13 High-Paying Jobs for Highschool Students!

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Each step you take reveals a new horizon!

You have taken the first step today, by starting to explore the possibilities. Now I challenge you to take another. (Tiptoe if you must but take a step!)

You might not be sure about your next step but, every step you take, whether right or wrong, makes you wiser. And, then you’ll know what the next step should be. Even if you still don’t know how to reach a goal, take a step so that you keep moving forward. 

“If you’ve got an idea, start today. There’s no better time than now to get going. That doesn’t mean quitting your job and jumping into your idea 100% from day one, but there’s always small progress that can be made to start the movement.”

Kevin Systrom, Instagram

You do not have to wait to complete your education to start working. Neither do you have to quit your studies to do so.

You can, AND INDEED YOU SHOULD, start working now, even if you are still studying in high school! Because eventually, these small steps taken at the right time, are going to lead you to the GOAL.

Do working students face any challenges? 🤔

Find out at the end of this article! 👇

So, are you ready for your next step?

13 High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students with No Experience

What are the best high paying jobs for highschool students? Keep scrolling to find out!

1. Server/Barista – Jobs for Highschool Students With No Experience

Serving at cafes and restaurants might not be one of the ideal high-paying jobs for high school students, but it sure can help you pay your bills. The average salary of restaurant servers and baristas typically falls between 10-15 grand per month. 

Also, you can easily find a part-time job (that fits well with your schedule) in almost any city- without any experience or minimum qualification.

2. Prep Cook – High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students

Prep Cook - High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students

One of the best jobs for highschool students with no experience who love to cook is creating a job for yourself from your kitchen.

You can start a part-time tiffin service where you can prepare lunch or dinner, however, it compliments your schedule. You can set it up as a pick-up service, or hire a delivery person to help you with the distribution. 

Or, you can get a job with a dietician, say, for instance, meal prepping. This can be a great learning opportunity if you want to make a career in the same field.  

3. Movie theatre cashier – Part Time Jobs for Highschool Students

Almost every city, nowadays, has a movie theatre. Since they run day and night, the jobs are available in shifts. Which means you can get a part-time job in the theatre. You can work as a cashier, or in the food section, etc. 

You can make as much as INR 1-2 lac in a year with this job which makes it one of the high paying jobs for highschool students since you do not require any special skills or abilities. Also, it is a sitting job that does not call for many physical efforts as well!

4. Front desk receptionist – Jobs for Highschool Students With No Experience

A front desk executive or a receptionist is responsible for greeting and attending visitors, answering calls, managing front desk operations, maintaining contact lists, etc. And there is no doubt that it makes to the list of the ideal office jobs for highschool students.

Although you do not require any experience for the job – the job might be an important part of your work experience if you want to have a career in front desk management or hotel management. Thus, it can be a great kick start to your career.

5. Gardening/Landscaping – Part Time Jobs for Highschool Students

If you love gardening, then this might be the right time for you to take up a job. The job of a gardener or landscaper is usually part-time and does not require any qualification.

You can start working at public or private gardens if you have the skills and knowledge it takes. You must know about planting, maintaining, cutting, and utilizing the plants and the harvest.

You can even start an organic harvest garden by renting out some space nearby and selling your fresh, organic produce in the local market. With time and effort, you can take this venture to new heights, thus making it one of the ideal part time jobs for highschool students.

6. Pet sitter or dog walker – Part Time Jobs for Highschool Students

Zoophilist! That’s what you call someone who loves animals. Are you an animal person too?

If yes, then you have a lot of opportunities in the “high paying jobs for highschool students near me” search. Make sure you seize them at the right time.

You can contact pet owners living near you and see if they want someone to take their pets out for walks, or sit them while they are out. You can go for walks early in the morning before school. This way, you’ll still have the rest of the day with you.

In this particular case, I’ll advise you to utilize the potential of social media as much as you can. 

7. Delivery Person – High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students Near Me

Delivery Person - High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students Near Me

If you know how to drive, you should apply for a delivery job around you. You do not need any educational requirements for the job, all you need is a driver’s license. 

Since online food and e-commerce product delivery is a booming business in India, the prospects of delivery jobs increase side-by-side. Thus, making it very easy to find delivery jobs for highschool students with no experience.

8. Tutor – High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students

Another one of the high paying jobs for highschool students is offering offline or online tuitions at home. The scope for the job has increased in light of the pandemic. Since students have missed out on much of their studies, extra coaching is the only way to get through the exams.

You can contact your juniors and offer them coaching in the subjects that you prefer the most.

“It might be like you are still far from getting there, but remember, you are closer to it than you were yesterday. Every tiny step you take counts a lot!”

― Israelmore Ayivor

9. Digital Marketing – High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students

A few years ago, the industry did not even exist. And, today, digital marketing is one of the most lucrative career options for any stream. You can start your career in digital marketing at any age without any qualification requirements. 

Keeping in mind that we are talking about a booming industry, there is no shortage of jobs for digital markets. All you need to know is how to get the job.  

Digital marketing’s future prospects are very bright and it is one of the high paying jobs for highschool students. 

10. Web Developer/Graphic Designer – Part Time Jobs for Highschool Students

There are a lot of jobs for highschool students with no experience that you can take up in the IT or computer science field. If you have a passion for art and technology, then you should find a job in web development or graphics designing.

You can upload your portfolio on websites businesses use to hire freelance graphics designers or web developers. And, you can even get gigs from across the world based on your skills.

If you are a beginner and want a career in the field then you can use your time in highschool to study short-term technical courses which will help you a lot even after graduating college.

12. Content Writing – High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students

Content Writing - High Paying Jobs for Highschool Students

Content writing is one of the most ideal and high paying jobs for highschool students or even college graduates. The scope of content writing is diverse and is evident in almost all industries and sectors- whether marketing, or communications, or PR, technical fields – everywhere!

To be a content writer, you do not need any special degree or certification. But, yes! Experience and a sound portfolio matter a lot. So, in my opinion, you should start with a content writing internship while you are in highschool.

Don’t worry! There are a lot of paid internships out there, plus you’ll learn a lot.

13. Artist- Part Time Jobs for Highschool Students

Yet another contender in the list of best jobs for highschool students with no experience are jobs for artists. Yes! That’s right. If you love painting, there are a lot of job opportunities waiting for you.

But, another way to make money is by selling your art online. Art never gets out of fashion and its admirers never cease to exist. 

Plus, you can even get extra credit for your work in school. Won’t that be great? Hitting two birds with one arrow!

Watch-it! 🚨 

You will not face any issues with a job alongside high school except…  

  • You might not be able to take up a full-time role.
  • You might feel exhausted sometimes. 

But eventually, it will all play out. And, you will not regret your choices, trust me! (I work two part-time positions along with a full-time college degree.)

If you find working during high school challenging, then you should look for the highest paying jobs after class 12th. Since you’ll have a lot of free time after graduating high school and before starting college.


“A lot of people who start work at a very young age never grow up because they never got that opportunity to be a child, so they hold on to that and still do a lot of childish, silly things.”

– Janet Jackson

You don’t need to be worried that you might miss out on all the teenage fun if you start working now. Having a job does not make you boring, or take the fun out of your life.

In fact, it prepares you for the life ahead. Also, while most of your friends will have no clue about their life after high school, you will, indeed, be very insightful (and a few steps ahead!).  Moreover, you will be able to manage your own finances (and even support your family), learn financial planning, and a lot more.

If you like this article, leave a 👍 in the comments section below. And, feel free to hit us up, for any queries regarding high paying jobs for highschool students with no experience.

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All the best:) Happy working!

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