enough to build a strong personal brand with quality content and strategies. 

Remember that you will not get success overnight or even over weeks. To win the LinkedIn game you need to be patient and dedicated to your social network. 

The Takeaway

Most people are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media networks to market their products or services.

But, if you are more focused on the business-oriented audience, LinkedIn is the right social media platform you should be using.

It is a place for marketers, business owners, and professionals to connect.  LinkedIn is a place where you can find your target audience. Having a well-managed LinkedIn profile is important as it could be the key to reaching your audience.

If you can’t use LinkedIn, it will be another great chance for your competitors to outshine you. The best thing about LinkedIn is that you can focus and build relations with your target audience. 

This is the correct way to increase your reach and target your audience. If you found it helpful, share it with your Linkys.

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