7 Best English Learning App for Indians You Must Check Today!

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Salut! J’espère que tu vas bien. Eh bien, je l’espère vraiment. C’est juste moi qui déconne avec vous les gars !

Oh okay! Wait, wait! Don’t go anywhere!

This is not an article in French! Just a picturization (a bit exaggerated!) of what the world will appear to you in a few years.

No! The world will not start using French as the medium of expression, but ENGLISH! Yup! That’s right. 

And, if you don’t know English, then you might feel exactly the way you felt a few seconds ago.

Well, since you are here, I assume you have already made up your mind to start learning and improving your English- but using an APP, right? I totally side by your decision. There are so many benefits of learning English (or any other language, as a matter of fact) through an app.

I’m gonna talk about them a little later in this article, till then you start scrolling down to explore the list of best English learning app for Indians!

But, before we start, just a quick FAQ on “Why should I learn English at all?” 

So, Why Do I Need to Learn English? | Best App to Learn English Grammar

Okay, so this is an interesting question and the answer is also quite fascinating.

So, here we go!

1. Learn the Global Language- You must know that English is a global language. There are 1,348 native English speakers around the globe. That means if you want to establish communication with people from around the world, then being able to speak and understand English could benefit you big time!

And, no doubt there are other fast-growing languages too! But, English is definitely easier to learn.

best English learning app for Indian

2. Socialize- Again, you can socialize only when you and the other person(s) speak or understand a common language. Since most people know English globally, you have a very high chance of socialization if you know English too! This will help you have access to multiple cultures globally.

3. Get a Better Job- Obviously you can have a job even if you don’t understand or speak English. But, if you are looking for a better opportunity at big companies and businesses, then speaking English is a must!

4. Language of the Internet- More than half of content on the internet is published in English! Fascinating, right? Also, making this language extremely important.

5. Study Abroad- Furthermore, thousands of educational institutes around the world offer programs in the English language. Thus, you need to be proficient in English to study abroad.

Okay, But Why Should I Use an App to Learn English? | English App Speaking and Listening

Yes, of course, there are so many institutes offering English learning classes in India. I think you’d find one in almost every city very easily! But, then why should you download an app to learn English?  

Wondering the same, right?

Well then, keep scrolling to know the why!

1. Self-Paced Learning

The reason I am going to recommend the following best app for learning English speaking is that you can learn at any time at your own convenience. You may have college or a job during the day. So, how will you attend these time-bound classes?

Well, you don’t have to! 

If you download the best app to learn English speaking fluently, you can work on your English during the night! Also, no need to worry if you miss your sessions. Since you get to choose when you want to learn.

2. Learn from Home

In the current time of the pandemic, it is better to stay at home. Now, that is completely different from staying idle at home

While you are enjoying the comfort of your home, why not download a free English app speaking and listening and utilize your time wisely. 

3. Fun & Engaging

Physical classes might get monotonous sometimes. Same teacher, same classmates, same routine! 

But, that is not the case with a spoken English learning app. Yes, there are no students or mentors there, but, trust me, the activities are really engaging and fun! 

Now, if I have given you enough reasons to start learning or improving your English, shall we start to find the best English learning app for Indians? Yes?

Let’s go then!

List of 7 Best English Learning App for Indian | Best App to Practice English Speaking

best app for learning English speaking

So, here’s the list of the best English learning app for Indian to help you achieve your goals.

1. DUOLINGO – Fun English learning app for learning languages

You’d probably have heard of this app before. Since it is one of the most well-known English learning apps among learners. Well, not just English learners- but 18 different language learners! 

I’d probably rate Duolingo as the best English learning app for Indian as it is so engaging and fun. 

But, have you heard of the Duolingo leaderboard challenge? It’s probably the best part about this app! Here you have to compete against other players. You get to unlock new levels and earn virtual coins. And, of course, you’ll keep on adding new vocabularies and grammar to your knowledge bucket!

It’s basically learning while playing. Or, playing while learning, as you would like to call it!😜

Rating: 4.7 

2. HELLO TALK – Get English Speaking Partners 

Want an English-speaking partner through an English app speaking and listening? Well, then now you know where to find one!

Hello Talk is an ideal English app for speaking and listening which will help you learn English with a native English-speaking partner. 

Moreover, you can chat with your partners via text, voice calls, and even drawings! Additionally, the app even has a twist element to it. Your partner might be learning from you! 

So, the basic concept of the app is to provide a platform for different learners from all over the world to meet and grow together by improving their English.

I find this particularly interesting. It’s like a mix of social media with a learning platform, right? So, you might make friends all over the world while learning English!

Rating: 4.3 

3. Grammarly Keyboard – English Grammar Assistant – App For Writing English

From my personal experience, I can say that Grammarly Keyboard is the best app to learn English grammar. There are a lot of apps that will help you learn to speak English, but Grammarly will help you learn to write English formally and professionally. 

I’ve been using Grammarly for the last 6 months, and I have seen so much improvement in my writing skills. From spellings to grammar, to the tone and flow of content, to vocabulary- Grammarly helps you in a “360 degrees way”.

Grammarly is very helpful when writing formal pieces. It will help you improvise the text side by side. By analyzing that, you will get a good hold of English grammar.

Honestly, I can go on bragging about this particular app, but I don’t have to. Since I already have😝 You can click here to read about my love for Grammarly Keyboard.  

Rating: 4.2 

4. Memrise – Language learning app

best app to learn English grammar

Memrise is the best app to learn English speaking fluently according to most people in India particularly. Indian users have rated this app very generously, which means this one is good for users like you and me.

Like most other apps in this list, Memrise is also a powerful tool to learn English in a very short span of time. Also, you can learn several other languages including Spanish, German, French, etc. 

This app is supported on both android and iOS platforms. You just have to complete a simple registration process, and then you can get started on your way to being a fluent English speaker.

Throughout the course, you will be upgraded to further levels, from beginner to advanced to expert!

So, I think you should give it at least a try.

Rating: 4.6 

5. Cambly for learning English

I think Cambly is the best app to practice English speaking. It provides you instant access to native English speakers on your mobile device, or computer to help you improve your English!

Some of the features that I love about Cambly are: 

  1. Personal Tutoring– With its one-on-one tutoring feature, you do not have to hesitate to ask any doubts and questions whenever you feel like.
  2. Choose Your Tutor– You get to choose a tutor as per your wish. Also, you can schedule the lessons as per your convenience. You can even try several tutors until you find your ideal ones.
  3. Flexible – There’s no particular time-bound class on Cambly. So, you can schedule your lessons anytime and for as long as you like!

Rating: 4.1/5

6. ELSA Speak: Online English Learning and Practice App

ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant) is the best app for learning English speaking. It is a great app for non-native English speakers as it will help you work on your pronunciation.  So that you can speak English clearly and confidently!

Many of us already know English but lack the confidence to address people because of our “desi-accent”, right? 

Well, ELSA will help you get rid of all the embarrassment by working on your pronunciation, rhythm, word stress, and intonation through fun and engaging games. 

The feature that I particularly love about this app is that it will provide you instant feedback on your pronunciation by comparing your voice with native speakers. Also, it will give you instructions on correcting yourself. 

This is the best app for learning English speaking if you are preparing for exams like IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL, etc., or looking to practice English to advance your career!

Rating: 4.6/5

7. Babbel – App for English speaking

Babbel App

Babbel is a great spoken English learning app. Especially, if you are looking to improve your vocabulary, then you must check this app at least once. 

The way its user interface works is that you will be given a sentence and which you will have to complete, just fill in the blanks. The examples usually revolve around real-life topics like work, travel, etc.

The lessons are categorized based on the level of difficulty. When you start your learning through this app, first you will be given easy lessons. Then as you move up the course, the difficulty level will keep on increasing.

Babbel works offline as well! So, you do not always need an active internet connection. You can download the lessons for later.

Also, Babbel allows you to keep track of your progress in learning.

To learn English with Babbel you have to pay a subscription fee. So, it is not a free app! Although, there are some free lessons available for you to try this app. So, you can purchase the complete course after trying if you like it!

Rating: 4.5/5

So, this was the list of the best English learning apps for Indian to help you pace your growth. I really hope that you find these useful. 

Let me know in the comment section below which app you are going to use. Also, it’d be great if you share your experience with us. We will use it to refine our content for future readers!

Really hoping to know if you are happy! 

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