8 Best Jobs for Deep Thinkers!

“Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.”

-Pema Chodron

This quote is definitely true for deep thinkers. A thought never just comes and goes. It tickles their mind until they find something meaningful out of it- until it all makes sense!

Being a deep thinker does not necessarily mean that someone takes their thoughts about a situation very far away. Generally, deep thinkers use their time and energy thinking about a situation from several different angles. 

Analyzing things from different perspectives also means being open to opinions, and viewpoints. Maybe we can say deep thinkers are better at understanding too! Am I right?

Are Deep Thinkers Intelligent?

are deep thinkers are intelligent?

“A person’s mind is so powerful, we can invent, create, experience, and destroy things with thoughts alone.”


The human mind is extremely powerful. Now, the question is, “are deep thinkers intelligent?”

Well, scientifically speaking, one’s deep thinking is NOT directly concerned with their IQ. So, technically deep thinking does not imply higher intelligence.


Deep thinkers are highly aware of their internal selves. They might not be observant of the world around them all the time, but they are extremely self-aware. Their level of interpersonal intelligence is high which means they understand their emotions, feelings, and thoughts better than others. 

Now, such understanding might not imply intelligence, but it sure points to wisdom!

Moreover, as per a survey conducted, 95% of the respondents believe deep and critical thinking skills are necessary in today’s world.

So, yeah, not all deep thinkers are intelligent, but most of them are WISDOMOUS. (except the self-righteous ones, of course!)

8 Best Jobs for Deep Thinkers | Best Careers for Deep Thinkers

Here is the list of the 8 best jobs for deep thinkers:

1. Paralegal

Most of Harvey and Mike’s successful cases were a result of Rachel’s paralegal assistance, right?

It is a great career option for people who are interested in law but do not want to face the actual bullfight. It is definitely one of the best jobs for thinkers, not doers. But, it does not mean that they are valued any less. Also, it is one of the best-paying jobs for deep thinkers.

The average salary of a paralegal in the USA is around $55,000 a year!

Paralegals provide legal assistance to lawyers in various legal capacities. They draft stuff and conduct research on cases. Although, paralegals do not exist in India, formally. It is not an actual career in India. 

Here, lawyers start their careers as informal paralegals. They just draft documents and warrants, issue informal notices, do the scut work, etc. But, that’s just during the initial years, and that too informally!

You can have a successful career as a paralegal in countries like the USA without incurring the tremendous cost of law colleges.

2. Research Scientist

An ideal entry on the list of jobs for deep thinkers is that of a research scientist. The job of a research scientist involves conducting laboratory-based experiments and trials, writing research papers and reports, etc. They are basically the brains behind the data and analysis that drives change.

Research scientists are a need in all fields including medicine, political science, marketing, biology, chemistry, entertainment, computer science, and environmental science, etc.

To be a research scientist in India one must possess graduation, post-graduation, and a doctorate degree.

The average salary of a research scientist in India is around INR 10 lac per annum. 

3. Teacher (Philosophy)

Teaching is a highly respectable profession all around the world. And, also one of the most ideal jobs for philosophical thinkers. It goes without saying that if you are good at philosophy, you can also be a great philosophy teacher.

To be a teacher in India you require a post-graduation in the respective subject and a bachelor in education degree. To teach at the college or university level, you might also be required to qualify for the NET (National Eligibility Test) exam and a doctorate degree.

The average salary of a philosophy professor in India is around INR 6.5 lac per annum.

As a teacher, you have the chance to make a difference, although to a small group. But, hey! Change is great no matter how big or small.

4. Counselor/Therapist

Counselor is a good job for deep thinkers

Next on the list of jobs for deep thinkers is a Therapist. Often, you’ll see that therapists, or counselors, or psychologists are very deep and logical thinkers. Rather, their deep thinking is sort of a requirement for them to be good at their jobs.

It is only through their deep thinking that they are able to view a situation from different angles and understand it well. They help their clients understand these situations and gain better insight. 

With your philosophical thinking, you will find counseling to be a rewarding career. You might get a chance to help children in schools, people, or individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, personality disorders, etc.

The average salary of psychologists in India is around INR 4 lac per annum as per Payscale. 

To land a career in therapy, you need to have a degree in psychology. You can refer to this blog if you are interested in having a career in psychology. 

5. Lawyer

The list of jobs for deep thinkers continues, and the next profession is Lawyer. I am calling it one of the best jobs for overthinkers because it is the duty of a lawyer to “overthink”. They have to think about all the prospective consequences of every action in order to save their clients from penalties and punishments. 

To be a lawyer you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in law from a recognized university. You can work on civil or criminal cases and practice as a defense lawyer or a prosecutor.

Now, you might start your own practice as a lawyer, or you can get a job at a private law firm. The average salary of a lawyer in India is around INR 7 lac per annum.

6. Data Scientist

The role of a data scientist is to make value out of data. They work with various tools and processes and perform statistical analysis. At business houses or companies, data scientists work closely with their problems and use data to provide solutions.

Data scientists are employed in almost every industry- from medicine to entertainment, to manufacturing, to politics, to marketing, to computer science, etc.

To be a data scientist in India, you need at least a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Although most data scientists possess a doctorate degree too!

Data scientist is definitely one of the best careers for deep thinkers with an average salary of a data scientist in India being around INR 10 lac per annum.

7. Detectives

The list of jobs for overthinkers continues with the next profession on the list as a detective. The main role of a detective is to catch criminals, collect pieces of evidence, and present time in the court. Detectives perform all types of investigative duties like gathering facts, collecting evidence, etc. 

People even hire private detectives to run background checks on people.

To be a detective or an investigator in India you need to have a postgraduate degree in criminology. 

The average salary of a detective in India is around INR 3 lac per annum.

8. Doctors


The list of best careers for deep thinkers would be incomplete without enlisting doctors. Being a doctor is definitely one of the most valued and respected professions in the entire world. 

Now, you might think, how is medicine on the list of “best jobs for deep thinkers”? Well actually, it is one of the most important on the list. Being a doctor provides you with job security like no other profession. 

As a doctor, no matter where you work, which specialization you carry, you always lead a life of respect and dignity. Moreover, it provides you financial comfort, being the highest-paid profession in the world. 

Having deep and critical thinking is an added skill to your career as a doctor. It makes you able to detect a patient’s underlying condition when it’s not clear. You can make a better diagnosis and even provide early treatment for diseases. Critical thinking makes you a better doctor and is able to save more lives.

On an ending note…

…I’ll say that the world is in need of more deep thinkers. Yes! I know, some might not really appreciate their thinking process or might even label them as “overthinkers”. But, the reality is that the roles they play to make our lives easier is vital.

Just from the above list of jobs for deep thinkers, you can try to understand the importance of their thoughts. As doctors they save lives, as lawyers, they ensure justice, as therapists, they provide a better perspective- just to list a few!

So, to all the deep thinkers reading this, we appreciate you and value your thoughts! 

You can watch this video to find out if you are a deep thinker! 

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