20 Best Educational Websites/Online Learning Sites for Students in India You Must Not Miss!

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I recently had to fill in a survey form sent by my college administration regarding online classes.

One of the questions was, “Do You Prefer Online Classes Over Offline Classes?”.

Guess what my answer was!

“YES” Of course!

Yes totally
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And that brought me to a very intriguing question that you must also have-

Is It the Time to Digitize Education?

If you are a student, teacher, or a parent, you must be wondering, what is the fate of online classes? Right?

But have you wondered what if the education sector could go the same way? 

Yes, you read it right!

Do you favor online classes over offline classes? Let me know in the comment section below. I’d love to have a healthy discussion with my audience there.

(But, before that, read my opinion on online education and see if you can find anything to relate to!)

So, as I was saying, I prefer online classes much more than offline ones. And no, it’s not because I’m too lazy to get up and attend college physically. (Or maybe a little lazy😜)

It’s actually because of all the benefits that I’ve gathered throughout this online learning period.

(Continue scrolling to know what I got from the current online education pattern.)

free online learning websites

And trust me, I’m not saying this at my discretion. 

A survey conducted by Brainly supports the following FACTS!📢

  • 54% of students are now COMFORTABLE with the online teaching mode!
  • 56% PREFER ONLINE CLASSES during the current scenarios.
  • 66% believe they are now more ‘FLEXIBLE’ and ‘SELF-RELIANT’ than before!

This is sufficient evidence to support the fact that GenZ calls for a digital transformation in the education sector.

And, with the current scenarios of the pandemic, it is a safer option for both teachers and students to stay indoors as much as possible.

Additionally, online education has opened way more avenues for students to focus on their overall growth and development.

And, while we are on the topic, let me suggest some of the best online learning sites for students. 

(Also, keep in mind that while you work or study online, you need to take care of your eyes.)

Educational Websites for College Students | e-Learning Websites in India

Don’t have time to read it now? We got your back! You can download this pdf having list of educational websites in India and read it later.

1. Learn.Fiverr.com

learn from fiverr

Fiverr is a great website that offers opportunities for freelancers. It helps you create gigs and get orders for your services.

Along with that, the Learn.Fiverr.com website offers professional courses on numerous in-demand skills.

The website does not ask you to pay any sign-up fee or subscription fee. So, you just have to pay for the course that you want to enroll in.

learn from fiverr

In my opinion, it is a great website to learn from industry professionals who have experience in freelancing as well.

In short – first, learn and then earn as a freelancer on this website (Fiverr).

2. Jagranjosh.com

Jagran Josh is one of the top online learning sites for students in India. It is beneficial for students who are looking for admission to higher education courses.

It provides educational information on various national level examinations like Banking, MBA Entrance, Civil Services, SSC, etc. 

Here’s what makes Jagran Josh one of the best educational websites for college students:

  • Massive repository of JEE, CBSE, SSC, IAS-PCS study materials. 
  • Previous year’s question papers free download. 
  • Ask for new questions through its interactive forum. 
  • Fun quizzes on current affairs and general knowledge. 

3. Coursera

online learning website for students in india

Coursera is one of the top-ranking educational websites for college students for a reason. 

It focuses on making education accessible to all.

It offers free online courses with a series of lectures in the form of 15-minute long clips. 

These lessons are sourced from the world’s top-class universities, including Princeton University, the University of Michigan, etc.

4. Unschool

Unschool is one of the top recommended e-learning websites in India. It offers both paid as well as free online courses on various academics and skill-based subjects.

The free courses are not supported by certificates, but they are great for learners.

The paid courses offer certificates. You need to complete and submit assignments and quizzes to be able to earn your certificate

(I am pursuing the Digital Marketing course from Unschool, and my experience has been great till now.)

5. Shiksha.com

Shiksha.com is one of the best informative, educational websites for college students in India. It provides regular and accurate information on courses and colleges across India and abroad.

Its database has a collection of courses offered in various colleges and universities worldwide. The database is updated regularly to provide reliable information.

Shiksha.com also provides you with preparation guides for exams, mock tests, etc. You can also find the application process to any college or university on this website. 

You can also post your career-related queries through this website and get them answered by experts in the related field. 

6. Caclubindia.com

online learning website for students

Are you a finance/ accounts student?

Are you looking forward to preparing for CA, CS, ICWA examinations?

If yes, don’t worry. We got your back! 

Having any relatives or friends practicing in the same field as you aspire to have a career helps in boosting your morale. Also, you get the personalized guidance no one else is going to offer.

But, what if you don’t have that someone? 

Well, no need to stress over it! Because CAClubIndia got you covered. It is one of the top study websites for you. 

It provides all-round facilities that you will get through regular offline coaching centers and much more, including but not limited to:

  • Online coaching facility. 
  • Curated guidance for professional courses like CA, CS, ICWA. 
  • Online articles on subjects like Income Tax, Audit, Accounts, Corporate Law, etc. 
  • An interactive forum to get answers to any queries directly from the experts.

7. Aglasem.com

Aglasem is one of the most trusted educational websites for students in India. It offers guidance and study material for both high school as well as college students. 

Some of the facilities offered by this great website are:

  • Study material, sample papers, class notes, etc., for school students (both CBSE and ICSE board)
  • Guidance for government and college-level entrance exams.
  • Admission updates for colleges and universities.
  • Government recruitment updates.
  • Preparation guide for government jobs, teacher eligibility test, bank jobs, railways recruitment, etc.

8. Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest educational websites for college students. It offers high-quality online courses to students.

Also, it provides training and learning courses for your business staff to help you increase your efficiency.

Furthermore, if you are a teacher, you can also contribute to Udemy’s programs by signing in as a teacher.

It also offers articles and blogs on several useful topics for students, teachers, parents, etc.

9. Minglebox.com

Minglebox is one of the top informative study websites for students in India. It offers complete information related to exams like CAT, CLAT, MAT, GMAT, GRE, etc.

(I have also curated a detailed article on government bank exams that includes every piece of information you’ll need.)

This unique website covers real-life conflicting topics that every student seeks answers to. These topics include distance education, study abroad, college admissions, and more. 

It also offers free ebooks, which you can download, and free study materials. Additionally, you can also take free mock tests on Minglebox to evaluate and improve your skills.

10. Academicearth.org

best e-learning website for students

Academic Earth is one of the most trusted e-learning websites in India. It offers online courses on various levels, from traditional to current day studies. 

It offers a wide variety of courses at bachelor’s, master’s, certificate, diploma level, etc., through its collaboration with many reputed colleges like MIT, Stanford University, University of Oxford, etc.

The colleges/universities charge their course fee from the students.

11. Cosmolearning.com

If you are looking for some good study websites for students, then you must visit Cosmo Learning’s page once. 

This website differs from most other websites since it offers academic and skill-based learning courses to students. 

You can either refer to the provided study material or enroll in any of the 58 courses they offer. 

The website is divided into three domains- courses, educational materials, and documentaries. Furthermore, there is a division of subjects, academic and extra-curricular.

12. EdX

edX is a global non-profit which offers free courses designed for interactive learning through the internet. This is one of the best educational websites for students in India. 

It provides the highest quality programs created by the USA’s most dignified universities, namely, Harvard, MIT, Barkley, Georgetown, Karolinska Institute, Boston University, University of Washington, Kyoto University, and many more.

The courses are free of cost for learners. However, if you want to add a certificate to your achievement, you will have to pay for it. 

Educational Websites for High School Students | e-Learning Websites in India

13. Indiastudychannel.com

Don’t have any idea which college to choose after high school?

Don’t worry! 

India Study Channel is a great informative, educational website for students in India that can help you find the best college, university, or courses. 

It also offers previous years’ question papers and other valuable articles and mock tests to help you prepare for the exams and improve your skills. 

Its discussion forum takes up queries and also aims to improve English communication skills.

14. Meritnation.com

best online learning website for students in india

I believe most of us are already familiar with Meritnation. After all, it is one of India’s oldest and most trusted educational websites for high school students.

It offers online learning materials curated explicitly, keeping in mind the needs of the students of Class 1 to 12

The Meritnation Smart study feature offers the students-

  • videos,
  • study materials, 
  • textbook solutions. 

It also offers live classes for students of classes 4-12. It also provides answers to the students’ queries and doubts. 

You can also download their app on your phone. Both android and ios support it.

15. Brightstorm.com

Brightstorm is one of the best educational websites for high school students for reference. 

It offers study material on all the subjects from science to mathematics to history etc. 

I like how they have structured their study material. It includes different topics which are essential for students to crack competitive exams. But it is included in such a smooth way that it does not add to any pressure.

16. BYJU’S

Currently, BYJU is one of India’s top study websites for students. I think most of us have heard of it. (or at least recognize its TV commercials starring Shah Rukh Khan🤩)

BYJU’s is a diversified website that offers pretty much everything that a student needs—starting from study material to course information to college information, etc. 

It offers online learning classes for students of classes 6 to 12 and competitive exams including NEET, JEE, CAT, etc.

Free Online Learning Sites | Educational Websites for Students in India

online education websites

17. Udacity

Udacity is one of the many free online learning sites which offer a significant boost to the nerd-heads.

Founded by 4 Stanford roboticists, Udacity offers 11 courses related to science and maths.

The unique feature of this website is that it breaks the conventional idea of learning. For example, it does not ask you to give any assignments, deadlines, quizzes, or other school stuff (which are nothing but irritating).

18. Scitable

Heads up, all the medical sciences students!👩‍⚕️

Ever came across study websites designed specifically for you?

No? Wait a minute. So you’re saying you’ve never visited Scitable’s website?

I hate to say this, but what are you doing then?

Scitable is a free personal learning tool and also a science library that focuses on Genetics. The website provides every piece of information on the study of evolution, and variation, and the rich density of living organisms.

Hurry up! Check it out now!

19. Open2study

Open2study is one of the highest quality online study websites for students. It offers free education online. 

The core focus lies in teaching students all the different subjects along with their actual value. Also, these courses are provided by Australian Institutions and are taught by experts, which makes it a trusted website for most students.

20. Open YALE Courses

You must have heard or read about the Open Yale Courses somewhere. But if you don’t know what it exactly is, let me make it simple for you.

Open Yale is one of the many free online learning sites which offers free and open learning access to various introductory courses taught by Yale University’s scholars and notable teachers.

Furthermore, all lectures are available in video, audio, as well as in-text transcript formats.


What are the students feeling flexible now?

How have they become self-reliant?

Do they even learn anything from online classes?

Wondering the above questions🤔, right?

Well, then allow me to share a glimpse of what the life of a student has been like in the pandemic. This is my personal experience. (As I said I’d share with you)

best online learning website for students

Ever since I have started my online classes, I’ve devoted my time to many different productive activities.

  • I have interned in numerous companies, in various profiles. This not only helped me in honing my skills, but I’ve also gained so many experience certificates. And, the best part, the stipend!
  • I’ve also been a lot active in extra-curricular activities that can make an elegant profile for me in the future.
  • Also, I was able to participate in online learning courses, just like I’ve discussed above. Mine was a digital marketing course!
  • Also, I have had new realizations about my passion, and I’ve been able to keep it going. Thanks to work from home!

(If you want to do something extra during this period then let me suggest to you some guaranteed ways to earn money during the lockdown.)

Now, what do you think?

Do you support the digitalization of education? Let me know in the comments section below.👇

Also, if you have any queries regarding any of these online learning sites for students, feel free to ask. 

We are happy to help!

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