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How to get a job in Swiggy? | Swiggy delivery jobs in Hyderabad | Swiggy cycle delivery jobs in Kolkata | Swiggy delivery boy salary in Delhi 

Swiggy became India’s fastest Unicorn Start-up in less than four years since it started. Not only that, it beat India’s two first and far old players in the online food ordering and delivery marketplace – Zomato and Foodpanda.

Now, as a matter of fact, working with a start-up offers tons of opportunities for personal growth and learning that benefit you throughout your career. 

And, when it comes to a ‘unicorn’ startup (one that reaches the valuation of $1 billion) like Swiggy, the job also comes with decent monetary benefits and perks.

Wondering how to take a jab at working for the much-vaunted league of ‘unicorn’ startups? 

Well, to calm your soul, it’s not that difficult. Being a unicorn does not imply that jobs in such organizations are exclusive. You can easily be a part of their team if you have the right caliber and know-how to correctly conduct a job search.

Now, let’s address a common question on the internet, “How to get a job in Swiggy?”

How to Get a Job in Swiggy?

The process of getting a job at Swiggy is pretty much similar to applying for a job at any other company. It has a dedicated career page where you can explore all the open job postings and apply for the same. 

Swiggy Career

There are plenty of jobs currently available on Swiggy in various different categories. You will find details regarding the job duties and requirements on the website only. You can apply to any job for which you match the requirements. But, make sure you keep your updated resume handy.

Another way of applying for a job at Swiggy is via LinkedIn. The process will be very simple and easy. All you will need is an updated CV.

But, in my opinion, you must also optimize your LinkedIn profile for a better job search. 

That will be all on “how to get a job in Swiggy?” and find work that you love.

In case, your application is selected, then you will have to undergo various rounds of tests and interviews. (which is a standard procedure in almost all organizations these days)

Now, remember, the key to acing any interview is perfecting your communication skills. Whether it is a technical post or a non-technical one, at the end of an interview what matters the most is how you presented yourself and conveyed your thoughts. 

6 Available Job Categories at Swiggy

1. Technology 

Job Profiles like Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Product Manager, Software Developer, etc.

2. Business

Job Profiles like Account Management, Lead QHSE, City Head, Business Associate, Fleet Manager, etc.

3. Cloud Kitchen

Job Profiles like Shift Manager, Unit Manager, Sous Chef, etc.

4. Customer Service

Job Profiles like Recruitment Executive.

5. Corporate Support Functions

Job Profiles like Marketing, Lead Talent Acquisition, User Experience Research, Advisory & Insurance, etc. 

6. Campus

It would be to get a campus-based job off-site or on site.

6 Reasons to Apply for the Swiggy Delivery Boy Job

How to get a job in Swiggy

There are a number of reasons for which I would highly recommend you to apply for a Swiggy delivery boy job. Now, I am going to highlight some of the main reasons here 👇

1. The flexibility of work and time

Swiggy gives you complete control to choose your employment type and even your preferred timings. You can join Swiggy as a:

  • Swiggy Full Time Delivery Executive
  • Swiggy Part-Time Delivery Executive
  • Swiggy Temporary Delivery Executive

You can choose which location fits you the best. And, you have got the freedom to choose the shift as well. (There is a choice to choose between the Day and Night shift) Moreover, this way, Swiggy makes it easier safer for women to work.

In my opinion, this makes one of the ideal jobs for college students and high school students. You can easily manage your time with Swiggy part-time or temporary job.

2. Minimum income guarantee. Earn as much as you can.**

When it comes to Swiggy delivery boy salary, no one can beat the payouts. The following characteristics make it the best payout structure in the industry:

  • Weekly Payout – Salary given on a weekly basis.
  • Effort Based Payout – Earnings are based on your efforts.
  • Minimum per day income guarantee. 

3. No qualification requirements 

Know what the best part about this Swiggy delivery boy job is?  

Anyone can join it! YES, that’s right. 

There is no qualification required to become a delivery partner with Swiggy. You just need to fulfill the basic eligibility criteria. (MENTIONED BELOW) 

4. Added Incentives

Some of the incentives that come along with the Swiggy delivery boy job are

  • Accidental insurance of Rs. 1 lakh.
  • Medical insurance for a family of Rs. 5 lakh.
  • Incentives are given on completing minimum order targets.

5. Immediate Joining

If you are looking for an immediate job then this is your answer. 

The Swiggy delivery partner hiring process is very simple and does not take more than 5-6 hours. 

There is no interview process! 

You can simply visit the Swiggy Recruitment Centre with the required documents, join it and start working from the next day. 

6. Growth opportunities

It is easy to link zero job growth and promotions when it comes to delivery jobs. However, it’s not true in the case of Swiggy. It provides sufficient growth opportunities to its partners. 

To anyone working with Swiggy for over a year, two growth options are given: 

  • Field Recruiter: They organize offline recruitment drives for delivery executives.
  • Delivery Executive Coach: They clear queries of the delivery executives during the recruitment process in the center. 

Swiggy Delivery Boy Job Eligibility criteria

You can check if you are eligible for a Swiggy delivery boy job (Delivery Partner):

  • If you have a bike/scooter
  • A valid driver’s license 
  • Any identity proof
  • Between 5-10 hours in a day
  • Basic English *reading* (Spoken English is not a requirement)

You can easily get a Swiggy delivery boy job if you meet the above requirements. 

Swiggy Delivery Boy Job Structure

Job TypeNo. of days/weekShift HoursBreak (other than shift hours)
Full-Time Delivery Partner691 Hour
Part-Time Delivery Partner6530 Minutes
Temporary Delivery Partner3 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)5 for 3 days30 Minutes

Swiggy Full-Time Job Timings

Here are the full-time shift timings for Swiggy delivery boy jobs in Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Coimbatore, and all the other operating regions.

Shift 108:00 AM – 06:00 PM
Shift 212:00 PM – 11:00 PM
Shift 312:00 PM – 05:00 PM

Swiggy Part Time Job Timings 

Here are the part-time shift timings for Swiggy delivery boy jobs in Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Coimbatore, and all the other operating regions.

Shift 105:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Shift 207:00 PM – 12:00 AM

Swiggy Delivery Boy Salary

Here are the Swiggy Delivery Boy Salary in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and all the other operating regions.

Job TypeMinimum (Rs. per month)Maximum (Rs. per month)
Full-Time Delivery Partner12,000-20,00030,000-50,000
Part-Time Delivery Partner7,200-12,00015,000-25,000
Temporary Delivery Partner6,000-8,0008,000-12,000
  • Swiggy pays a DE on per order basis which ranges from Rs. 15 to Rs. 90 per order.
  • The pay varies with the distance and time. A longer distance means a higher payout. 
  • A minimum wage is promised to both Full-time and Part-time DE per day. The minimum salary is paid even if the DEs do not get any orders, provided that they are logged in to the Swiggy Delivery Boy App and are present in their designated area

Here are the details on MINIMUM Swiggy Delivery Boy Salary in Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and all the other operating regions *IN CASE THERE ARE NO ORDERS*

Job TypeMinimum Per Day Salary
Full-Time Delivery PartnerRs. 500
Part-Time Delivery PartnerRs. 300

Swiggy Delivery Boy App

For delivery partners, Swiggy Delivery Boy App works as a single-point interface for their day-to-day operations. The app is smart, simple, and informative and helps them understand their daily earnings and incentives, other than being crucial for their logins.

And don’t worry, you will be made familiar with the functioning and benefits of the app once you are inducted into the team.

Are there Swiggy Cycle Delivery Jobs in Kolkata, Delhi, or any other city?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. There are no Swiggy cycle delivery jobs in Kolkata, Hyderabad, or any other city. As Swiggy’s eligibility criteria mentions, you need to have a bike or scooter and a valid driver’s license to become a delivery partner. 

*But, here’s something that might help you*

You can work as a delivery executive with Zomato if you do not have access to a bike/scooter or a driver’s license. A bicycle is at least required, though!


Swiggy is a dream company for many to work for. Of course, when the company joins you on your resume, it opens numerous doors of opportunities. But, apart from the employer branding, Swiggy works hard to provide great work-life quality to its employees. 

The perks I’ve listed are available to all its employees, which makes the job all the more shimmery. 

All in all, there are 7 job categories available at Swiggy that you can apply for – 6 corporate career categories and one on the site delivery job profile. 

While applying for corporate careers, you will need a well-groomed resume, although the Swiggy delivery boy job does not have any such requirement. 

Delivery partner job offers an immediate joining opportunity. So you can apply for it, in case you are in urgent need of work and financial support. 

I have clearly explained the process to apply for the Swiggy delivery boy job above. But, in case you still have any queries regarding it, then don’t hesitate! Come and chat with us in our forum.

We are happy to help you! Till then, stay safe!

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