How to Find the Right Job to Fall in Love With?

How to Find Work You Love | How to find a job you love and pay well | How to Find the Right Job to Fall in Love With?

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life!”

Harvey Mackay

Hola amigos! 

Take a blank page and write on it with bold letters, “I’m gonna find out what I like doing best and get someone to pay me for doing it.”

Put it up on your bedroom wall..!


Because today we are going plan how to find a job you love and pays well. And, I want you to have a constant reminder of it every time your spirits are dwindling.

So, let’s head straight to it! In research by TimesJob, it found that 60% of people do not love their current job! But you are not going to be one of them, right?

So, how to find a job you love and pay well?

Sounds tough?

Don’t worry! We have a plan.

The Action Plan for “How to Find Work You Love?”

Now, get ready to formulate an action plan on how to achieve your “goal” or “How to Find Work You Love“.

How to find a job you love and pays well

The Goal- To figure out what your heart is calling and to be led by it! (How to Find Work You Love?)

The Strategy- Just follow a simple 8-point action plan.

Let’s get started.

1. Introspect First!

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” 

– Steve Jobs

1. Try to Find your Motivation

How to Find Work You Love introspect

To get started, you first need to take some time to introspect. While at it, you’ll be looking to find answers to questions like,

  • What domains do I have expertise in?
  • Do I feel motivated while working on these domains?
  • Can I do this work for long durations without getting emotionally exhausted?
  • Do I see myself working in the same profile in the next 5 years?

Answers to these questions might take some time. Please, do not hurry! Take as much time as you need. 

2. Aptitude Tests Might Help!

If the above does not work for you or you think it’s taking way too long to decide, then you might seek some professional help. 

Professional help at this stage looks like counseling sessions with a career advice expert. If you are susceptible to this, then I can say from my personal experience that career counseling is actually effective.

I gave an aptitude test to find out which stream I should choose for class 11. And, my results showed “Commerce”. I’ve been 5 years into studying commerce now. And, honestly, I believe it was the damn right choice for me!

Any of the above methods will help you find out the stream you should go for.

2. Do Not Follow the Penny-Path

When you ask me “How to Find Work You Love?”, I understand that it also implies that the job should pay well.

But, do not work just for the money!! Please, do not fall for this factor! 

While trying to figure out a career option, you might come across some careers which offer tempting salaries but are not the right fit for you.

Do not fall prey to this. You might actually be happy working at such a role initially, but exhaustion and emotional distress after some time is bound to start getting over you.

Then what will happen? You may want to choose a different career option now thinking that you are at an early stage of making your career.

But, here’s the thing! 

  • Say, for instance, you get a job as a risk management analyst. Although, you were interested in digital marketing. 
  • Anyhow you joined the role because the pay was better than in digital marketing and after 2 years you can not continue in the same field because you are exhausted.
  • Now, after working as a risk management analyst for two years, you decide to finally take the path you originally wanted to hop on.
  • NOW, when you get a job in digital marketing, YOU WILL BE TREATED AS A FRESHER. You will be paid as a fresher! 
  • So, basically, two years of hard work wasted!

So, choose your calling wisely and try to keep the impact of money on your decision minimal.

3. Get Yourself a Mentor | How to Find Work You Love?

How to Find Work You Love find a mentor

Once you get an idea as to which stream or domain you would like to work in, the next step should be to find a trustworthy mentor.

Your mentor could be any person you can trust and can have all the expertise to solve all your doubts. It could be your school or college teacher, your senior, a relative, a friend- anyone!

Before choosing someone as your mentor make sure:

  • The person’s words have an impact on your life.
  • He/she has fair expertise in your area of interest.

Your mentor will guide you through the basics of the field. They will also help you find out ways to enter the field and how to grow. If they are generous enough, they might let out some of the secrets to their personal success in the field!

4. Networking! Involve in a Professional Organization

Networking is one of the secrets to success that most successful people won’t tell you. It is important for everybody, whether a college student or an employee or a businessman.  

Unlike school, college is not just about the grades. You have to be active in more than just academic domains. This networking can actually be a great source of getting you “the job”!

Start with Internships (Even Unpaid)

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” 

– Thomas Edison

One great way to build a network is to get involved in a professional arrangement and get first-hand experience at the work. 

You should try and get internships (even when they are unpaid for). Internships are basically a mock-try at the job you would be doing in the next five years. So, take this very seriously.

Moreover, internships provide you with a lot of experience that will help you get a good job. But beware of the fraud/scam internships.

5. Upskill!💡

“It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” 


In order to grow, you need to keep expanding your horizons. If you want to find out what skills work best for you, first you need to learn more than one skill. Only then you will be able to figure out which works in your favor the most.

Also, the more skills you learn, the more people you meet, again expanding your network. So, you will be able to hit multiple birds with one arrow! (And, you will have higher chances of getting hired for a job than your peers!)

You can try to integrate internships and upskilling to save some time. Instead of going for multiple internships in a single domain, you can try interning in different profiles.

As an intern, your basic role is to learn. So, this way you reap both the benefits at the same time.

6. Mock Interviews for the D-Day🎯

Prepare for mock interview

Let’s say you now know what you want and you are ready to take a step forward. So, you finally have your interview for “the job”. How do you make sure that the job is yours?

Well, obviously by preparing for the interview. But, the question here is, “what is the right way to prepare for the interview?”.

The most common strategy for interview preparation is by studying questions related to the organization, the job profile, and one’s self (basically the resume).

In my opinion, a better strategy is to prepare for the questions which YOU WILL BE ASKING your prospective employer, in addition to the above preparation. Don’t just ask a question and be satisfied with whatever answer you get. Choose one question which you will be asking the interviewer, do thorough research on it. And try to ask sub-questions to the same question.

This will demonstrate your interest as well your research skills to the interviewer and might actually be the deal-breaker for you!

7. Communicate | How to Find Work You Love ?

Now, the interview went well. You charmed the prospective employers and you finally have “the job”.

You love doing the work, you are getting paid, there is no material stress, everything is going great!

But, you feel like you can work on assignments of greater significance than the ones which are being assigned to you. This factor is slowly starting to become the pineapple on your beloved job’s pizza (sorry if anyone got offended by this comparison, but it is what it is!🥴)

How do you overcome this?

By communicating your issues with your supervisor!

Remember, communication is the key to any healthy relationship, whether personal or professional.

Also, make sure to communicate efficiently with your colleagues and clients. You really do not want to get kicked out of your dream job, right?😓 So, be kind and be patient. (But also, don’t be a fool)

8. Self-Care & Love

Self care

Now, when I say “How to Find Work You Love?”, I am not just talking about all the technical factors.

So, the last and most important step of our 8-point action plan is to take proper care of yourself. 

Yes! I know this might sound a bit irrelevant, but it’s absolutely relevant!

You can not love doing even that job which you have always dreamt of doing when you are physically or emotionally unwell. Your physical and mental state impact your quality of work. And, working under distressed conditions, might be damaging.

That’s why they say, “find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life!”

So, you really need to practice self-love and self-care, if you wish to continue loving your job. Since simply just finding yourself a lovable job is not sufficient. This love should grow over time.

You can practice meditation, or plan vacations from time to time, or just anything that you love!

So, I hope you are now ready to take on the world. The plan is ready, it’s up to you now to enforce it for yourself. 

Do let me know any progress that you made from reading this article on ” How to Find Work You Love ?” Also, if you have any queries, feel free to hit up! We are happy to help!🤗

Best wishes!

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