6 Best Professional Office Desk Accessories in India

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Do you have a personal office at home or work?


Woah! That’s great!

I know a personal office brings in a sense of affiliation and esteem with your organization or business. Right?

It just makes working a real pleasure!

But just in case, you’ve just got a personal office or have had one for a long time but have not decorated it yet, then this blog is a must-read for you.

I think we all can agree that we need a favorable environment to work. Our mood is highly dependent on our surroundings.

While a messy workplace or office can make one fussy and unwilling to work. In contrast, a well-organized office can enlighten the work experience all the way more!

But, of course, how is it possible to select a few 7-10 office table decoration items out of the millions offered on the internet or even in a physical store? Right?

Well, nothing to worry about here! I got you covered.

So, I spent a lot of time scrolling and filtering through the tons and tons of professional office desk accessories to find the precise fit for you.

And, this blog covers the 9 best professional office desk accessories in India which you must have. 

And, guess what? All these are easily available online!

So scroll down, read along, AND SHOP ALONG! 

6 Best Professional Office Desk Accessories

1. Samisoler Kinetic Desk Toy for Adults Office Stress Relief with Full Body Optical Illusion Metal Ball

Rating: 4.5/5

samisoler Kinetic Desk Toy for Adults Office Stress Relief

Are you supposed to sit at your desk for 9 to 10 hours a day?

Well, if yes, then you know what office stress looks like. 

If not, or if you are about to start an office job, then read below. 

As per a survey organized by Gallup, though they did not cross the line, 14% of workers want to punch their coworkers due to stress!

Moreover, stress results in a loss of productivity that amounts to as much as $300 billion!

This is just a tiny glimpse of what office stress looks like. 

The Samisoler Kinetic Desk Toy is a great way to bust out this office stress. 

Yeah, I know this might sound a little pushy – spending almost Rs. 800 for a metal ball!


Trust me, this toy is very effective in coping with stress. The lines on this toy are mesmerizing and help you get rid of some stress.


This toy runs manually and does not require any battery. This means that it will never get out of power. You can use it for as long as you wish to.

Multi-surface Usage

This toy is designed to work on any surface – be it metal, wood, rubber, or plastic. 

Short Spin Time

One problem with this stress-busting toy is that it does not rotate for a long time. On average, say, 15-20 seconds. 

Rotation Sound

Some users also complain of the sound of the ball while rotating, in case of pin-drop silence. This might be a little disturbing for you.

2. MeRaYo Metal Mesh Pen and Pencil Stationery Storage Tidy Desk Organizer Box with 6 Compartment for Home and Office Accessories

Rating: 4.3/5

MeRaYo Metal Mesh Pen and Pencil Stationery Storage Tidy Desk Organizer Box with 6 Compartment for Home and Office Accessories

I am a clean-freak myself. And, I can completely empathize with you about what it feels like to be seated at an unorganized desk!

This is why I am recommending these unique desk accessories.

I’ll tell you why I will buy these stationery organizers and put them right on my office desk. 

It is because these organizers will allow me to store all the items that can be handy any time right in front of me.

Why Storage Organiser Over a Simple Box?

Now, I know I can even use a simple box to do so. But, I won’t!

Because when I do store such handy items in a box, it is still not easy to find that one particular item that I need URGENTLY!

Does this happen to you too?

It happens to me all the time. This is why I decided to add these mesh organizers to this list. 

These organizers are see-through thus you can locate your item just at a glance without having to scrounge through the whole lot.

Style with Durability

Not only are these organizers made of mesh, but metal mesh. 

Which means these are perfect for rough use. 

Usually, people like to use glass items on office desks to make them look more elegant. Unfortunately, they have to bring in new pieces quite soon. Because glass breaks!

These organizers are not only durable but the fact that the metal has been cast in the shape of a mesh makes them much more elegant and stylish. Perfect to suit your class.

Extra Features! YAY!

Also, the MeRaYo organizer comes with a non-slip rubber pad at the bottom to prevent sliding.

And, with its 6 compartments, you can use it to store your accessories, including big folders/files, in a perfectly organized way.

Alternative: Nexplora Desk Organizer

Here, I would point out that the Nexplora desk organizer disappoints on these two features. 

It does not come with a non-solid surface, nor does it have multiple compartments.

I might use it for the look that it will bring on my desk, but when it comes to utility, I will have to go for the MeRaYo organizer.

3. AJSCOP Under Desk Drawer, Hidden Drawer Storage Box

Rating: 4.1/5

AJSCOP Under Desk Drawer,Hidden Drawer Storage Box,Tray Mini Desk Organizer Expandable Drawer Tray

Talking about keeping things organized, you don’t like everything placed on your desk, do you?

I know, even I don’t.

Then it’s time for you to review the next unique desk accessory from our list.

The AJSCOP under the desk drawer is the cherry on top of your organizing game.

No Installation Required

There’s no special installation process that you will have to take care of. Its large-area adhesive has a good bearing capacity and does not fall!

So you just stick it under your table and whoosh! You’re done! Easy, right?


The size: 22 x 9.2x 3.6 cm suggests that this secret drawer can be used quite variedly.

It has a lot of space to store your essential items while being invisible.

So, I was looking for some cons for this product to make an informed decision, and guess what I found?

The minimum rating for this product is 4 (4.6 average)! Not a single person has rated it below 4.

But, I dug deeper!

So, one thing that you must know is that this product is for small tools and accessories.

If you are planning to buy this for your files and folders, etc. then it might not be a great deal for you.

4. Two Moustaches Brass Love Birds On Tree Showpiece, Standard

Rating: 4.5/5

Two Moustaches Brass Love Birds On Tree Showpiece

A beautiful office desk can invoke your creativity and channelize your energy. 

So, if you think that office table decoration items are not required at a professional desk, you might want to reconsider it.

Elegant & Classy

Having been made out of brass, these pieces add a special touch of elegance to the room. Brass adds a rustic and antique vibe.

Heavy Metal

Both the pieces are made out of pure brass and not just coated with brass. This makes them considerably heavy, adding to their value.

Easy to Clean

Both the showpieces are very easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about any hassle in cleaning them.

Just take a dry cloth and clean them!

Or you can even wash them.

Just make sure you don’t use any harsh chemical, as it may oxidize the metal.


Although The Thinking Man figurines’ design is amazing, the structure can still use some work. 

Alternative: Two Moustaches The Thinking Man Decor Brass Showpiece

It might be a little unstable at times and make it difficult to place on high shelves as you’ll be in a constant fear that it will fall.

The Love Birds On Tree figurine has a solid structure that provides for its integrity.

5. Scarters Extended Mouse Pad/Desk Mat for Work from Home/Office/Gaming

Rating: 4.6/5

Scarters Extended Mouse Pad Desk Mat for Work from Home Office Gaming

If you have a computer on your desk, then a mouse pad is very much essential.

You do not want your table surface to be scratched. 

Moreover, a mouse does not work great without a mouse pad.

But, what if you use an iPad or a tab? Its surface can be scratched too, right?

Well, to solve this issue all and for once, I have listed the Scarters Extended Mouse Pad in this list of cool office desk accessories.


This extended mouse pad not only provides for your mouse but also extends and covers an extra area on your desk.

You can use that part to place your keyboard or for your iPad, laptop – anything!

Optical Mouse Movement

The mat is made of superior quality PU leather and ensures that the mouse works optimally and does not lag while operating.

Heat Dissipation

If you use your laptop for gaming then this product might not be right for you as the temperature reaches around 90 degrees!

Also, the surface is a little slippery, so your mouse control might be compromised a little.

6. The Bloom Times Artificial Faux Greenery Grass Flower Topiary Shrubs with Bamboo Pot

Rating: 4.6/5

The Bloom Times Artificial Faux Greenery Grass Flower Topiary Shrubs with Bamboo Pot

According to me, an optimal workspace is still incomplete if it does not have greenery.

Our desire to connect with nature acts as a creativity booster and thus adding a little greenery to the workspace might add to your productivity.

Well, I believe, it will surely do the work.

I have placed so many house plants in my office and trust me they have completely changed the vibe in the room.

These, Topiary Shrubs with Bamboo Pot are a personal favorite!

The little plants add such an amazing freshness and a subtleness at the same time.

I think the concept of using an earthen rock-like material for the pot takes away the credit for subtleness.

The spherical shape adds a cutesy touch!

I mean, just look at them, and give me a reason as to why these should not be at your desk, huh?

But, yes, let me make it clear.

These are not regular size pots. These are tiny plants. So, don’t misinterpret the size by looking at the pictures.

I’ve linked all the products listed here just to make it easy for you to search for them. 

Before making a purchase decision, do look for the products yourself. 

I back these products personally, but, make sure that you like the products too before purchasing them.

If you buy any of these products and they happen to make your office life easier, don’t forget to tell me about it in the comment section.

Also, you can ask me about any additional query that you have in your mind regarding any of the above products.

Last, let me know if you have any more suggestions for professional office desk accessories.


  1. What are some cool desk accessories?

    Some cool desk accessories can be an elegant showpiece, or a multi-functional table organizer, or a cool stress relief toy, etc.

  2. What should I put on my office desk?

    Other than your computer and its accessories, you must put a calendar, a notepad, sticky notes, a table lamp, stationery supplies, some showpieces to reflect a positive energy, organizer folders, pen stands, etc. on your office desk.

  3. What accessories do you need for a home office?

    The basic accessories for a home office would include a desk, a comfortable chair, stationery supplies, a calendar, a notepad, sticky notes, a table lamp, a computer (if you require one), some showpieces to reflect a positive energy, etc.

  4. Where can I buy office decorations?

    Well, you can buy office decorations from any physical furniture and decor store. Or, a better option would be to buy online! You get to choose among tons of products, buy at the best rate, compare products, and all this while sitting at home.

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