Can I continue my graduation even if I get a government job if yes then what is the process for that?

Can you continue your graduation while being a government employee?

Answer to this is quite simple,

Yes to distance education.

No to regular education.

Distance learning, the ultimate solution!

Since you have already joined as a government employee, you need to understand that there are obvious rules and regulations.

So to continue with your graduation or further studies, you can continue with private or distant education.

Several institutes can support you in pursuing your graduation, being a government employee.

Depending on the factors like location, cost, and other personal circumstances, you can choose the right option. Surprisingly, government and private institutions provide such learning.

Steps to follow:

  1. Register 
  2. Either buy books or the institute will provide it 
  3. Just go to write the examination
  4. Finally, complete your degree

A few universities to mention are: 


  • IGNOU (Indra Gandhi Open National University): Complete distance-based
  • State Universities
  • Delhi University
  • Lucknow University
  • Punjab University 


  • Symbiosis University 
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • NMIMS Global Access School 
  • Lovely Professional University

These are only a few. Various private institutions at a small level even provide such facilities. Certainly, the place you reside will have such universities. Call up and check. 

Distance learning: Quite clear from its name. This learning is specially designed for people who cannot attend classes on daily basis. It could be due to several reasons.

Starting from job restraints, family issues, financial problems. Anything can be a problem. But education is the right of all. So, institutions and even the government came up with solutions to provide candidates with the option of distance learning.

Surely, if you clear the examination, you own that degree. The degree has almost equal value.

Especially when you are already employed. Instead, it even assists it in receiving a promotion. As you are now equipped with more skills and knowledge.

The only difference that lies is you don’t get to join the college or institute on regular basis. Hence, it requires a lot of self-study.

Never too late…

Knowledge is never restricted to any age. Indeed, you are never late to absorb it and utilize it in the right manner. Your hard work values the most.

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